Death, Sickness and Decay: the Real “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

By: Eric

The evidence is on the old fashioned television network programming. Yes the content is infused with degeneracy and clown world globohomo rhetoric – this is nothing new. It is the commercials. The television commercials are evidence of the type of mass-scale societal rot we are in the midst of.

It was a few weeks ago I was on vacation from work. Out of curiosity I took in some of the fine television programs available on ordinary network television. Weird Jerry Springer, court tv type shows; this type of shit. The content was expectedly awful. But the commercials?

Every single commercial, one after another, was:

  • Personal injury lawyers
  • Workers comp claim lawyers
  • Divorce lawyers
  • Medical negligence lawyers
  • Class action lawsuits (call to see if you have a prize waiting)
  • Structured settlement “get cash now” deals
  • Emergency cash now (payday loans)
  • Tax liability mitigation companies
  • Consumer debt consolidation companies
  • Car repair insurance (featuring Ice-T)
  • Medicare supplemental benefits companies
  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Cholesterol medication
  • Diabetes medication
  • Diabetes blood sugar measuring kits
  • Bulging eye medication
  • Opiate induced constipation medication
  • Alzheimer’s medication
  • Bipolar medication
  • Anxiety medication
  • Depression medication
  • HIV levels mitigation medication
  • Other disturbing HIV -related medication (PreP the meme)
  • Skin condition medication

The commercials are all too similar. The attorney commercials are like 90% small hat guys vowing to fight for you, the insurance commercials have reptiles and ducks and like a flamingo type animal, the medication commercials – the medication are all the same type of thing…its a boomer, staring off into space, tiresome look on their face, whilst the narrator reads aloud the symptoms of tripolar disorder. Then a consultation with a doctor (though most commercials state “paid actor portrayal”). Then, I guess, it’s a few weeks later and the meds are kicking in, the boomer locks hands with their spouse, they are walking on the beach, the scene is in slow motion, then they stop for ice cream, or maybe are at a carnival, or maybe they are at a sports event – that’s when the narrator reads off the potential side effects.

Doom. Every commercial, the lyrics may be different, but the music is quite the same.

Look at the nature of these commercials. Plainly put, there is no real good reason for celebration when one has to:

Call an attorney

File an insurance claim

Take a medication

Death, sickness and decay – because health, wellness, strength, valor, wholesomeness and transcendence are too white.

Georgia Guidestones Blown Up

Awesome. This structure was built in like 1978 or something, it was a complex instrument, which was used as a compass, calenders, sundial, clock, etc – and contained the “New Age Ten Commandments” which are very close in philosophy to Agenda 2030. The structure was commissioned by “R. C. Christian” – a cryptic way of saying “Rosicrucian.”

It is plainly obvious that the man and organization that designed and had these built – more importantly – authored the “New Ten Commandments” were the Rosicrucian. RC Christian. Ro Si Christian. The Rosicrucian movement emerged in the 1700s and was very Kabbalah/Masonic/Hermetic/etc type of group that focused on esoteric and occult wisdom with emphasis on mysticism and spiritual enlightenment. Globalists. World governance. New World Order. Synthetic soy bug hamburgers. Bill Gates and Kabbalah Harris. Enlightenment.


What graced the stones was this message:

“Let these be guidestones to an age of reason”

Age of Reason is very Rosicrucian/Lucis Trust/Masonic/Round Table/Club of Rome/League of Nations/Davos/Jewish/MK-Ultra type shit – all of this shit is interconnected and has been for two thousand years.

These were the Tranny Ten Commandments:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. (DEPOPULATION)

2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. (CRYPTO-KALERGI)

3. Unite humanity with a living new language. (PRONOUNS)

4. Rule Passion — Faith — Tradition — and all things with tempered reason. (Rule, as in, destroy these things)

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. (Epstein’s clients)

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.(like the World Court called for in Jerusalem by David Ben Gorion, the Vince McMahon of Zionist Israel)

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.(DEFUND THE POLICE NIGGA)


9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. (Correct, it will be the prize of the One World Order that they alone know the truth)

10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. (CLIMATE CHANGE EMERGENCY HOAX)

Well, the structure has been BLOWN THE FUCK UP. I will say that this is an awesome symbolic gesture as in a big


It is good. Along with the tractor truck activism underway worldwide. We all want to break free from this Kosher nightmare. Without being gobbled up by the hate speech surveillance robots.

“Population Reduction” is Not About the Size of the Population

By: Eric

Depopulation targets the viability and credibility of the most capable and competent people walking this earth. In the sense of the word people, I mean civilizational collectives that densely populate varying geographical areas of the planet. Nations. Races. Faiths.

There is power in the phrase “Blood and Soil”. The notion that one’s identity, one’s blood, is that of others of their own race – and a nation is the continuum of that blood interlaced with an obedience to nature, nature being the land upon which the nation exists. The soil; the settlement area of the nation. The bond between Blood and Soil makes so much sense that it is dangerous. It is dangerous to those who wish to strip you of your identity. And any reference to national identity is tantamount to HATE. They call it HATE. Decades of news media, books, academic coursework materials, movies, TV shows, magazines, comic books, Broadway plays, radio broadcasts, music – all crafted by the like-minded elites, who share an agenda, to call your credibility into question. Slander, smear, obfuscate, conflate, twist and contort YOUR IDENTITY via these communication mediums as one of HATE. This has been underway for at least one hundred years and it has been directed at the same capable and competent people.

This system wants to destroy us. Never forget it.


