Lügenpresse!!! Business Insider Pure FUCKERY VS. American Advertising, Planned Obsolescence, Consumerist Capital, Decimation of Our Communities and Permanently Fractured Public Trust

By Eric • (old post from 2021)

Business Insider is an irredeemable, absolute shit publication. And that’s a shame for time was, this publication was highly objective, respectable and – well – it performed this thing once called journalism.

This article was in yesterday’s propaganda pulpit:

America isn’t running out of everything just because of a supply-chain crisis. America is running out of everything because Americans are buying so much stuff.

The article is an insult to ordinary people. The energy is baked within the article is throwing the blame for a worldwide, supply chain jamboozle – however this article is throwing the blame on YOU. ORDINARY, HARDWORKING PEOPLE. For being consumers. In a purely consumerist economic framework. WHO IS STILL ASLEEP?!?

This system has declared war on all of us. This system; the fusion of industry, finance, tech, pharma, defense-contractors interlaced with our Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of policy makers. Their ideas took hold in academia. And yes – their mouthpiece is that fucking fake and gay mainstream media. The system sticks their finger in our fucking face and spews pure horseshit – with their straight LIES and we as grown adults that know a couple of three things about reality – we are to accept their messages of post-truth? We are in a post-truth era. We have invisible monsters abound – Forever Virus, Cyber Herpes (which will be fabricated), climate emergency hoax. This system is pushing the masses that accept their message at face-value into a place where they expect you to be grateful you are receiving fresh air through an eye dropper, if your social credit is in check with whatever the fuck CNN, Chuck Schumer, Slate, Lindsey Graham, Mother Jones, Bill Gates, Cardi B, B’nai B’rith and a group of non-binary, grass fed, fucking mezzofanooks have conjured up on Twitter.

The system has it’s end game set on phasing you out. Their aim is to erase and replace you with a climate change refugee. you are to accept this as atoning for the sin of Western Civilization and usher in YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION.

I do not even need to pull quotes from the Business Insider article. It’s absolute SHIT. Instead I will share with you exactly what you already know to be true. Reality!

Consumerist Capitalism: Sizzling Plates and Crinkly Bags

First off, sales, advertising and marketing is an industry in of itself in America and it is a major sector of whatever still exists of our real economy. Think Chili’s/Applebee’s/Fridays/Longhorn Steakhouse chain restaurants – those restaurants stick a mediocre piece of meat on a plate – a plate that is sizzling literally sizzling hot. And LOUD. – SIZZLE BRICKA-BRACKA-FIRECRACKER-SISS-BOOM-BAH – it is subliminally captivating – the plate that the server carries across the restaurant and everyone turns their head and oooh-ahhhh-oooh…this is not done by accident. It’s a carefully conjured technique to sell the sizzle – not the steak.

Have you ever encountered a bag of potato chips? The crumply, noisy, unable-to-be-ignored sensation known as a potato chip bag. That thing was specifically designed as a weapon of aural ultra-mega terrorism. No one can escape the grip of that crinkling fucking bag. Tell me truthfully you haven’t heard that bag crinkle and wondered what the fuck some person was eating. If you can, than you are in on the scam – hahah. The portions, packaging, placement and positioning of potato chips – no one can deny the institutional status that potato chips have in the land of Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam and Aunty Semite. Who arranged this marriage? Let’s not deviate …yet.

Our Economic, Social and Ideological Reality

America has been in the throws of Neo-Liberal, debt-laden, borderless, raceless, genderless, cosmopolitan, consumerist capital at a more exponential rate every single day America pushes past 1945. I wasn’t alive then, yet I’ve read America had some relatively wholesome years in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s. I get my information from Sopranos reruns for they teach me all the truths that Klaus Schwab, Michael Bloomberg and Larry Fink want you to never know.

