The 2022 Car Show

THIS…is what we will not allow for them to take from us.

Wholesome gathering, family and friends, enjoying themselves.

There is a car show in my area next weekend, this has prompted me to check it out!!

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

We had a full day at the 2022 Car Show at our church. This is an annual event. It was super hot and there were other car shows going on at the same time, but it was still a successful day. Everyone had a good time and I took a ton of photos to prove it. I was the official photographer today. Usually I am just the assistant photographer, though I still take a ton of pictures all the time. I know, you’re all shocked. I will NOT share all the photos I took, since I took about 350. But I will show you some of the highlights.

My favorite car, the old classic Jaguar won first place.

I thought the 2nd place winner and the 3rd place winners were amazing too. The best part is that they work together and are both firefighters. It was a family affair.


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The Adams Family

Searching History

But first, a word …

History seeks order from chaos. It is one discipline of several in the social sciences. The study of history must confine itself to evaluating written records. Whatever history exists before written records must be studied and evaluated by someone other than a historian — an archeologist, perhaps, or an anthropologist.

Written records tell us about individuals and societies — their actions, decisions, interactions, achievements, and failures. History allows us to study certain patterns over time; hopefully, by learning about the past, we can have greater hope for the future.

The value of history (beyond helping us avoid past mistakes) is that it nurtures our personal and collective identity. It helps us to answer the question, “Who are we?” Most of our stories are complex because human beings are complex. History reveals to us the struggles of our ancestors and their achievements. It allows us to…

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Georgia Guidestones Blown Up

Awesome. This structure was built in like 1978 or something, it was a complex instrument, which was used as a compass, calenders, sundial, clock, etc – and contained the “New Age Ten Commandments” which are very close in philosophy to Agenda 2030. The structure was commissioned by “R. C. Christian” – a cryptic way of saying “Rosicrucian.”

It is plainly obvious that the man and organization that designed and had these built – more importantly – authored the “New Ten Commandments” were the Rosicrucian. RC Christian. Ro Si Christian. The Rosicrucian movement emerged in the 1700s and was very Kabbalah/Masonic/Hermetic/etc type of group that focused on esoteric and occult wisdom with emphasis on mysticism and spiritual enlightenment. Globalists. World governance. New World Order. Synthetic soy bug hamburgers. Bill Gates and Kabbalah Harris. Enlightenment.


What graced the stones was this message:

“Let these be guidestones to an age of reason”

Age of Reason is very Rosicrucian/Lucis Trust/Masonic/Round Table/Club of Rome/League of Nations/Davos/Jewish/MK-Ultra type shit – all of this shit is interconnected and has been for two thousand years.

These were the Tranny Ten Commandments:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. (DEPOPULATION)

2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. (CRYPTO-KALERGI)

3. Unite humanity with a living new language. (PRONOUNS)

4. Rule Passion — Faith — Tradition — and all things with tempered reason. (Rule, as in, destroy these things)

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. (Epstein’s clients)

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.(like the World Court called for in Jerusalem by David Ben Gorion, the Vince McMahon of Zionist Israel)

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.(DEFUND THE POLICE NIGGA)


9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. (Correct, it will be the prize of the One World Order that they alone know the truth)

10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. (CLIMATE CHANGE EMERGENCY HOAX)

Well, the structure has been BLOWN THE FUCK UP. I will say that this is an awesome symbolic gesture as in a big


It is good. Along with the tractor truck activism underway worldwide. We all want to break free from this Kosher nightmare. Without being gobbled up by the hate speech surveillance robots.

The Degradation of the American People

Any student of recent history knows that there has been a noticeable decline in the…quality…of the American people over the past several decades. There are a number of theories as to why this is that exist on /ourside/ of the internet, most of which are probably at least partly true. But whether the cause(s) are […]

The Degradation of the American People

America’s New Authoritarian Left • American Mind


Suppression of speech and political activity from the usual sources

A troubling development in contemporary American politics is the emergence and normalization of authoritarian tendencies. I refer not to Donald Trump and his supporters—the usual object of this accusation—but to the American Left. Prominent voices on the Left are now illiberal by the standards that were developed and defended by liberals, sometimes the same ones, of an earlier generation.

