Sacred Destabilization • Part One: Occult Spirituality

By: Eric • August 16, 2022

The omnipresent All-Seeing Eye in Occultism

Ancient Mystery Religions & Symbolism

Artistic depiction incorporating many symbols of faith

In a mystery religion, an inner core of beliefs, practices, and the religion’s true nature, are revealed only to those who have been initiated into its secrets. The secret knowledge, or secret wisdom, is the important aspect. The word Occult means Secret.

Initiation is the key concept. To be initiated is a privilege. This privilege gives access to information, giving way to knowledge. And not all will be entitled to. this secret knowledge.

Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism

The Kabbalah is at the root of Jewish mysticism. The word in Hebrew is for the concept of “receiving the tradition.” Up for debate, it is said this was written in the 1200s – though the tradition has been practiced since the Garden of Eden. Nonetheless, Kabbalah is “interwoven into Jewish religion and culture.”

There are four Jewish texts we are considering here:

  • Torah: the first five books of the Old Testament (Books of Moses)
  • Talmud: the book of rabbinical law within Judaism
  • Zohar: the Kabbalah book of Radiance, or Illumination
  • Sefer Yetzirah: the Kabbalah book of Creation, or Formation

Plainly stated, the Kabbalah is used to evaluate the Talmud, the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) and other texts within Judaism.

There are four levels of interpretation that shall be applied to studying the Torah, each becoming more advanced and abstract. The four levels summarized:

  • The direct meaning (“black and white”)
  • The allegoric meaning
  • The meaning when drawn aside passages written elsewhere
  • The esoteric, hidden, metaphysical meaning

An example(of the direct, then the hidden): Exodus. Direct: Moses led his people from bondage. God parted the sea. Liberation. Now, the deep, esoteric: infact the Jews went to Egypt to gain access to resources, knowledge – like technology; stone masonry, irrigation techniques, etc.

There is a duality that is ever present in Kabbalah.

Hebrew Language & Gematria

The Hebrew language contains mathematical mysteries, which has made it appealing to the occult. Gematria is the assignment of a numerological scheme to letters of an alphabet. We can see here:

The 22 Hebrew numbers and their numerical values

Throughout the Torah, there are numerically assigned schemes to the arrangement of the letters used that show a certain symbolic mysticism in the expression of the words of the faith. A simple example, is shown here:

According to the number scheme shown above, with the letters within the words “Father” and “Mother”, earn a summation of the world “Child.”

Within the Jewish texts, Gematria is schematics throughout. There are many examples, we only need to see the basic one above to understand how it work. This is important to understand the nature of Jewish Mysticism.

Sacred Geometry

Now, further into the view of this mysticism, there are uses of geometry, called Sacred Geometry, laced within Kabbalah. Keeping in mind the example above, this is the geometric expression of Father + Mother = Child:

Next, we have this mapping out of the Sephirot. The Sephirot are the ten sacred emanations of the “infinite” revealed in the Kabbalah.

Father, Mother and Child. The Child is the middle column as all “32” paths must go though him to reach the CROWN. (if you crisscross the 22 Hebrew letters in the Kabbalah by the 10 Sephirot you get 32 paths. Hence the number “33” is the Divine attainment. Hence, 33° masonic rite of passage in Freemasonry, which borrows much ritual from Jewish Mysticism.

Shattered God

The Jewish Kabbalah reveals a belief that God was shattered into pieces upon creation (Genesis). In order for the messiah to arrive, he must be restored whole. This will involve acts of holiness, called Tikkun.

Kabbalah states that God is spread throughout the universe in sparks of light. These sparks must be gathered to restore God. There is a correlation here with Diaspora; the Jews that have been scattered throughout the world after the destruction of the Second Temple of Solomon and the banishment from Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD.

There is a further correlation with need for the construction of the Third Temple of Solomon, which is the divine aim of Zionism.

The Jews believe that God is the Creator of the universe, as Freemasonry refers to this supreme being as the Architect of the Universe.

Freemasonry, which is heavily influenced by esoteric mysticism from Kabbalah, the rebuilding the Third Temple is called “The Great Work.”

The phrase in Latin states “Gates of Light” – “The gates of light: this is the gate of the Tetragrammaton, the righteous shall enter through it”

The Tetragrammaton, is the Hebrew four letter word of God. This is not a coincidence, that within the Jewish faith, one must be initiated, to ever understand the pronunciation of “Yawweh.” Four letters, four levels of Kabbalah.


In Hermetic religion, the supreme Deity, or Principle, is referred to variously as ‘God’, ‘The All’, or ‘The One’. Many Hermeticists also align their beliefs and mystical ideas with other religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, mainstream Paganism, or Islam. This pluralism is related to a form of doctrinal essentialism, which holds that all great religions have equivalent mystical truths at their core, and that all religions are, in some way, compatible with the esoteric tenets of Hermeticism. 

