Calculus of Decay: the Blog (answers to questions from emails received from five people)

In the past few days I have received numerous emails about this blog. Instead of replying to each email, this post is to provide the answers to the questions that have been asked:

What movement are you in?

Dissent. Against the system. That’s the only issue. The system wants to devour us all, no matter your ideological position, religious beliefs, sex, sexual preference, race, nationality, lineage, profession, security clearance, net worth, voting registration status, good standing with regulatory compliance agencies, credit score, internet-influencer clout, education levels, trade licenses, etc.


Time was, I would negate those that identify as “liberal” or “conservative” or “libertarian” or “socialist” – take your pick.

If one understands history, if one is grounded in reality, then one knows that the implementation of any of the above ideologies have never resembled the ideological framework’s intended effect.

Fair power share. This is what each ideology strives for. The right to feel comfortable and to be left alone. Left alone by the SYSTEM. Your ideological positions have failed. The system gobbled them all up. This is not a theory. It’s right there for you to see.

Are you American?

Yes. Born and raised in America. America has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. These were created to ensure basic rights, privileges and obligations for the people. This is concurrent with defining the distribution of power within government framework, especially its limits.

The system has VIOLATED the aforementioned. Furthermore, it has violated the world over. Therefore, you will find much recognition here on this blog about the perils nations elsewhere – and more importantly – their people – face at the mercy of this system.

This blog gives consideration and awareness to the dangerous realities that the system has created and continues to do so, throughout the world, examples being Libya, Syria, Palestine. Other examples include threats this system is known for, to places like Iran, China and Russia.

The system is treasonous, usurious, exploitive and unrelenting – on a macro-geographical scale – right down to targeting its own citizens.

The system’s greatest enemy are the people that will not conform, especially those that are capable and competent, with common sense and compassion.

Why have you reblogged my post?

The post has been reblogged for this is a social platform. The reblog button is provided to share what has been posted. You have written, drawn, recorded or otherwise created materials worthwhile of sharing. If one wishes to not have their materials shared, one can disable the reblog. If you do not want it reblogged to this specific blog, block me. If you want a reblog deleted, I will do so.

Why does the blog have the Solar Cross symbol?

Or Sun Cross, or Solar Wheel. The symbol has emerged from ancient civilizations on different continents with different distinct meanings. It is used here to signify order. There is order that comes with obedience to the natural law.

What line of work are you in?

Information Technology. Network security, more specifically. The ransomware wars have created a demand for the skill-set I have developed. Formerly, I was a Certified Public Accountant, a risk analyst in private equity, with exposure to the energy sector.