Why Germany’s Autobahn Has No Speed Limit


Germany’s Autobahn is world renowned for being known as the road with no speed limits. People from around the world travel to Germany to test the limits of their vehicles on the legendary road. But, why exactly does the Autobahn have no speed limit? In this episode of Xplained we take a deeper look into why exactly Germany’s Autobahn has no speed limit.

NOTE: Some clips have been used for illustrative purposes only and may not be filmed on the Autobahn in Germany.


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The 2022 Car Show

THIS…is what we will not allow for them to take from us.

Wholesome gathering, family and friends, enjoying themselves.

There is a car show in my area next weekend, this has prompted me to check it out!!

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

We had a full day at the 2022 Car Show at our church. This is an annual event. It was super hot and there were other car shows going on at the same time, but it was still a successful day. Everyone had a good time and I took a ton of photos to prove it. I was the official photographer today. Usually I am just the assistant photographer, though I still take a ton of pictures all the time. I know, you’re all shocked. I will NOT share all the photos I took, since I took about 350. But I will show you some of the highlights.

My favorite car, the old classic Jaguar won first place.

I thought the 2nd place winner and the 3rd place winners were amazing too. The best part is that they work together and are both firefighters. It was a family affair.


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