Promises, Promises: Wind Industry Insiders Moan About Mass Layoffs & Even Larger Losses


In the absence of massive subsidies, there would be no wind or solar ‘industries’, so-called. So, it should come as no surprise that the jobs “created” in association with those industries are an easy come, easy go, kind of affair.

The promise of thousands of jobs building wind turbines and solar panels is a renewable energy rent-seeker mantra; there are – but only in China. China itself is building nuclear power plants and hundreds more coal-fired power plants, as if its economic livelihood depends on it.

Meanwhile, in those Western countries foolish enough to attempt to run on sunshine and breezes, those few jobs that did materialise are fast disappearing, and the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the RE rainbow appears to be equally empty, as the team from Jo Nova report.

Wind Industry insider laments 15 years waiting for the bright “future that never…

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