American consumer patterns fall into two segmentations of purchasing of goods – inelastic (ie rents, mortgage payments, utilities, food, clothing) and elastic (ie Aston Martins, Air Jordan sneakers, Versace dental floss). This is the cornerstone of the economy and the markets of goods and services. America, more than any country, pushes, pushes, PUSHES products into people’s plain sight and the legerdemain libels of sales, marketing and advertising are set in motion to create a perceived necessity of ownership of a most wife array of elastic economic goods. Materialism is the game to the big swinging dicks on Wall Street, to the dudes in the streets gettin that paper, gaining that clout dawwwwg, to the bugmen waiting for Star Wars Was 88: “Return of the Genderfluid Giardians”, to the tens of millions of kids immersed in social media networks heavily influencing their fashion, diet and tech gadget frenzies – c’mon thirty years ago prior to the internet there was heavy influence from the likes of MTV and FM Radio and what was seen on network television sitcoms themselves as well as the eternal commerical breaks.

That’s what Globohomo-America has become. A never ending fucking commercial break.

Built to Last v. Planned Obsolescence v. Built to Break

Circa 1954, a community – a town – had local shops, owned by local people and sold quality goods to other local people. Through the steady pace of reliability, dependability and trustworthiness of doing business with the members of one’s own community, this allows for trust to be forged. And when there are more and more opportunities for trust to be brokered, this is how a high trust society emerges. A high trust society is one where the environment and behaviors of your neighbors become predictable.

Towns boomed with high trust. And this led way to trade. Neighborhood hardware, toy, sporting goods and book stores. Owned by your neighbor. Perhaps some tools are needed – have a visit the local hardware store. You would speak with the man at the shop and explain the types of jobs you need to get done around the house. The shop keeper knew exactly the types of tools – hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, saws, etc – and the necessary hardware, too – bolts, nails, screws, etc – the owner of this shop right down to the newest, part-time employee knows, with great thoroughness, the entirety of the goods available for sale and in which situations a customer should be shown options as to what is available to get a job done.

The tools each had a warranty. Warranties were rarely exercised. However, if there was a defect, the customer would simply bring the defective item back to the store, the store would replace the item on the spot. Then the store would go about exercising the warranty in due fashion with the manufacturer. You see, the store is part of the community. Beyond it’s reputation it is in the marketplace to conduct good business with it’s neighbors. These were your neighbors you would be doing business with. Members of your community. Participants in the going concern called the high trust society. This still exists in parts of America today however I was born an urbanite and have not seen such characteristics interwoven within my community since 1985. Items were built to last.

Now, as neighborhood stores got gobbled up by regional retailers and regional retailers the phenom of the shopping mall exploded all throughout America. I don’t have the statistics on this nor do I care to look this up for we can state this is my from my own anecdotal interactions with the universe. I’d be willing to bet there is at least one other person that is familiar with the explosion of the shopping mall phenotype!

The shopping mall phenotype was born in “it’s the nineties” Americana. Look, the point I am making here as it relates back to the Talmud Business Insider article – in the nineties, packs and packs of kids in suburban high schools would spend their Friday nights at the shopping mall three towns over, they’d buy clothes – Nike, Guess, Levi’s, Ray-Ban perhaps, or maybe they were naz-Goth kids and bought alot of black clothing and jewelry, maybe they were trendy young women and shopped at The Limited, or Abercrombie, maybe they shopped at Lids and bought $55 hats, maybe they bought $85 dollar Ralph Lauren Polo sweatshirts at Macy’s, maybe they bought tshirts of Nirvana, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Alice in Chains, maybe they bought all of those records, cassette tapes, compact discs too.

