Sacred Destabilization • Part Six: Interlude

By Eric • August 26, 2022

Early masonic engraving of Jewish freemasonry, B’Nai B’rith

One must understand that if one were in power, to secure such power in the most absolute terms, those with the power have the resources to propagate the weakening of the powerless, destroy them, all but bury them into the ground. The powerful are proponents of revolutionary spirit – as long as the target of this energy is used by the weak, to decimate the strong. As the strong are the only ones with the inherent abilities to eliminate the powerful, to come into power.

Embellished upon within the Kabbalah is the Sacred Geometry. This may also be called Sacred Proportion.

Stone Masons in practice utilize geometry and physics to build. The union of the practicality of functional geometry with the taboo-rich nature of Freemasonry – Sacred Geometry emerged – and it is used to this day far beyond symbols engraved in stone (to come in Part Seven).

Freemasonry had its organic roots as proper stone masons then evolved to include members of polite society – aristocracy, nobility – as the lure of the “secret society” was especially attractive taboo in a much stricter religious Europe centuries ago.

Within Judaism, in order for the messiah to arrive, the temple must be rebuilt. The Third Temple of Solomon. This stern belief emanated from freemasonry known as “The Great Work”.

We must also observe the aspect of the All-Seeing Eye. This is being realized by the surveillance apparatus or “Global Brain”, a term which reappears in academia, amongst the think tanks and in the tech sector repeatedly.

The aim of Zionism: achievement to bring the world under the kingdom, court and temple in Jerusalem, the center of the world, for the light amongst the nations to thrive. is to be guided under an augmentation of ideological international socialism called communitarianism.

The practice of religious and moral antinomianism is the method to disintegrate society, via the works of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory philosophy.

The inversion of reality as we know it, the clown world, is on purpose.

We must also take into account what “the Left” is. What does this mean? Where does this come from? And the Right? Is there any difference now?

We will explore these topics going forward.

Infiltration by Sabbatean-Frankism into Occult Societies

Jacob Frank travelled to Frankfurt, Germany. He arrived in the city home to the House of Rothschild, the emerging global central banking dynasty.

Adam Weishaupt formed the Orden der Perfektibilisten (Order of Perfectibilists), on May 1st, 1776. This came to be known as the Illuminati of Bavaria.

There is much disagreement and conflicting literature and debate as to whether Weishaupt, Frank and Rothschild ever met and plotted together. This would be fascinating given the official community organizer Weishaupt of an organization with aspirations to subvert the elite secret societies of Europe, Frank the “Messiah”, the man carrying on and expanding the ways of antinomianism – and having these ways – (ie, the sexual degeneracy, the rejection of God’s word, etc} – permeate into the rituals that these secret societies have (see Bohemian Grove, or the discourse on the film Eyes Wide Shut). To have a desire to infiltrate the hidden world of the elite with a perverted form of mysticism as an intrigue – cap it off with the Ashkanazi Rothschild family’s amassing wealth and connections to powerful members of monarchies, nobilities and aristocracies – this is possible this happened with those three men pulling the strings.

It does not matter. It does not matter for one thing can be ascertained from the speculation:

A complex oligarchy of wealthy Jewish families has evolved over generations across the globe – wealth that is determined by the control of our planet’s resources. And this network has continued to evolve, benefiting from the deeds performed by powerful men and women that are members of a supernumerary plethora of secret societies.

Sacred Destabilization • Part Five: Crypsis

By: Eric – August 24, 2022

Statue depicting Mary, with the radiance of the light, a pyramid and all-seeing eye behind it.

Globalism is pulverizing reality. Celebrate diversity; whilst knowing we are all the same, equal. Divorce is commonplace. Adultery is liberation. Whiteness is a plague. Food, housing and transportation rise astronomically in cost – wages stagnate. Degeneracy is ever present in arts and entertainment. They desire to pull the plug on gender. This is full throttle Marxism – on all four compass points – deconstruction of the patriarchal dynamic which built Western Civilization.

Sparks, Points of Light, Fire

The Shattered God has left his sparks across the expanse of the universe. In preparing these blog entries I have read through many books, publications, academic papers as well as simply visiting websites, watching various videos. Many of the esoteric movements make reference to sparks, fire, light. One may even question the aspect of Lucifer. The Morning Star. Whether there are LARP-esque movements such as the Church of Satan, The Satanic Temple…these movements have their own infighting, spectacles, performative rituals. These I have not given credence to.

I do give credence to this speech by alleged-Freemason, former Director of the CIA, member of the Skull & Bones society at Yale, former President of the United States, George HW Bush – where he uses the words “New World Order,” “Illumination” and “thousand points of light” quite succinctly.

“Points of Light” was a campaign slogan of the Bush 1988 campaign.