Last month, left-wing news and opinion outlets published headlines blaring that Senator Ted Cruz had defended the use of the Nazi salute. This claim was then predictably amplified throughout the Twitterverse. The headlines, however, and the simple-minded and indignant Tweets that followed, were misinformation designed to discredit Cruz, long an object of the Left’s hatred.

Cruz’s remarks took place in a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee at which Attorney General Merrick Garland was testifying. Cruz, in the first place, was not even talking about the use of the Nazi salute to signal allegiance to Nazism. He was instead talking about its use by people who wished to protest—by mocking and insulting—the actions of public officials.

More to the point, however, Cruz was not “defending” the use of the Nazi salute at all. He merely pointed out that its use is, under the prevailing interpretation of the First Amendment, a form of constitutionally protected expression, and that it therefore cannot properly be treated as a reason for a federal investigation. This is not a controversial opinion and would not seem to merit denunciation. Indeed, in his own testimony, Garland immediately agreed with Cruz that the salute is protected by the First Amendment.

There is a serious problem here, beyond the by now very tiresome and predictable dishonesty of much of the American news media. If defenses of First Amendment protections of offensive expression are going to be popularly equated with defenses of the offensive expression itself, then it will, sooner or later, become disreputable to defend constitutional norms of free expression. And as a further result those norms will decay and finally vanish. Constitutional norms cannot live without actual human beings who are willing to uphold them, and such willingness will evaporate if upholding them makes you the object of mass media denunciation.

American liberals used to understand this quite well. The classical, if not cliched, attitude of a liberal has always been to proclaim, “I disagree with what you are saying, but I would defend to the death your right to say it!” Some liberals today might still say that, but few contemporary leftists would.

A second and even clearer example of authoritarian tendencies on the Left also showed up recently. This time the provocation was a television documentary—specifically, Tucker Carlson’s show on the events of last January 6. Having seen only the trailer, some public voices claimed that Carlson’s documentary should not see the light of day.

Lindsey Simmons—a Missouri Democrat, aspiring Congresswoman, and (in her Twitter bio) self-proclaimed “cultivator of Democracy”—responded to Carlson’s promotion of his documentary as follows: “The freedom of speech is not absolute. It can be restricted where it incites imminent lawless action. Tucker Carlson and Fox News are creating propaganda to incite a Civil War. At some point we must use the legal tools available to us before it is too late.”

Simmons is a product of Harvard Law School, and so she knows how to invoke the language of the Supreme Court’s First Amendment doctrines, like “incit[ing] imminent lawless action.” But she either does not understand or is deliberately distorting the First Amendment standards to which she refers. To do what she is suggesting—to prevent or punish the airing of Tucker Carlson’s documentary—would not be using the legal tools available to us. It would be replacing those tools with new tools that are not consistent with the First Amendment standards that have existed for more than fifty years.

The “imminent lawless action” standard was articulated by the Supreme Court in 1969 in Brandenburg v. Ohio. There the Court (unanimously!) voided the conviction of a leader of the Ku Klux Klan who had, in the course of a speech at a Klan rally, made some threatening remarks and who had then been prosecuted under Ohio’s criminal syndicalism statute. That statute made it a crime to advocate the use of “crime, sabotage, violence or unlawful methods of terrorism as a means of accomplishing industrial or political reform.”

It was not clear that Brandenburg had advocated violence in the words he used. He had remarked rather vaguely and inarticulately that “some revengance” might have to be taken on America’s political institutions. In any case, the Court held that even if Brandenburg had clearly advocated violence, he could not be convicted, because he was not advocating immediate action that was likely to take place. According to the Court, modern First Amendment doctrine establishes “the principle that the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

Carlson’s documentary offers an alternative account of the events of January 6 than the one has prevailed thus far—and his account is not flattering to the government of the United States. For the sake of argument, give Carlson’s critics every benefit of the doubt and suppose his documentary is wholly a pack of lies. It still could not be touched under the “imminent lawless action” test. For him to be subject to legal punishment, he would have to have advocated illegal actions that are likely about to happen. Did anybody seriously expect that? Did Lindsey Simmons think a civil war might break out because of a TV show?

Does Lindsey Simmons not see that her principles, if adopted, would permit conservative state governments to suppress the speech of left-wing critics of American society? It is common for such critics to say that our “system” must be “torn down,” or to claim that America is guilty of “genocide” or equally egregious crimes. Wouldn’t these be incitements to revolution or civil war? These are the kinds of consequences that ought to be pondered by those who wish to use the power of government to silence those with whom they disagree.