Filmed in 2018, he is discussing the mobility of an endemic. He seems to know exactly would cause this excess death of 10 MILLION people per year. This guy built computers right? Suddenly he is the authority on bioweapons, terrorists, potential pandemic response, supply chains, the role of the government. He knows his stuff…

Here is Bill Gates discussing how a vastly accelerated growth in population, concurrent with improvements in modern medicine, are causing “me and Melinda” great concerns about the allocation of resources by the year 2100 amongst a swelling overpopulation? Who knows if an asteroid hits earth tomorrow? He probably programmed the asteroid.

Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos

If it’s population reduction, literally, I have seen no hardcore evidence of slaughter.

Plans for slaughter may exist.

I have seen hardcore evidence of a full-throttled attack, from all four compass points, upon the world’s most capable and competent collective identities, which I have read or witnessed, since the day I was born, four decades ago:

  • Syria -the road to Damascus, in the Middle East, the continued, persistent, malicious attempts at destabilization of Syria, by the Clandestine Intelligence Agency and those that do War by Deception.
  • Iran – Persia, at the junction of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we see Globohomogayplex-imposed economic sanctions (which restrict Iranian people and government of participating in trade, the most basic of human rights). False flag events to taunt Iran into war. Coup and bullshit Argo. Demonization thru all Chosen Media.
  • Russia – Rus’ people, originally Norse people, assimilation with Greek, Baltic, Finnic and Slavic peoples – a one thousand year old ethos. Russia pitted in the Ziosphere as the arch-enemy of Pax Americana, when in reality, if relations were normalized between the West and Russia, two places that are mainly White, Christian peoples, world peace might break out. Very bad for Greater Israel Project. Very bad for Agenda 2030. Very bad to the rogue Five Eyes Ministerial surveillance apparatus.
  • Germany – after unification in 1871, Germany, characterized by intellect, physical might, emotional fortitude and engineering ingenuity, was sold out in the highest measurable act of treason in the Great War, economically battered by post-war reparations, reborn under National Socialism and the obedience to the Order of Nature, once again dragged into death and destruction, left to rot, forever depicted as the most evil, the deadliest – those that must bury their heads in shame.
  • China – there is a history here, the Great Wall of China was not built with steel fences. China is the upcoming “superpower”, perhaps, the CCP, is a strong-willed politburo, not a superpower, but grounded in logic and common sense, unabashed and unashamed to call themselves Chinese.
  • Afghanistan – the Islamic Emirate, newly formed under the continuum known as the Taliban, stormed back to reclaim their land, for indeed, their “cause is right and God is on your side!” (Former National Security Director – 1980)
  • Domestic Violent Extremist Far-right White Supremacists – this is aimed at any person that identifies as White, is for/against/indifferent to the progressive value set of honouring degeneracy, political correctness and Globalism. Many are simple flag saluting, tax paying, faith clenching, politically engaged, untrustworthy of “Democracy”, uneasy about the financial overlords, rightfully calling into question the concoction of contradictory guidance provided by elected and unelected officials regarding a contagion and it’s deterrent. The result: sensible, ordinary people with opinions that have been formulated with reverence to Constitutional Law, are condemned and eternally damned in the Church of the Woke. And find themselves the target of the juxtaposition of Silicon Valley surveillance, Beltway-styled investigation and law enforcement and preyed upon by their “greatest ally”.

This is the depopulation agenda.


Acquiesce: surrender basic human rights.

It’s expected.

Eternal altruism paid to those that HATE YOU.

You holding onto ethos is HATE.

The trifecta of forever virus, the coming cyber annihilation and climate heist which will leave the uniformed masses with outstretched arms to accept as unchallenged fact the earth will burn them up beneath their feet if they do not obey the soircerers of Sustainability. And artificial consciousness will be reporting back everything word that is uttered – the big data vacuum in the sky.

Elimination of Ethos – the Real Depopulation Campaign:

The globalist agenda, which exists in plain sight, is to use slander, smearing, obfuscation, conflation and pure fabrication to strip away the viability of the world’s most capable and competent civilizational collectives. In doing so, the masses will accept the socially engineered outcome of massively scaled assaults on tradition, natural order and objective reality.

Characteristics of Identity:

  • Depopulation targets the notion of collective identity, be it:
  • Ethos:
    • Family
    • Genealogy
    • Race
    • Nation
    • Ethnicity
    • Faith
    • Culture
    • Heritage
    • Ancestry
    • History
    • Tradition
    • Ritual
    • Customs

Collective Identity

  • The concept of Blood and Soil has been demonized since the times of the rise and fall of National Socialist Germany.
    • This concept is quite clear: identity is comprised of blood – the people of a race and nation share the same blood based on scientific reasoning, a Volk or Folk is defined upon such reasoning.
    • Pre-1800, das Volk was used exclusively to mean ‘crowd’ or ‘population’, in Germany.
    • Soil is quite clear – descent and territory, the land upon which the blood has settled, defines a homeland.
    • This idea clearly defines a national identity. Genealogy, history, heritage, culture of people which took place upon a common carved out portion of land, is indicative of Race. Race and nation. Identity. Collectively shared amongst People.
    • Inherently there is nothing hateful/evil/”satanic”/etc about the notion of Blood and Soil.
    • The suffix –stan, is both Urdu and Persian for “where one stands”.
    • Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, seven countries use the suffix.
    • Proto-Indo-European language, the root sta means “stand.”
    • The prefixes, for instance, Afghanistan, is representative of the ethnicity which “one stands”, Afghans.
    • Blood and Soil celebrates the place where people with a charged identity settle.

Where does the moral imperative for a civilization to destroy itself really come from? And why?

This is what the proponents of the evisceration of ethos are saying, right now:









Royal United Services Institute (rusi)

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)