Hezbollah is prepared to expel America from Lebanon • The Cradle

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In a bold announcement that made no foreign headlines, the head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Hashem Safieddine has declared that the Lebanese resistance group will seek to expel US meddling and influence from Lebanese state institutions.

“The US is an enemy no less hostile than Israel, and sometimes more hostile than Israel,” insisted Safieddine, an extremely close confidante of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, during a 4 October internal party meeting. “We cannot deny America’s security, financial, and economic power and influence; it has a strong presence in the Lebanese state.”

According to Hezbollah sources, the Lebanese Army establishment, led by General Joseph Aoun, tops the list of institutions under strong US influence, followed by the Central Bank of Lebanon and other Lebanese security departments, state administrations, and development ministries, all deeply infiltrated by America’s yes-men.

While Safieddine’s declaration – made as Hezbollah defied Israeli threats and a US siege by importing Iranian fuel to lessen Lebanon’s dire energy crisis – was unexpected, it nevertheless constituted a marked escalation from Nasrallah’s usual claim that the US embassy in Lebanon is a “nest of spies.”

It is no secret that the US is on a mission to militarily extricate itself from various West Asian conflict zones in the coming months, particularly from the Syrian and Iraqi theaters. But before doing so, Washington seems hellbent on curbing Hezbollah’s powerful regional role to balance out its own waning influence in the region.

This would explain the recent flurry of diplomatic activity in the Levant, beginning with the meeting between Jordan’s King Abdullah and US President Joe Biden, during which the former calmly informed the latter that Syrian President Bashar Assad is here to stay.

Jordan’s special relationship with Syria is one that King Abdallah is keen on repairing, as his country’s future hinges on reviving the Jordanian corridor between Syria and the Persian Gulf states to reboot his economy. There is also his highly-ambitious ‘Levant Plan,’ a joint economic project tacitly agreed upon by Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to boost their economies and jump-start region-wide reconstruction – but that plan has been sharply curtailed by Washington, and reconfigured to include only Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

The latter version simply isn’t a sustainable or valuable alternative, and so American eyes are firmly fixed on Iraqi election results, where they hope for the reinstatement of the US-friendly Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi, who can advance their vision. As one of the region’s influential mediators in Iraqi political affairs, Hezbollah, too, is keenly watching the new political map unfolding in Iraq.

But the US knows very well that given the political and sectarian divisions among the Lebanese, that Hezbollah’s main area of vulnerability is in Lebanon, the resistance group’s safe house. So, Washington spares no effort to besiege Hezbollah at home.

It started by slapping sanctions on wealthy Shia figures and banks by accusing them – often without evidence – of financing the resistance groups’s activities. It moved on to imposing a crippling economic and oil embargo on the whole country, and halting Lebanon’s ability to extract gas from its sea by pressuring French company Total into issuing a discouraging report on those energy resources.

The US, however, has neither succeeded with the economic pressure it has exerted internally on the Lebanese, nor with the external restraints it imposed on Gulf states – led by Saudi Arabia – to limit trade, investment and loans to Beirut’s hard-hit economy.

If anything, American attempts to cordon off the country and deny it supplies provided Hezbollah with the validating impetus necessary to confront the US directly, import Iranian fuel, and transport it via US-sanctioned Syria.

This move not only broke the US siege and forced American consent, but triggered unprecedented US efforts to exempt Lebanon from Washington’s own sanctions on Syria, in order to obtain Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity for the state.

Sources reveal that the US Ambassador in Beirut Dorothy Shea has embarked on a series of private visits to Lebanon’s energy minister, security officials, and Public Prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oweidat. The Cradle has learned that she personally visited Oweidat two weeks ago, ostensibly to ‘thank him’ for giving child custody to an American family. During the meeting, the sources say Shea drilled him on details of the Beirut Port blast investigation, and said the US is watching the case closely.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, also reveal unprecedented US administration activity in the Beirut Port blast investigation, as it believes the process can be used to pressure or isolate Hezbollah. They cite a series of meetings between US embassy representatives and lead judicial investigator Tariq al-Bitar, that are being disingenuously portrayed as “routine reviews” because one of the detained suspects holds US citizenship.