The dangers here are not immediate but are nevertheless real. Ted Cruz is a big boy. He’s a famous person and a United States senator. He won’t be materially harmed by his enemies’ smears. Similarly, there is no danger that Tucker Carlson will be prosecuted for airing a documentary. Most American judges have more respect for existing First Amendment standards than celebrity lawyer/politicians sounding off on Twitter. But our task should be to preserve freedom of speech and debate for the next generation and the generation after that, and that task requires that the left’s authoritarian tendencies be confronted and repudiated now.

The Juxtaposition of the Cold War v. “Evil Communists”, the Diversity Industrial Engine and the Movement to Free Nelson Mandela

By: Eric

There are three key matters here. Cold War, a poem we learned in the first grade and Nelson Mandela. The backdrop is my own experience growing up in the eighties (I was born in 1979). These perspectives are my own, as a child in the eighties.

I was in the first grade in 1985. I am going to give perspective of these matters from how the energy felt in the eighties – then contrast it with what I have come to know today.

There are links between the the Cold War, how communists were especially described to us in the 1980s, the emergence of the Sun Poem, the current state of affairs involving the Sun Poem, the world rejecting to understand the history of the Boers in South Africa and the calls for liberation of political prisoner Nelson Mandela by the Neo-Liberal West.

Conclusion: the “Russians” were the bad guys in the Cold War. A big part of why the Russians were bad is because they were Communists. During the 1980s the diversity indoctrination began in the first grade with a poem about diversity. At the height of the 1980s, there was this call to “Free Nelson Mandela!!” throughout the Neo-Liberal West, however being very specific, growing up in the metropolitan Boston area. The fuckery of this is that it turns out Nelson Mandela was a straight up Communist.

The deception? How can communists be our ideological enemy capable of our extinction via nuclear annihilation and, simultaneously, we are rallying around freeing a communist? The only answer….

This is a true circle jerk. Is there a good explanation for the the contradiction between the simultaneous support of a communist whilst conducting a theater of the preparing for ominous nuclear obliteration as a result of tensions with communists – because they are communists? Is the component of being indoctrinated to embrace diversity interlaced with all of this?

The answer is quite frankly the White communists are the bad guys but the Black communists are okay for they are fighting against evil White [media implied] oppression.

Now, allow the web of remembrance tell the tale.


Elementary School Environment in 1980s:

It is important to reiterate that in elementary school in the public school system growing up in the metropolitan Boston area in the 1980s:

  • Communists are the biggest enemy America has.
  • Everyone is equal to each other and it is not acceptable to have in-group preference to groups based on race.
  • America is rallying behind a black communist for he is being prisoned because he is black and this is racist.
  • What the aforementioned three things mean? Racists are worse than communists. And only White people are capable of being racist.

Let’s look back at history for one moment:

Capitalism Fueled Marxism, Literally and Figuratively:

The fact that the Soviet Union was built under the implementation of Marxism and Communism, the ideological labels themselves, it was the ideological labels that were instrumental in the depiction of the Soviet Union as inherently evil, when it came to the way the media marketed the Cold War to the American people.

It is without question that the exercise of implementation of the Marxist and Communist system that began with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 were indeed filled with fuckery. It is important to note that Jewish Wall Street bankers, funded the Bolshevik Revolution.

It is also true that Karl Marx, who is Jewish, the primary author of the Communist Manifesto, benefited from the benefits of passive income generated through interest, dividends, rents, royalties and realized gains on the sale of stocks and bonds earned via his uncle brokering trades on his behalf on the floor of the London Stock Exchange. This has been well documented by serious scholars…to begin…you have access to this book right here:

THE RED PILL: All along, pure financial capitalism fueled Marxism and Communism from the very beginning. This is an absolute fact.

Retcon: Retroactive Continuity

Earlier this morning I read a blog post and in the title was the term “Retcon”. What does this word mean? Per the Merriam Webster dictionary, Retcon means:

Retcon is a shortened form of retroactive continuity, and refers to a literary device in which the form or content of a previously established narrative is changed.