(by the way, the purchase of the stylish attire was specifically purchased to be worn the following Friday night at the mall, to conduct the same ritual once more)

Records to Cassette tapes to Compact Discs. This was not simply a solution for having to resort to a #2 pencil to re-spool a cassette tape’s tape run amuck. This is called planned obsolescence. There are many components of industry involved here. The planned transition to an augmentation of what worked perfectly fine before. See, if industry moguls in plastics, metals, magnetic tape, vinyl, audio/video hardware, audio/video auxillary components (like receivers and subwoofers, for instance), assembly lines (we will get to this in a moment), the music industry, the media (when I say media I am not speaking solely upon news. Media, the mass media juggernauts, own the music labels, the publishing companies, the radio broadcasts, the magazines, the newspapers, the movie studios, the comic books, the concert venues, the movie theaters, the popcorn vendor at the movie theater, etcetera etcetera), these forces of industry have and do and if owning a few nice things in the year 2030 does not violate the Zero-Carbon-Censorship-Vax-Democracy-rebirthingOfCorporateValueCircular-GreenBlueCommunitarianismOfBlackrock-blockchainReappropriation1619 laws of Fink-Schwab-Bloomberg, will one be allowed to purchase a guitar? Will it actually be an air guitar like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? This is not even hyperbole as to attempting to illustrate what a decade of a completely post-truth, inverted reality we will be facing. You will pretend to have a guitar in your hands, although it might not work because all of the air has been sequestered by the Davos.

Planned Obsolescence is most prominent in all forms of computer technology. Servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. The mesh of specs, the CPU, amount of RAM, ROM, storage, graphics card etc – the piece of hardware is planned to lag as the operating systems, software, web applications, etc are built to be much more robust going forward. The hardware is static in it’s capabilities. Therefore, be it 18, 24 or 36 months, to stay connected to the digital emulation of your life, you must upgrade devices. Yet you can see this is a ploy, a merchant’s ploy, to require you to expend money into an elastic good. This is a malicious technique. This is not as bad as it gets.

Built to Break and Be Replaced • Goods from the Chinamerification-verse

This is where we are at. Right now. The woman that wrote the article in the Business Insider gave no consideration to what has become of the industrial powerhouse the United States once was. The only reason ordinary people would be purchasing more of anything is the fact that everything you buy from Walmart is a piece of shit that is built to break and be replaced. And the consumer is doomed, for they must participate. Vacuums break within months. Lawnmowers are complete shit. Drills malfunction. Coolers you use to out ice and beverages and bring to the job or maybe fishing, or to the beach – yeah, those spout leaks within a season’s end. Baseball gloves disintegrate. Basketballs never, ever inflate properly. The pump/needle apparatus to inflate the basketball bends and breaks in the basketball. It happens alot. The bicycle tire pumps break sometimes on first use. Even bandaids don’t stick like they used to.

You see, all of those neighborhood hardware stores are gone. In their place are physciatrist, psychologist and insurance offices. Even the regional retailers have been collapsed into the vortex of the intentional globalized consolidation of wealth into the coffers of the very few. This was the intention of globalization all along. Never was it intended to expand markets, increase competition, stimulate innovation, encourage creation and risk, create an exponential level of opportunities to those that may have previously been prohibited from taking part in “free market enterprise.”

Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission was formed between David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger in the early 1970s. The purpose of the rigging together if the Trilateral Commission was to export labor to foreign markets that would substantially undercut the existing union structured compensation packages woven within American manufacturing operations. It was indeed, the livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans that were able to first participate in Consumerist Capitalism, beginning post-1945 – the livelihoods came from manufacturing jobs.

Radios, railroads, rifles, rafts, rope – the actual rewind-buttons that once fit into that cassette tape player – the depth and breadth of the scope of American manufacturing covered it all. Everything was built inhouse.

Fake and Gay: Democrats v. Republicans

There was no protection being afforded to the coming dismantling of the American labor market, the high trust society, the demographics of the population and to the very concept of national sovereignty at the onset of 1992. When it came to globalization in the context of elections and scampaigns, Democrats took a favorable view of globalization for by stripping the working class of work, this could be weaponized purely for political theatre purposes by the Democrats, once known as the “working man’s party.” For Republicans, keep in mind, circa 1992, the GOP was the party of the religious, those that are quite deliberate in their celebration of Constitutional Law and finally, the then financial elite. The very financial elite that stood to have their profitability receive a healthy injection due to the prospect of enormous reduction of labor expenses. Labor includes the wages, payroll taxes, health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits that employees are paid in the United States. Especially with the labor unions behind employees.