Hezbollah sources, however, tell The Cradle there is a deliberate attempt to falsely characterize the port blast crime as an attack on ‘Christians’ exclusively, and go after Hezbollah by picking off its alliances in government. Judge Bitar has already pointed the finger of suspicion at Hezbollah’s political allies and accused the party of protecting them from accountability. Hezbollah, the sources say, has also been monitoring the relentless activities of US-funded organizations that spawn many of the disinformation narratives surrounding the Port of Beirut explosion.

Concern about Bitar’s performance is reinforced by a recent US Congress Foreign Relations Committee statement, which “praises the integrity of investigator Tariq al-Bitar and expresses concern about Hezbollah’s role in suspending the investigation into the Beirut Port explosion.”

Hezbollah has described this accusation as “playing with fire.” Its officials believe that warning the US against attempts to remove Hezbollah from Lebanese state institutions serves also to warn them that the option to strike back is on the table. These messages also signal to the US that if it persists in meddling in the state affairs of Lebanon, Hezbollah will be forced to act upon this decision, whatever its domestic cost may be.

Hezbollah is well-aware that the fight to remove US interference from Lebanon will be too high a cost for the country to bear at this critically harsh period in its economic crisis. Perhaps that is why Safieddine caveated his language by saying Hezbollah will first evaluate the pros and cons of eradicating American influence from Lebanese institutions. One thing is clear, though – Safieddine sought to send Washington an upgraded warning: “Beware. Don’t test our patience.” One misstep from the Americans, and a con can start to look more like a pro.

The Fight is Coming to Them…

This is the RISE…there are alot of disenchanted White Americans of European descent that were oven-tier normies circa 2016, or even 2020.

Basic Republicans/GOPe/Libertarians/Neoconservatives/Consumers/Bugmen/ wankers/etc….

They are waking up, slowly – to the reality of “American Democracy” – which does not exist. It’s all a grift….Globohomo has a fight coming to them…the Occident must prevail…

The Poisonous Spread of “Democracy” in the age of the newly defangled NEW WORLD ORDER – and the rising from the ashes of a New World Order once again.

The NWO as seen in 1990 died in 2020. The idea of a New World Order we lost alot, and worse here in America complete loss of trust in any government/media/bullshit narrative:

• The sensational attack on Iraq (which had legitimate beef with Kuwait). This was done under the guise of liberating Kuwait – when in fact this was done to entrench US Military assets permanently in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Israel….at the behest of the wishes of the Zionist agenda for a Greater Israel Project.

• Waco – documented on the film “Waco – A New Revelation” , this is the most powerful expose of what really happened at the beginning of the standoff with a 4 hour gun battle raging between Waco compound Christians vs. ATF, DEA, FBI, State Police agents armed to the teeth for a blood bath. And how the fuckery intertwines with Texas State Government, the Clinton Administration…and how Delta Force (a shadow black ops force) officially ended the standoff providing military grade ammunition rounds, flame accelerants and tactical and logistical support. If you watch the documentary, there are dozens of former ATF, DEA, FBI, CIA, local Waco police, Texas State Police members (mostly former members) testify to the truth – Waco was a GAY-OP.

•Y2K… this was such a scam. Look at the power vacuum quickly usurped by this explosion in “security software” which actually created bloatware/spyware/adware/viruses/worms/trojan horses etc to make their bullshit software seem effective. Anyone that understands TCP/IP protocols and FTP/SSH/SSL and a bulk of these network telecommunications standards know that a PHYSICAL FIREWALL that manages layers of administrative access is the best way to reduce “h4XX0rz” ….