Retcons are often encountered in serial formats such as comic books or television series, where they serve as a means of allowing the work’s creators to create a parallel universe, reintroduce a character, or explore plot lines that would otherwise be in conflict with the work. Essentially, a retcon allows an author to have his or her cake and eat it too, as it enables the return of dead characters, the revision of unpopular elements of a work, and a general disregard for reality.

The Eighties • Cold War and Reagan Democrats:

During the 1980s, this was the twilight years of the Cold War. America and by extension, the Neo-Liberal West, were pitted as the beacon of freedom, liberty –

Ronald Reagan was President. He was an actor. He became President, a Republican. Yet a different type of Republican. Maybe you have heard of “Reagan Democrats.”

This definition I found is simple enough: A person who traditionally votes for the Democrats, but who as an admirer of Reagan or his policies may be (or has been) influenced to vote for the Republicans (now historical). Hence in later use: a conservative Democrat.

Basing this on my anecdotal experience growing up in New England. Reagan was the personification of American Exceptionalism. A movie star, Hollywood, a man whose face is like a caricature of himself.

An actual caricature (from Point Break)

The Cold War had it’s deep history over decades. And obviously there were events along the time line that, at a minimum, from the perspective through individuals getting their information via newspaper, radio and television, at a very limited pace (versus narrative spin overload provided by our digital age circa 2021): the “Russians getting the bomb”, the Cuban missile episode, spies, double/triple agents, JFK and RFK assassinations, the “sixties” happened. Boomers. The boomers did their memetics in the sixties. They “experimented”. Others took their roles as radicals quite seriously.

And so began their Long March Through the Institutions.

Open the borders and let freedom ring.

By the 1980s it still seemed that a nuclear war was just a press of the button away. That’s how it was conveyed to us in elementary school. At least the rumor of all out explosive combat worldwide via air, sea, land and space seemed like it was going to happen.

The other side of the Cold War. The words Russians/Soviets/Communists/enemy/evil were used interchangeably. The USSR were the bad guys. That’s how it was depicted (please remember that this was my perspective as a boy yet aged of ten in essence).

Information Intake Circa 1985:

Keep in mind, please, 1985. Circa 1985, there was very limited mediums of information being circulated versus the current age of the internet. In the morning came the Boston Globe and/or Boston Herald newspapers. Fancy people got the Wall Street Journal too. There were even afternoon papers that came out, one was the Patriot Ledger distributed south of Boston. We had cable television but it was basically like 25 channels. Half of them movie channels. Local news on the ABC/NBC/CBS affiliates followed by 30 minutes of national news, brought by Dan Rather, Peter Jennings. This was the extent of information. (When we had projects for history or social studies classes there were these places called libraries, where we would go to do this thing called Google research. And would access physical books, often an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia was similar to Wikipedia. Only, the encyclopedia was not editable and did not lean left, nor right – for the most part the encyclopedia was apolitical. However, American Exceptionalism was thematic throughout the materials.

Russia/USSR/CCCP/Red hockey uniforms in the hockey bubble game – they were demonized completely.

Kids would lob insults at each other and say “you Russian fuck face!!” And stuff like that. Being called a Russian was the insulting part. Fuck face was digestible.

Ivan Drago and the Advent of American Egalitarianism:

A great piece of Hollywood (and I mean this for Rocky IV was a good film. It was a rare piece of Hollywood material that was not laced with sexual degeneracy and malfeasance.)

Rocky IV came out in 1985. This was right as I entered elementary school. USA vs. Russia Soviet Union. The winner of this boxing match would determine the fate of the most significant geopolitical struggle of the century.

Ivan Drago was the Russian antagonist. COMMUNIST. Although he said barely anything in the film (I wonder if the actor qualified for Screen Actors Guild health insurance even?)…he was big, muscular, with the spiked up hair. Ivan Drago. The COMMIE-SCUM. He is like a robot (pre-AI/deep machine learning capable) – he only knows of throwing punches. At the beginning of the film he is lifted into the ring where this ridiculous Branson, Missouri type of show is happening, with James Brown singing Living in America and the whole thing with Rockette-like dancers and all the optics of America celebrating America!! And Drago is looking around, as if, since he is from the dark ages, has never witnessed music, dancers, strobe lights… basically electricity is brand new to Drago. He’s made to look bewildered, at the Branson-Vegas-Cocaine-James Brown-Red/White/Blue spectacle takes place.

