1337 h4xx0r5 continue onslaught: iPhone, NSO Group, OnePercenters, WhatsApp, Android, Malware, USPS

I have been in network security for nearly a decade, never have these been this many events in one single year (or perhaps the reporting of the events seems more ubiquitous):

Cyber Contagion Battles Rage On: Census Hacked, Liquid Cryptocurrency, Ransomware in Hospitals, Anti-Trust Suits,FTC, Malware, Trickbot

Cyber World War – Multiple Fronts – UK, US, AMD, Intel, Crowdfunding, Prometheus TDS, Bot Net, Magecart, Popsicle Finance Android, Microsoft, ProxyShell, Phishing, Ransomware

Attackers Scan for Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Cyber Warfare Updates – Pakistan, Microsoft, Zero-Day, China, LockBit, PrintNightmare

APT31 Unleashing Malware Attacks Worldwide


Suspected attribution: China

Target sectors: Multiple, including government, international financial organization, and aerospace and defense organizations, as well as high tech, construction and engineering, telecommunications, media, and insurance.

Overview: APT31 is a China-nexus cyber espionage actor focused on obtaining information that can provide the Chinese government and state-owned enterprises with political, economic, and military advantages.


Attack vectors: APT31 has exploited vulnerabilities in applications such as Java and Adobe Flash to compromise victim environments.