•The tech “dot com” stock bubble and Lead Zeppelin like crash. Financial analysts, advisors and planners as well as brokers etc had violated their FIDUCIARY DUTY to the PUBLIC TRUST by pushing fictious asset bubbles that were stocks trading at 247 times earnings – because they weren’t earning anything. Pets.com at one point was trading at like $400 share. All it was – was a domain. In the realms of private equity and venture capital this type of scenario is commonplace. That is, a business entity lacking actual business operations as well as any type of Immediate plan to launch an operation….pure SPECULATION AND MOMENTUM KILLED THE INVESTMENT MARKETS. Now 82 yo retired truckers in Nevada as well as 22 yo college students in Boston could electronically place stock trades – purely riding speculation and momentum. Very few people understood “day trading” The value of a capital investment – in financial/economic fundamental terms proper means “the net present value of future discounted cash flows.” These principals of the markets died with momentum and speculation based trading and hence the big tech dot com bubble crash in March 2000. With people having $500 in the bank yet they have leveraged 4x the amount of shares in Lucent Technologies, never realized any of the unrealized gains they had for they figured the boom times would last forever…and ended up in bankruptcy.

•Enron accounting fraud in collusion with their auditors Arthur Anderson CPA. Enron was bigger than Exxon Mobil – on paper. But their auditor (the auditor acts as a detective of the reasonableness and completeness of stated balance sheet account items as well as the yearly statement of operations aka income statement. It was quite obvious that AA, CPA was breaking their duty to the public trust and were entangled in the greatest financial conflict of interest of the new millennium as they were AIDING AND ABETTING the financial scheme which allowed Enron to bury losses through off balance sheet “variable interest entities”. These entities however would obtain millions even billions in funding. And Enron had tens of thousands of them. And they would take the monies that technically, in accounting terms, were loans or the fancy term “corporate debentures”. Therefore these monies should have been reported as LIABILITIES/DEBT. Instead the influx of the cash was recorded as REVENUE. Enron was the largest entity in market cap of all the energy companies circa 2000, battling with rivals Exxon Mobil and Gazprol. Enron even tricked their entire workforce to sink 100% of all of their retirement assets into Enron ESOP and Preferred Stock and Common Stock acquisitions. This was malicious in intent, made two years before the Enron collapse, which was a decade in the making. And those tens of thousands of ordinary working class people were left penniless in terms of retirement funds and had no where to turn. And the SEC, the regulatory body that is supposed to monitor such related party and offshore and off balance sheet events and transactions – dropped the fucking ball! Who got punished? A small handful of Enron executives , some of which took their own lives prior to facing the judgement of the court of law. This was the biggest erasure of net worth revolving around a SINGLE FUCKING BUSINESS. EVER. The impact on the prudence and viability and reliability and the skeptics new eye of the actual financial health and reality of publicly traded companies entered a new phase for fear. Let’s couple this with similar schemes at Tyco, WorldCom, there are many others.

• Then the planes hit the buildings. Men like Alex Jones who were laughed off as koooks and fear mongering desperados trying to make a buck saw this coming for years. Infact, there were multiple streams and live call in shows Alex Jones and Infowars (pre-Super Male Vitality horseshit days) from May 2001- August 2001 where Jones stated as clear as the night is day that “an attack is going to happen on the United States soil, a terrorist attack, to help usher in a police and welfare state as part of the NWO’s master plan for power over the people of the free world. Yeah, there were “radicalized Islamic Jihadists” that boarded those planes convinced they were on a holy mission. And for them, it very well was. However, the state’s official narrative that 19 men circled the globe and circumvented investigation and then successfully hijacked 4 large jumbo jets and crashed them into targets – this is only the Jihadists version. Perhaps aware, perhaps not, this was allowed to happen. The Israeli mossad agents dancing and lighting lighters and taking pictures admitted on a November nightly TV show in Israel that they were there to “document the event”. Ryan Dawson has done absolutely amazing work laying out in mind-blowing, explicit details and I highly suggest checking out his work for you to see the inner workings of the powers behind the 9/11 attack. Another thing, a man named Lyndon Larouche, a politician (Third Positionist) wanted to enter the Senate and begin to point out the major fuckery of our wages/prices disparity, over-aggressive appreciation in property values in record minimum time, he spoke about the Secret Police state, how no citizen is safe and how a Zionist cabal of international central banks was working to ultimately destroy the freedoms of the constitution. In January of 2001 – HE PREDICTED THE ATTACKS, THE NARRATIVE, THE RETALIATION AGAINST AFGANISTAN TALIBAN FOR HOUSING AL QAUDA – and finally how this would be the carrying out of Bill Kristol’s PNAC white paper – written in 1998. And Larouche got thrown into an investigation of filing inaccurate tax returns that landed him in federal felony territory. I myself have been a CPA since 2006 and I know the severity of the charges he faced – where to destroy his political career – for any ordinary tax payer may have made the same mistakes – it’s a 95% chance they would simply be mandated by the IRS to amend their returns. The fuckery of FREEDOM!