Communists have never been allowed to have fun. They have never seen a celebration before. There is no music, dancing, partying or electricity allowed in the Siberian frozen waste land of the COMMIE-SCUM evil, Satanic Soviets.

We will fucking nuke the Russian bastards if this film ends badly. And yes, because Drago is an evil, red, Soviet, godless, wicked fucking bad COMMUNIST, he fights Apollo Creed and Drago MURDERED Apollo Creed. What really happened is that Drago was prepared for the fight, although it was just “an exhibition,” there is still the element of honoring the competitive element in a boxing match. Drago beat the shit out of Apollo. Apollo passed away. Rocky sees what comes next. He’s going to have to fight Drago. FIGHT THE COMMUNIST.

The movie peaks with Rocky going the full twelve rounds with Drago. And in perfect, 1980s-styled unrealistic ending-necessary type of movie, the COMMUNIST BASTARD RUSSIANS begin cheering for Rocky as the boxing match presses forward. Yeah, the BAD, ENEMY, SOVIET, COMMUNIST RUSKIES are cheering for Rocky.

The metaphor these Jewish film critics would frame up when reviewing the movie is that Rocky is metaphorical for American freedom, democracy! Rocky is the way out of the evil/satanic/murderous/Sputnik/KGB/nuclear-steroid using COMMUNISTS.

Emphasis on:


Ok so Rocky wins the fight. The entirety of the world was rooting for Rocky, in essence, rooting for America. America has to come out victorious in this Cold War for the threat of COMMUNISM LOOMS.

Egalitarian Neo-Liberal Cultural Marxism is Born:

At the end of the film, comes well, I would say, the unrealistic Pozzz. Rocky speaks words into the microphone for the arena to hear and for the broadcast-watching world to hear. He says things like “youz didn’t like me too much and I guess I didn’t like youzz neither”…”but if I can change, AND YOU CAN CHANGE, WE ALL CAN CHANGE!!!!” – ahh yeah everyone goes bananas and this is the end of the struggle against COMMUNISM!!!

That speech at the end is the MOST SPOT-ON piece of American Exceptionalism morphing into EGALITARIANISM.

This is the purpose of me writing this thing. The Rocky movie is the best I could do to illustrate what the 1980s felt like. The end of film, with the COMMIES rooting for the toddler-Globohomo is completely insincere. The end of the movie in this regard is insincere. This is (((HOLLYWOOD))) fucking with the natural order of things because it feels good, it’s the feeling.

This is important. Throughout the entirety of my public school, pre-collegiate career, NEVER were the reasons for the Cold War EVER dug into except for the fact it was us versus THE COMMUNISTS!!!! COMMUNISM IS THE THREAT. That’s it, there was no further examination of the causes, the deep, tangled web of the drumming up of the Cold War.


The following is the examination of the Sun Poem, part two of three:

Sun Poem / Equality / Racism™:

Though I do remember very vividly our first lesson in egalitarian, Neo-Liberal, cultural-Marxist (ironic as fuck huh?!?!?), equality infused propaganda.

It was this poem. By this Asian woman. It was called the Sun Poem. We recited it so many times I to this day remember it word for word ….

“Are you greater than the sun;

that shines on everyone:

Black,Brown, Yellow, Red, and White,

the sun does not discriminate.”

There is an agenda behind this poem.

We said this in every single class. Dozens of times a day. We made arts and crafts projects centered around this Sun Poem. We even wrote out the poem in little scrolls and let thousands of helium balloons carry the message up into the sky and into the vast expanse of the never to carry the message, literally and figuratively, across the land.

This was our first lesson in equality programming. The rumour was that a former student of the elementary school wrote this poem and she was in middle school now. All year long all we ever did was recite this poem, have little parades with harmonious arts and crafts projects centered around the words of the Sun Poem.

Bigger Picture Emerges:

The Sun Poem was the centerpiece of a public service campaign to promote racial and ethnic harmony throughout the city of Boston.

The poem is written by Sara Ting. The public service campaign was (and still!) is a much more elaborate, ongoing, grift that is commonplace in the End Racism™ sector of the economy that has taken the place of manufacturing and engineering labor in the United Soviet Stassi States of America.