Hermeticism has its own form of Qabbalah and expressions of the Tree of Life:

The four worlds of Kabbalah correspond with the four levels of interpretation in Kabbalah as mentioned above


Rosicrucianism is the belief structure of a secret society (Rosicrucian Order) that was purportedly created by an alchemist named Christian Rosenkreuz in late medieval Germany. This society was signalled by the Rosy Cross, which is a cross with a white cross at its centre, which some believe predate Christianity. As a secret society thought to hold power, the Rosicrucians have been linked with both the Knights Templar before and the Freemasons after. They are an order of sages and alchemists of thought, amassing information key to their brand of enlightenment and eventually set to disseminate this to individuals clever enough to seek them out. This privileged information, however, would otherwise be concealed from the ‘average’ man, its secret understanding of the relationship between nature, the world and an astral spirituality could by its value not possibly be understood by all. Yet the order is also interested in the “Universal Reformation of Mankind”. How can these two conflicting points be reconciled – a secret society and an interested in reformation for mankind? Through drastic change that will be the event that sees this society come into visibility.

Rosicrucianism also uses a Tree of Life


Gnosticism is the belief that human beings contain a piece of God (the highest good or a divine spark) within themselves, which has fallen from the immaterial world into the bodies of humans. All physical matter is subject to decay, rotting, and death. Those bodies and the material world, created by an inferior being, are therefore evil. Trapped in the material world, but ignorant of its status, the pieces of God require knowledge (gnosis) to inform them of their true status. That knowledge must come from outside the material world, and the agent who brings it is the savior or redeemer.

Gnosticism too, utilizes Kabbalah mysticism


Stone masons built castles, forts, barriers, towers. Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. It can be argued that the Ancient, Free and Accepted ritualistic form of masonry formed as these masters of stone work – employing geometry and physics – were instructed to build walls around communities. With their knowledge of science, they know the concept of parallaxes and built towers at the corners of walls, in order for watchmen to better anticipate intruders from afar. This was heretical, blasphemous even, against the Church of England and the king. Therefore, they were banished, to be accepted in Scotland, becoming “Ancient, Free and Accepted.”

Masonic Tree of Life – and the paths – 32 paths, the 33rd is divinity

Relevance of These Examples

These have been introduced for we are going to see the presence of these sects, these groups, these beliefs, these symbols throughout this series: Sacred Destabilization.

Part Two coming soon.


Tonight in the midst of the Blood Moon, a celestial event that has not occured in 580 years, a full moon/lunar eclipse, the UIA is holding it’s conference in Prague. The UIA authored this Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. The content found in the encyclopedia written in 1976 (with updates) is the material basis for the United Nations Agenda 2030, 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The partnership between the World Economic Forum (Davos) and the United Nations to carry out the implementation of Agenda 2030 is known as the Great Reset.

The material conditions for development of the Encyclopedia are rooted in Masonic Sacred Geometry. This Sacred Geometry is derived from the Kabbalah.

Material conditions for seismic paradigm shift include the Virus-Cyber-Climate Trifecta.

The Sacred Geometry is immersed in The Great Work.

The Great Work is also known as the Construction of the Third Temple of Solomon.


“The Great Work” = Enabled by Climate Emergency


Risk of Eco-Accidents:

NATURE: Abrupt and widespread discontinuities exist in the fossil record of fauna and are considered evidence of widespread mass extinction of species. These low frequency events have been attributed to fluctuations in sea level, reversals of the geomagnetic fields (exposing the earth’s surface to lethal radiation), impacts of the earth by very large meteors (putting tons of dust into the atmosphere cutting off photosynthesis) and supernovae (causing catastrophic but temporary climate changes). There are also a range of potential man-made ecocatastrophes, such as triggering an earthquake with a an underground nuclear explosion. In addition, there are other more fantastic possibilities. The sun will expand into a red star engulfing Mercury and Venus and melting lead on the Earth. The moon can fall to earth, a comet, a swarm of meteorites or a black hole could collide with the earth. The earth will eventually loose its atmosphere. A life form might evolve destroying all of humankind.

This is the source material for the United Nations Agenda 2030 – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The carrying out of the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is the partnership formed between the United Nations and the World Economic Forum known as “The Great Reset”…

See where this Masonic aptitude takes us…

Interrelationship of Databases • presented in Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976)

Notice how the use of the Sacred Geometry is immersed within the framework for problem solving by the “Union of Intelligible Associations” – this is Masonic. Masonic code is derived from the Kabbalah.

It is imperative to understand “The Great Work” and that phrase’s meaning within the contextual philosophy employed by the globalists…it does not come out of no where ..

This polyhedron is used to illustrate the “interrelationships” of subject matter covered in the “Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential” – published in 1976.

++++The Great Work = The Construction of the Third Temple of Solomon++++

Explanatory notes:
Each rectangle corresponds to one information series in the Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976):

The letter in each rectangle is the same as that in the margin of the sequence of numbered entries of the corres­
ponding series. It may be used to locate the series since the margin marks are in alphabetical order.

The number in each rectangle is the total number of entries in the series in question. (Where there is a number
asterisked within brackets, this indicates the number of additional entries cross-referenced within the same series,
but which have not yet been allocated their own reference number).

The relationships indicated between series are not all present in this edition.

This diagram appears at the end of the Introduction to each section, facing the explanation of the contents and
organization of the entries in that section.