Therefore, there was no motivation for career politicians to interject and create any type of policy insulating and isolating the labor exportation.

Everything is now built to break and be replaced.

1992: European Union/NAFTA/Commerical Internet • Globalization Launched

Internet: On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web officially became open to the general public for non-commercial use.

In 1992, the U.S. Congress passed the Scientific and Advanced-Technology Act, 42 U.S.C. § 1862(g), which allowed NSF to support access by the research and education communities to computer networks which were not used exclusively for research and education purposes, thus permitting NSFNET to interconnect with commercial networks.

This was the first component of a coming seismic shift. The fact that commercial use of the World Wide Web – which was absolutely booming, BOOMING, worldwide, in terms of sudden interconnectivity of ideas that transcended the notion of boundaries, of borders, across the globe. For corporate raiders, this was digital sovereignty. Digital Sovereignty would supercede the aspect of national sovereignty as defined by borders. Yes…the Trilateral Commission pioneered this plan for decades, in the spirit of the international central banking cabal and all of it’s gusto, and with it’s blessings as well (remember that Rothschild funded Rockefeller, remember that Warburg and Schiff funded the Bolshevik Revolution).

The writing was on the wall ..or in cyberspace – burial plots for your nation-state, sovereignty, ability to function independently outside of the reach of globalist aspirations, was all coming crashing down.

NAFTA • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) established a free-trade zone in North America; it was signed in 1992 by Canada, Mexico, and the United States and took effect on Jan. 1, 1994. NAFTA immediately lifted tariffs on the majority of goods produced by the signatory nations.

NAFTA was written to function within the trade mechanisms of United States, Canada and Mexico. NAFTA stated in 1992 that the agreement “calls for the gradual elimination, over a period of 15 years, of most remaining barriers to cross-border investment and to the movement of goods and services among the three countries.”

This was a key component to true globalization, in terms of trade. The Trilateral Commission had already invested in the Chimericafication infrastructure in China. With NAFTA passed, also in 1992, the Chimericafication effect could easily spread a hop, skip and a jump away, across the southern border. Fortune 500 companies, Russell 2000 companies began exporting their labor “overseas” – American labor systematically dismantled and sent to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan… Globalization was full throttle ….firing on all cylinders, on all four compass points…

European Union: Maastricht Treaty, came into effect at the end of 1992, on January 1st, 1993 to be exact. The Maastricht Treaty, officially known as the Treaty on European Union, laid the foundations for the European Union as we know it today. The Maastricht Treaty significantly increased cooperation between European countries in a number of new areas:

  • Twelve countries; Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, signed the agreement on February 7, 1992.Since then, a further sixteen countries have joined the EU and adopted the rules set out in the Maastricht Treaty or in the treaties that followed later (the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union, the movement known as Brexit.)
  • The Treaty introduced European citizenship, allowing citizens to reside in and move freely between Member States.
  • The Treaty established a common foreign and security policy with the aim of “safeguarding the common values, fundamental interests and independence of the Union”.
  • The Maastricht Treaty paved the way for the creation of a single European currency: the Euro. It also established the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European System of Central Banks and describes their objectives.
  • The Treaty also established rules on how the Euro would work in practice. This included specifying what a country needs to do to join the Euro area.
  • The Treaty called for synthesis between inflation, levels of public debt, long-term interest rates and exchange rates – in order for a nation’s existing currency to become tethered to the Euro.