Those words were targeted at the initiated. In the coming posts on this Sacred Destabilization, we will revisit the House of Bush at length.

In 1788, the Freemasons George Washington and Alexander Hamilton both used the words “points of light.” Alice Bailey [in her 1957 book “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”] described the points of light as the leaders of the occult group called the New Group of World Servers. Bailey believed that the points of light and light groups were necessary in building up the New Age.

Freemasons, with ritualistic masonic craft loaded with Kabbalistic features, associated with The Luciferin Doctrine, speak of these points of light.

However, it is important to point out, the core Kabbalah text, the Zohar, is the book of Radiance, or Illumination.

The “Second Coming”: Jacob Frank

In the first four parts we have discussed Sabbati Zevi, the Kabbalistic rabbi who both proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah and was accepted as such by the majority of known world Jewry circa 1666. From him, spawned the Sabbatean way.

By no means did it pass upon Zevi’s passing. Sabbatean belief via Kabbalah interpretation is that God is broken into pieces. The only way God can be restored whole, is to go against the entire sanctity of the Old Testament.

Born into a family of Sabbateans—followers of Sabbatai Zevi—in the modern-day Ukraine, Frank traveled as a merchant to the Ottoman Empire, where he became acquainted with radical Sabbateans in Smyrna and Salonica.

Jacob Frank declared himself to be the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi and took those ideas to an even more extreme level. In order for God to be fully repaired and for the Messianic Era to arrive, mankind must destroy all of its traditional moral values and go beyond good and evil. The Frankists, as they were called, engaged in every horrible thing you could imagine: black magic, wife-swapping, sex orgies, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, and promoted a form of proto-feminism and proto-communism.

Frank was most certainly as influential as Zevi, yet, even more profane and degenerate in his policies. According to Frank, the sexual prohibitions found in the Old Testament – and the New Testament – were now sins themselves.

Frank stated that sexual debauchery was the means for purifying the soul from sin. He also converted to Christianity and coerced thousands of his supporters to do the same – to infiltrate that faith. To corrupt that faith. Truly crypsis – this is a biological phenom known as crypsis. For this “sacred, Kabbalistic, redeeming” form of Judaism to survive and thrive – penetrating the Christian West was priority.

[Dear reader, the following parts will include the French Revolution, Left/Right political origins, capitalist sponsors of communist revolutionaries, Marxism, Critical Theory – this was a portion I felt to state upfront – we are getting there – this is a journey, I am not a journalist, however I am an astute reader, a radical consumer of history and books, I do a blog, I have much to share – thank you for reading!!!]

Sacred Destabilization • Part Four: Antinomianism and the Spiritual Roots of Critical Theory Philosophy

By: Eric • August 24, 2022

Drawing:, “Master’s Lodge as ruined Temple,” Les Francs-Maçons Ecrasés, 1747. [the ruined Temple is symbolic of the Second Temple of Solomon, which was destroyed]

Allow us to focus the lights of the arena on this concept for a moment. A certain cluster of churches rooted in Protestant sects of Christianity have carried out the agenda of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity™ by accepting and welcoming the LGBTQ people to the faith. This is de facto revoking the word of the Lord as stated in the bible. This is no longer a sin. If scripture is subject to revocation – than sin itself is subject to eradication.

Norm Macdonald Tweet from 2017(?) – predicting the Church of the Woke? He nailed it!

[Dear reader, uncited, quick summations of the following concepts, eras in time and historical events are given for the purpose of expediency, for they will be touched upon in more detail going forward. This is a 30 part series – the Sacred Destabilization]

Ordo ab Chao

Amongst many faiths, religions and mythologies, there is this ever present theme of “creation through destruction” – or within Freemasonry, the Latin “Ordo ab Chao”, which means “out of chaos, comes order.”

Yet, what, or who, creates the chaos and what defines chaos?

Take a look around. We are in the chaos. This is Building Seven, low-key, the world over. 


From New World Encyclopedia: “Antinomianism or lawlessness in theology, is the idea that members of a particular religious group are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality as presented by religious authorities.”

The heart of antinomianism is belief in human perfection, the state of divine indwelling in which anything that one wills is good because it is prompted by the presence of God within.

As we discussed in Part Three, Sabbati Zevi introduced his brand of Kabbalah interpretation over the Jewish texts and determined that man must descend into sin – inverting the laws of Torah – to bring about the return of the Shattered God.


Rectifications or repairs or restorations to bring about the return of the Tetragrammaton are called Tikkun. These are acts performed that will reverberate throughout the universe to allow for the Shattered God to gather its sparks.

