Demonization of Group of White Men Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour in Jamaica Plain, MA

By: Eric

Jamaica Plain (JP) is quite familiar to me. It is my understanding that a group, organized elsewhere, came to JP to protest Drag Queen Story Hour. I have been away from the area however at this restaurant I just saw the local news report:

“Neon-Nazis Bring Hate to Jamaica Plain!”

“White Supremacists Attack Counter-Protesters!”

Etc, etc.

These local news reports are masters at the swindle. They showed very little footage of the scene today (which is widely available on Twitter, elsewhere).

What local news outlets do, is obfuscate and flummox.

Conflate, confound and contort.

They showed footage of Charlottesville, from 2017, to draw an association between the two events.

Charlottesville was a federally permitted event for the Unite the Right event to speak in support of preserving cultural landmarks.

Today’s protest was a group of men protesting the Drag Queen Story Hour.

Quite different events. Different causes. Like comparing apples to bowling balls bere.

The grooming of children must stop. The gender-expressive community of men, who dress in drag, have absolutely no fucking business whatsoever being anywhere near young children.

Yet, the men that dress in their drag – unbeknownst to them – are just useful idiots in a much larger, nefarious plot.

Drag Story Hour NYC, for instance, receives state-subsidized money to carry out their degenerate activities – money that is granted to this organization directly from City Council – which means that is TAXPAYER MONEY. NYC’s City Council has self proclaimed Marxist/Socialists in office (although all they are indeed are neoliberal globohomo-ists doing the work on behalf of the grand Zionist Internationalism plot).

I have examined the Form 990s of this nonprofit and the same cast of characters account for the source of their other donations/contributions. Let’s call them ADL-adjacent.

This is all being orchestrated to further destabilize “heteronormativity” – which healthy people call “normal.”

The boys that went to JP had some moxie – JP is the belly of the beast of radical “cultural Marxism” in New England. They were met with resistance – which is not a surprise.

I myself was accosted by Antifa and BLM in the very area these boys were in – back in 2015. So these boys were on the offensive, I applaud them, I tip my hat to them.

“PEDO SCUM OFF OUR STREETS” – can’t disagree with that.

Amazon dominates lobbying while growing telehealth group ✺ Open Secrets

Telehealth legislation is ramping up on the congressional floor, and Amazon is spending big on its telehealth investments and lobbying.

Telehealth became a necessity in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and spending on health services surged. Due to the historic amount of congressional legislation focused on health care services because of the pandemic, federal lobbying spending by health service groups reached a record $100.9 million in 2020. That was roughly five times what they spent 20 years ago — and the industry is on track to spend more in 2021.

Amazon, which is creating its own health care service, is the biggest corporate lobbying spender so far in 2021. The company has spent nearly $10.2 million on lobbying in the first six months of the year, and spent $18.7 million in 2020. Amazon has used some of its lobbying expenditure to spend on legislation focused on telehealth.

Amazon’s telehealth splurge comes during the second year of offering its own virtual health care service, Amazon Care. The app-based program connects customers with licensed clinicians, and allows them to message, audio call or video call each other. It also includes prescription delivery and in-home care.

As of now, Amazon Care’s in-person services are limited to a few areas in the U.S. — including Washington state, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore — but it is set to add 20 cities by the end of 2022. By the end of 2021, the service could reach Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Dallas, according to a report from Business Insider.

Amazon Care is currently funded by companies that pay it directly, including Amazon itself. The company has approached Aetna, an insurance provider owned by CVS Health, to work with the platform. CVS Health has spent $4.9 million on lobbying this year, and has lobbied telehealth bills. Other insurers such as Premera Blue Cross, an independent licensee of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, are also working with Amazon Care to make its services a covered benefit. Blue Cross/Blue Shield has spent $12 million on lobbying in 2021, according to an OpenSecrets analysis.

Amazon has lobbied in support of four specific telehealth bills this year. The most prominent is H.R. 1332 or the Telehealth Modernization Act of 2021, which codifies and expands telehealth services under Medicare. So far, 43 groups have lobbied the bill, and have spent a combined $61.4 million on it and other issues, according to an analysis done by OpenSecrets.

The Hospital Corporation of America, one of the largest health systems in the country, is also rallying behind the Telehealth Modernization Act. The company has already spent nearly $1.1 million this year lobbying various issues. In 2020, the company’s lobbying expenditure jumped to $2.4 million, and it has already spent $2.1 million in 2021.

During the first half of 2021, 165 organizations collectively spent $175.8 million lobbying proposed legislation and telehealth bills, according to an OpenSecrets analysis. At least 13 bills focusing on telehealth have been introduced in Congress this year, and numerous companies, including Amazon, have lobbied them. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is the top lobbying spender so far in 2021, has lobbied on telehealth legislation as well. The group has spent $29.6 million on lobbying in the first six months of 2021. 

The largest health care industry employer in the country, UnitedHealth Group, spent $1.8 million lobbying health services in the first half of 2021, and specifically lobbied two telehealth bills: S.150 and H.R. 2166. The bills would ensure Medicare Advantage and PACE beneficiaries can access audio-only telehealth services, and their providers can be reimbursed for them.

Some of the nation’s largest health care groups are also lobbying S.150 and H.R. 2166. In the first six months of 2021, Kaiser Permanente spent $2.3 million on lobbying, and Centene Corp spent $2.5 million.

Telehealth’s lobbying expansion coincided with an unprecedented increase in campaign spending by the health service groups. The industry donated over $160.7 million to campaigns during the 2020 election cycle — more than it spent on the 1990 to 2012 election cycles combined. A majority of that money ($109.1 million) came from Miriam Adelson, of the Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse Treatment & Research. The 2020 total more than doubled the $68.4 million the industry spent in 2016. The majority of their 2020 contributions — $29.1 million — went to Democratic candidates.