Continued Turmoil at Activision Blizzard —

It has been a revealing week at Activision Blizzard. Here are some additional facts we’ve learned this week from reputable sources. Activision Blizzard Hires a Union-Busting Law Firm. Via Kotaku Activision IT Employee Filmed Coworkers in the Bathroom. Via Vice Blizzard Hiring Reps Asked Cyber Security Prospect if She “Liked Being Penetrated” and Other Misogynistic […]

Continued Turmoil at Activision Blizzard —

US Communists Ban Gaming PCs

Six US states have banned energy-intensive gaming PC rigs. As a result, Dell has decided not to ship energy-hungry gaming PCs to states in question – California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. This ban is due to power consumption regulations introduced by said states’ legislatures, in large part in order to meet “climate policy […]

US Communists Ban Gaming PCs