Now, the manner in which Zevi applied the metaphysical realm of Kabbalah, the fourth realm, he drew from the Torah and Talmud that God has been dispersed throughout the universe into sparks of light upon creation of man. It is said that God has to remove himself, from his space, in order for creation to have occurred. Upon this event, God became the Shattered God.

This is another duality: God removed himself – from himself – to create space for Man. It is seemingly a paradoxical duality.

According to Zevi, further bolstered by the influential Nathan of Gaza, for God to be restored whole, mankind had to descend into sin. If mankind took this path, the Shattered God will collect itself, collect these sparks, to return to whole, to redeem what he created. The Sabbatean way was redemption through sin.

Zevi said all that is bad is actually good. Manipulation, sexual perversion, adultery, stealing – sins necessary to restore God. Half of the known Jewish world was spellbound by this notion around 1666. This is very important.

When one contemplates the seemingly duplicitous nature of one’s “Greatest Ally ™” – one wonders – is there a spiritual element at play? A divine ordainment a certain identity admonishes upon themselves?

Zevi said: “Praised be He who permits the forbidden.”

Significance of the Location: Ottoman Empire

Sabbateanism arose throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa and even within many of the influential Jewish communities in Central and Western Europe. Even with the passing of Zevi, Sabbateanism had taken on its own form – a flavor of antinomianistic faith swept through all of society, even outside of Judaism.

Turkey (the country currently defined by its borders) was the home of Zevi. One of the important things about Zevi, in addition to resistance by some the high rabbis to this radical method of redemption through sin – ultimately the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire felt threatened, as Zevi made the proclamation that he wanted to become King. Zevi was imprisoned, long and short of this – he remained so inspirational whilst imprisoned that he was given a choice to live, he had to convert to Islam.

Other Jews following Zevi converted as well. For optics, appearances.

Thereafter these new Muslims were known as Dönme.

By the 1680s, the Dönme had congregated in Salonica, the cosmopolitan and majority-Jewish city in the Ottoman Empire. For the next 250 years, they would lead an independent communal life—intermarrying, doing business together, maintaining their own shrines, and handing down their secret traditions.

In Part Five, we will venture into the “Second False Messiah”, the Occult, Revolution, birth of Left/Right alignments, Marxism, the Bolsheviks, the capitalists behind the revolutionaries, psychoanalysis (and its affect on ideology), Weimar Republic, Frankfurt School and analysis of Critical Theory origins.

Sacred Destabilization • Part Three: Redemption Through Sin

By: Eric • August 16, 2022

Tree of Life – St. John the Divine in New York City

Sabbati Zevi: The False Messiah

He was born in 1626 in Smyrna, Turkey. He was Jewish, son of parents from Greece. By the age of 20, in 1646, he was considered both extraordinarily intelligent in scholastic work – more over in Rabbinical studies. He undertook study of the Talmud (principal book of Jewish Rabbinical Law), then Kabbalah.

In the Kabbalah, the year 1648 (translated to the Roman calendar) gave credence to the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

In Hebrew, the word Sabbati means Saturn. In Jewish mysticism, Saturn is regarded as the highest planet and is attached to the concept of the long-awaited Messiah.

Zevi was known as highly ambitious and eccentric. He claimed to have defeated creatures (like wolves and serpents) in epic confrontations. In 1648, it was the news and momentum of massacres of Jews in Eastern Europe reached Turkey’s Jewish community. The collective sentiment was fear. Coinciding with the year 1648 messianic potential, a great many of these Jews turned to Zevi as the long awaited Messiah. He manipulated the circumstances to his favor.

He turned the Torah around by declaring that all sins were now considered “holy” and that the only way to “repair” God was to engage in acts of depravity.

He was excommunicated from Turkey in 1651 by the Rabbinical authorities, however, many of his followers now literally and figuratively, followed him. He went to Greece, to Albania, elsewhere in Turkey, most impactfully in Constantinople, where his following grew enormously. Now, his seven year ban was up, with which he returned to Symrata in 1662. He set out to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Symbolically, he first went to Egypt. When he reached Jerusalem, he met Nathan of Gaza.

Nathan of Gaza; served in the capacity of one who wrote a Gospel about Jesus. He believed Sabbatai Zevi was the messiah. He was a deeply religious man with strong core of believers behind him. They took his word for it, his writings were known as influential extreme. In 1665 Nathan of Gaza dedicated his life thru spreading the word of the Messiah.

In the mid 1600s, anticipation of the year 1666 was of high apocalyptic measure amongst certain prolific Calvinist scholars, specifically in England and the Netherlands, however, the sentiment was spread throughout the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of faith, the knowledge of the implications of the year 1666 were obvious (666 – mark of the beast).

By 1666, given the circumstances, half of the known Jewish world were practicing Sabbatean-Judaism, or Sabbateanism.