• AFGANISTAN war. Very ironic. For in 1979, THE US CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT, the Israeli Mossad, the British MI-6 and other glow in the dark CIA ninjas created the Mujahideen – Islamic Jihadists, mostly mercenaries that were not from Afganistan – they were armed to fight “Capitalism’s proxy war” against the USSR.

They were supplied with liquidity, weapons, training, logistics, food, medical supplies, tactical training. And one of the main assets of the Mujahideen was one Tim Osman. Aka Osama Bin-Laden. The book House of Bush, House of Saud does an excellent job of illustrating in detail the emergence of an alliance between the Bush family and it’s consortium of close ties, with both the Royal Saudi Family as well as the Bin-Laden dynasty – a very large electricity and commercial hardware powerhouse in the Middle East and surrounding areas (think General Electric, Honeywell sized – also think monopoly).

As the Afganistani native forces with heavy support from this Mujahideen apparatus never allowed the Soviets to take control of Afganistan and after a decades long campaign of guerilla warfare, the Mujahideen prevailed. Soon there after , with 2 years, the USSR fell.

The remnants of the Mujahideen were not that. No remnants. This was now a unique Pro-Islamic, Pro-protect vital resources, Anti-privatization, Anti-deregulation, Anti-Western value system, Anti-foreign intervention league of HOLY WARRIORS. And a generation went by (1989-1998) when the Mujahideen morphed and created new alliances, Sunni and Shiite alike, with Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Nusra…there are many thousands of small factions over history the Mujahideen – renamed “Al-Queda” upon the day of the planes hitting the buildings in NYC and DC. Al-Queda simply means “the base” in Arabic.

What transpired was these Holy Warriors had a new enemy of oppression, new enemies and ideals intertwined with DEMOCRACY. 1. The aggressive actions of the Zionist ethnostate against Palestinian people, land and rights. 2. Companies like the now defunct Enron, also Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP, etc absolutely ignoring the sovereignty of these Arabic nations and frankly coercing Arabic governments into taking loans from the International Monetary Fund that were destined to default. And default they did. And from Morocco to Libya to Tunisia to Lebanon to Afganistan – mega fossil fuel conglomerates were pillaging fossil fuels from the region. Amongst many more human atrocities never discussed under the banner of American Exceptionalism.

And US military assets became the police of the world for one key reason – to enforce the viability of the Petrodollar. Plainly stated, say the UN recognized 200 sovereign nations. Some 175 of them were REQUIRED to be in PHYSICAL POSSESSION of the DOLLAR to purchase Brent and Crude market oil.

The Afganistan war was tied into this. Also, the opportunity to seize control of 90% of the world’s poppy supply (used for oxycodone, heroin, etc). 20 years since 2001 we are still there…and for what? For the struggle of the precious resources – poppy – and pipelines.

• 2003, the Iraq war, marked the official downfall of America as the “do no wrong” world superpower. They wanted this war against Saddam Hussein and this had nothing to do with “SPREADING DEMOCRACY”.

  • Opiate crisis
  • 2000 election/supreme Court
  • Housing, food, transport costs rise
  • Tech, toys, distractions , porn free
  • Sexual revolution in the 20 yrs
  • Hope and change – Obama
  • Financial crisis 2007-08
  • APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, AMAZON – monopolies that stifle innovation, crush ordinary people, run on tax funded telegram taxes, public utility, public square, censorship
  • Trump – the candidate vs the president
  • COVID -19 – the end and the beginning.