So, Lugenpresse…pray tell how you dare attempt to hold Americans accountable for the global supply chain disruptions that have been created directly as a result of the fact that:

  • Everything people buy is a piece of shit built to break.
  • Everything people buy likely crossed an ocean to arrive in the aisles of Walmart.
  • The systematic, intentional dismantling of the American Industrial Economy, in conjunction with the decimation of National Sovereignty to the benefit of the global, corporate entity, to the benefit of the shareholder class – sealed the fate of America, Constitutional Law and ultimately the very American Ethos.
  • Global supply chain disintegration is very real as it’s carefully calculated assembly brought it into existence in the first place.
  • The only thing America now manufacturers are arbitrarily diagnosed behavioral health conditions which fuel this behemoth, ugly, disingenuous new industry. “A psychiatrist? Well that’s a just a racket for the Jews!!! – Livia Soprano, Season One, circa 1999
  • The collapse of America, as well as it’s European cousins, was launched, OFFICIALLY, in 1992. NAFTA is not a conspiracy theory. The European Union is not a conspiracy theory.
  • Fuck you Business Insider.

The energy right here, right now, with all that is happening around us, with the walls closing in, your heritage, your faith, your race, your existence is under both covert and overt assault and it is only going to get worse.

The globalist empire is real, the dual-edged sword that came with globalization was the explosion of the information age. It was within the sanctuary of a once uncensored, uninterrupted, pure, wholesome exchange of information that dissidents worldwide engaged in a twenty year long rapid exchange of corroborating information that confirmed what we all know to be true: a global financial system that is tethered to a debt-based, fiat currency – with which the only intrinsic value once came from a sense of faith in the system.

That faith is long gone. That system has betrayed all of humanity. The system is the absolute enemy. The people are waking up. This is not a collection of words from a wanna-be blogger in Boston. THIS IS A BIG FUCK YOU FINK!!!

There is nothing the system can do to repel what is coming.

That’s right…I am bringing a new fire, it’s the brother-fire, you can’t take my volition from me. From us.

It is with extreme prejudice I show you the the objective reality that lay before us in this time. For I am one who honors tradition .. tradition reveals certain truths… Heads Will Roll…..the natural order of the universe is calling on us all and there are those that will face our fate on our feet…we will never be brought to our knees… history is coming back…everyone is watching the Sopranos again…the Sopranos contains the esoteric, secret, pre-Kabbalah, Challah language and order of all the universe to witness it’s power and glory…my message to the system…with inspiration from some words of Johnny Sack…

Either you begin to take a step back and restore some value in the humanity you wish to eviscerate from the face of the earth…or I will rain a shit storm down on you like you’ve




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And I’ve gotten hold of a shit ton of evidence, of proof – beyond speculative posturing – proof. Therefore, informative pieces are coming in parts Eight thru Ten. Part Seven will be one last historical overview. The parts thus far:

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Saint Flour is a “Town for All Centuries” in the deep heart of France • Deep Heart of France


There are several towns in central France that are famous mostly for “being medieval”. Many of them are immaculately restored; they give you an idea of how they must have looked in the 13th or 14th centuries. (Think of the incredible ensemble of medieval architecture in Sarlat-la-Caneda or the settings right out of The Three Musketeers in the “most beautiful village” of Pérouges.) They exist now primarily as tourist attractions where the curious traveler can have a window into life as it might have been in the distant past…

Continued at the source: Saint Flour is a “Town for All Centuries” in the deep heart of France

Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos

If it’s population reduction, literally, I have seen no hardcore evidence of slaughter.

Plans for slaughter may exist.

I have seen hardcore evidence of a full-throttled attack, from all four compass points, upon the world’s most capable and competent collective identities, which I have read or witnessed, since the day I was born, four decades ago:

  • Syria -the road to Damascus, in the Middle East, the continued, persistent, malicious attempts at destabilization of Syria, by the Clandestine Intelligence Agency and those that do War by Deception.
  • Iran – Persia, at the junction of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we see Globohomogayplex-imposed economic sanctions (which restrict Iranian people and government of participating in trade, the most basic of human rights). False flag events to taunt Iran into war. Coup and bullshit Argo. Demonization thru all Chosen Media.
  • Russia – Rus’ people, originally Norse people, assimilation with Greek, Baltic, Finnic and Slavic peoples – a one thousand year old ethos. Russia pitted in the Ziosphere as the arch-enemy of Pax Americana, when in reality, if relations were normalized between the West and Russia, two places that are mainly White, Christian peoples, world peace might break out. Very bad for Greater Israel Project. Very bad for Agenda 2030. Very bad to the rogue Five Eyes Ministerial surveillance apparatus.
  • Germany – after unification in 1871, Germany, characterized by intellect, physical might, emotional fortitude and engineering ingenuity, was sold out in the highest measurable act of treason in the Great War, economically battered by post-war reparations, reborn under National Socialism and the obedience to the Order of Nature, once again dragged into death and destruction, left to rot, forever depicted as the most evil, the deadliest – those that must bury their heads in shame.
  • China – there is a history here, the Great Wall of China was not built with steel fences. China is the upcoming “superpower”, perhaps, the CCP, is a strong-willed politburo, not a superpower, but grounded in logic and common sense, unabashed and unashamed to call themselves Chinese.
  • Afghanistan – the Islamic Emirate, newly formed under the continuum known as the Taliban, stormed back to reclaim their land, for indeed, their “cause is right and God is on your side!” (Former National Security Director – 1980)
  • Domestic Violent Extremist Far-right White Supremacists – this is aimed at any person that identifies as White, is for/against/indifferent to the progressive value set of honouring degeneracy, political correctness and Globalism. Many are simple flag saluting, tax paying, faith clenching, politically engaged, untrustworthy of “Democracy”, uneasy about the financial overlords, rightfully calling into question the concoction of contradictory guidance provided by elected and unelected officials regarding a contagion and it’s deterrent. The result: sensible, ordinary people with opinions that have been formulated with reverence to Constitutional Law, are condemned and eternally damned in the Church of the Woke. And find themselves the target of the juxtaposition of Silicon Valley surveillance, Beltway-styled investigation and law enforcement and preyed upon by their “greatest ally”.

This is the depopulation agenda.


Acquiesce: surrender basic human rights.

It’s expected.

Eternal altruism paid to those that HATE YOU.

You holding onto ethos is HATE.

The trifecta of forever virus, the coming cyber annihilation and climate heist which will leave the uniformed masses with outstretched arms to accept as unchallenged fact the earth will burn them up beneath their feet if they do not obey the soircerers of Sustainability. And artificial consciousness will be reporting back everything word that is uttered – the big data vacuum in the sky.

Elimination of Ethos – the Real Depopulation Campaign:

The globalist agenda, which exists in plain sight, is to use slander, smearing, obfuscation, conflation and pure fabrication to strip away the viability of the world’s most capable and competent civilizational collectives. In doing so, the masses will accept the socially engineered outcome of massively scaled assaults on tradition, natural order and objective reality.

Characteristics of Identity:

  • Depopulation targets the notion of collective identity, be it:
  • Ethos:
    • Family
    • Genealogy
    • Race
    • Nation
    • Ethnicity
    • Faith
    • Culture
    • Heritage
    • Ancestry
    • History
    • Tradition
    • Ritual
    • Customs

Collective Identity

  • The concept of Blood and Soil has been demonized since the times of the rise and fall of National Socialist Germany.
    • This concept is quite clear: identity is comprised of blood – the people of a race and nation share the same blood based on scientific reasoning, a Volk or Folk is defined upon such reasoning.
    • Pre-1800, das Volk was used exclusively to mean ‘crowd’ or ‘population’, in Germany.
    • Soil is quite clear – descent and territory, the land upon which the blood has settled, defines a homeland.
    • This idea clearly defines a national identity. Genealogy, history, heritage, culture of people which took place upon a common carved out portion of land, is indicative of Race. Race and nation. Identity. Collectively shared amongst People.
    • Inherently there is nothing hateful/evil/”satanic”/etc about the notion of Blood and Soil.
    • The suffix –stan, is both Urdu and Persian for “where one stands”.
    • Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, seven countries use the suffix.
    • Proto-Indo-European language, the root sta means “stand.”
    • The prefixes, for instance, Afghanistan, is representative of the ethnicity which “one stands”, Afghans.
    • Blood and Soil celebrates the place where people with a charged identity settle.