Check this timeline out:

The Sun Poem, lacking the inertia of what would today be called “viral” – is plastered throughout Boston, on subways, buses, commuter rail trains, billboards lining major highways – emanated all the way out to all the suburban towns outside of Boston. By magic. On its own it was just so necessary that this morphed into the Sun Poem Workshop, seen below:

Propaganda, at it’s purest form. Look at how they defined their efforts:

“The workshop it’s designed to use poetry, creative writing and oral expression as a way of sensitizing students to appreciate differences in people.”

This is literally a compassion thermometer!!! This is the archetypal of Cultural Marxist indoctrination. Business is looking good…

Grants are obtained! Well of course grants and contributions were obtained because the entire End Racism ™ ultra-mega industry depends on racism to persist and mutate and for the notion of “hate” to grow and spread. For if the racisms and hates ever were defeated, well that would leave an awful lot of philanthro-capitalists without a place to sink tax deductible charitable contributions into. Furthermore the tax-exempt, not-for-profit entities that receive these grants and contributions would not be able to dictate their annually-growing budget to carry out their “mission statements.”

Clarification of For-profit vs. Nonprofit Business:

I worked in public accounting in audit and attestation due diligence exclusively on not-for-profit entities for three years. It is commonplace that each year, a budget is generated for the subsequent operating cycle and the specific expense line item that experiences the greatest consideration is the salaries of the executives and management components of payroll.

It is a very common misconception that a nonprofit does not earn money, or make money. They do. It’s a matter of how enhanced value of the business entity is allocated.

The primary difference between a for-profit and a nonprofit is the ownership aspect.

A for-profit conducts business operations to maximize shareholder wealth. The shareholders appoint the Board of Directors (via voting allocated along the lines of shares held) to oversee the financial well-being of the business from a bird’s eye view. The Board of Directors hire the management. Management is responsible for the carrying out of business operations with the primary objective of maximizing shareholder wealth. When things do not meet the expectations of shareholders, they will initiate the surgery; remove existing Board members. Newly appointed Board members hire new management. And the cycle continues.

A nonprofit conducts business operations in order to carry out the mission statement of the business entity. The Board of Directors is typically appointed by the largest people, companies, foundations and the like that contribute the largest sums of money to the not-for-profit. The Board is responsible for monitoring business operations from a bird’s eye view and appointing management to carry out the day to day facets of activity that meet the objective of the entity’s mission statement. The residual increase in net assets through an efficiently run operating cycle belong to the mission statement – that is, any value-add belongs to the not-for-profit itself at the end of the operating cycle.

If you would like to read more about how the global financial system abuses nonprofits there is a blog post I wrote here (please do not allow yourself to be distracted by the effort I am making here though):

World Unity, Inc. : Nonprofit with What Mission?:

The Sun Poem swelled into the formation of World Unity, Inc. The mission statement of the not-for-profit is to eliminate all forms of prejudice, biases and discrimination. This is the Forever Racism ™, forever setting into momentum a stream of grants and contributions from those seeking a tax deductible benefit. The funds in turn are income for the tax-exempt, not-for-profit business. There are three compartments that expenses incurred flow into:

  • Program: these are direct expenses for carrying out the Mission Statement. An example would be the cost for leasing billboard space to post a message of “love and unity.”
  • General & Administrative: these are the normally occuring operating expenses the business endures; salaries, payroll taxes, rents, insurance, utilities are typical G&A expenses.
  • Fundraising: these are direct expenses spent in a manner to raise more grants, contributions and donations. An example would be the launch of a website that is designed and launched with the explicit intent of raising new contributions.

Well, that World Unity, Inc. monument is quite the high pile of actual dog shit! It’s quite the waste of aluminum. What does this tower of tinfoil have to do with a poem? What does anything these bad actors have to do with anything practical, other than ensure a juicy, fat, steady stream of grants and contributions?

Winning design, 16 years of dedication to finalize the site, “did no work out.” Apparently, Grammar, too, is doomed, as is any semblance of quality control over the content on this oven-tier website.

I have downloaded and reviewed the annual income tax returns, Form 990, for a random three of these sixteen years. The implementation of the design was never intended to work out. For if it worked out, there would be no need to solicit funds to work it out!!! The grift of the century!

2014, what a year for fighting against Hate™. Take the poem and turn it into a song!