Where does the moral imperative for a civilization to destroy itself really come from? And why?

This is what the proponents of the evisceration of ethos are saying, right now:









Royal United Services Institute (rusi)

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

Heim ins Reich – Pax Germania

—————————— ᛭ —————————— Wappenbund – The Eternal Empire In Heaven [Full Album] Pax Germania – In memoriam somnium. March 12th, 1938 Anschluss Österreichs. Sections: A brief history of the German Reich – Contrasting to the importance of Unity. Anti-German propaganda machine & Ultimate Responsibilities (Hard Truths). Looking back at Aktion T4 – Dekonstruktion des Autismus […]

Heim ins Reich – Pax Germania

Political Correctness Ended the Separation of Church and State

As a student in the American public school system, the subject of separation of church and state would have wide range in terms of debate and philosophical viewpoints in various subject matter. Social studies, Literature/English, History…it seemed somewhat eternal.

In a Constitutional Law context, as the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the First Amendment, the establishment clause was intended to separate church from state. When the First Amendment was adopted in 1791, the establishment clause applied only to the federal government, prohibiting the federal government from any involvement in religion. By 1833, all states had disestablished religion from government, providing protections for religious liberty in state constitutions. In the 20th century, the U.S. Supreme Court applied the establishment clause to the states through the 14th Amendment. Today, the establishment clause prohibits all levels of government from either advancing or inhibiting religion. The establishment clause separates church from state, but not religion from politics or public life. Individual citizens are free to bring their religious convictions into the public arena. But the government is prohibited from favoring one religious view over another or even favoring religion over non-religion. Our nation’s founders disagreed about the exact meaning of “no establishment” under the First Amendment; the argument continues to this day. But there was and is widespread agreement that preventing government from interfering with religion is an essential principle of religious liberty. All of the Framers understood that “no establishment” meant no national church and no government involvement in religion. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed that without separating church from state, there could be no real religious freedom.

Guess what? That was the old realm. Behold, the merger of Church and State:

And of course – the super meme. It’s like that meme circa 2003 of that black dude when he says “hey dog, I put your meme inside your meme so you could meme it bro….

The flag of Globohomogayplex and it’s battle cry – genderfluid-jihadists run the management class, water is life(so hipsters buy $8 bottles of water), black lives matter (ignore 13 does 52), immigrants have the moral high ground in your homeland, CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL…

It is very important to see how these focal points are baked into the 17 Sustainable Development Goals laid forward by the UN Agenda 2030. UN 2030 is being meticulously executed by the World Economic Forum thru the Great Reset program. If any ordinary individual disagrees with the creed of GlobohomoSchlomo the ADL, Blue Check Church of the Woke, straight shitBag journalists, Antifa operatives, the FBI the JTTF and the JEWS are coming for you.

The flag of globohomo hangs over state, government, judicial, educational, medical, academic, public services, consumer centers, monuments, churches, synagogues, even a few mosques…it hangs alongside the Stars and Bars, the American Flag, the EU flag, POW-MIA, state and municipality flags – it is ubiquitous throughout the Neo-Liberal, Debt-Laden, Godless, borderless, faceless, faceless, genderless, Soulless, degenerative, malfeasant, multicultural hell-scape of corporatist, technocratic, surveillance system of consumerist capitalism that purports to function as a “Democracy”.

This system makes me absolutely fucking sick. Morality, etiquette, tradition, heritage, culture, race, history, logic, facts, science, faith, wholesomeness, respect, community, innovation, competition, humour, satire, parody, objective reality and common fucking sense have been usurped by Globohomo – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

The time has come to reach deep inside. A vote will never negate nature. Nature and the natural order of the universe will not sit idle forever. Throughout the normie tiers there is an awakening building. They see how out of whack things have become …. we will turn them….this liberal, cosmopolitan, globalist big black fucking dildo has a fight coming. THE FIGHT IS COMING TO THEM.