There is nothing suspicious about the timing of this contest – which solicited heavy donations in advance – whilst the Ferguson, Missouri riots were raging on and BLM was coming into it’s own as a nifty social militant tax-exempt entity of its own. Now they have a tinfoil tower and a song. It’s been 30 years since the Sun Poem was penned, it seems that the battle against the Racism™ isn’t going very well. Which is great for our going concern as a business generating new grants and contributions to fight the war!

2016: August 2016, in the midst of the most competitive, narrative-control imperative Presidential election campaigns in the history of the country. The Democrats platform was in essence:

  • Elect woman, break glass ceiling, Equality ™
  • Opposing candidate is KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, confirmed neo-Nazi – must utilize all isms.
  • Sun Poem —->fighting hate—–>fighting Trump
    • (nothing suspicious about the timing of the ads here, also, it should be noted, a tax-exempt entity may jeopardize it’s tax-exempt status if it engages in direct election actions).

2017: a poster contest. These tend to be the same lot of people that are behind the climate emergency hoax – 420 art schools having their students create the SAME ARTS AND CRAFTS PROJECTS I PARTICIPATED IN WHEN I WAS SIX YEARS OLD, CIRCA 1986! There are no words here.

The title of the winning piece – get this – “Equal” 😂🤣😂🤣

It is actually named EQUAL!!!!!!!!

I feel shock and awe.

Awe shocked, if you will.

March 2018: the Boston City Council adopts this Official Resolution in which the Sun Poem is a powerful tool to overcome our biases and – wait – how the fuck is this a powerful tool? The Sun Poem is nearly 33 years old and as of 2018 race relations across the country were in worse shape than ever!

Also, Boston’s City Council is occupied by a bunch of open Marxists ….

This resolution is a testament to the vassal-corporate-whore policy makers doing what they do best: NOTHING.

Minimum wage increases, health care for all, infrastructure enhancements, the opiate epidemic – real issues requiring real authoritative intervention – where are Official Resolutions to address matters requiring a fix?

Behold, the mid-life crisis Sun Poem, now on a document with a seal. This is all our policy makers do. Nothing.

June 2020: notice the timing. There is some Ting wrong with the timing of these events. This coincides with the great racial reckoning of May 2020. The incident in Minneapolis between the police and a criminal, mid-crime. Fire up the coffers with some fresh Floydian donations – we are attending five meetings – to somehow get the developers of this real estate project to intertwine the Sun Poem into development.

This is beyond horseshit at this point. This constitutes fraud. Coercing donors and would-be donors into pouring more money into some sort of abstract adaptation of Sun Poem representation at these meetings. FRAUD.

2021: this is beginning to appear to be satire. The Five MINUTE Leadership Dialogue Series. Seven minute Abs (from those infomercials late 1990s). Five Minute Leadership.

Thought provoking questions…oooh…I have a question….


Things get even better with this FRAUD.

SSL Certificate Issues & Donate:

Take a look at these two circled areas:

You see that little ⚠️ circled? That means this website in not secure. It’s SSL certificate has been compromised, or it was never there in the first place.

The second area I circled is the “DONATE” button. The absolute last thing one would ever ever do on the entirety of the entire whole internet is to enter payment information into this website. See even the browser states:

Basically, if one – out of curiosity – wants to know what kind of wild ride identity theft can be like – make a donation to the Sun Poem lady and fuck all your shit up real nice.

[Sara] Ting & AssociatesFRAUD:

One would think the beating this Sun Poem FRAUD should end at this point. It gets even worse. I scroll to the bottom of the webpage and there are links!

I’ve got to check out this Ting and Associates.

The comedy writes itself at this point:

WOW! First of all, two different names of the entity [Sara] Ting & Associates – but they are Diversity Training Consultants. There are no other three words within the English language that can be arranged alongside each other that encapsulates exactly the bullshit we have at hand…


Diversity is our greatest strength. For every single second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade, of every century…is is browbeaten into our faces that (somehow) diversity is our greatest strength.

Diversity is fucking chaos. If diversity came with some sort of instinctually desired strength, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO REMIND US OF HOW STRONG THIS STRENGTH IS!!!

And Diversity Training? Hahahahaha – that, THAT is an oxymoron. A paradox. Like a title “Full Tank of Empty Gas.” Train to be diverse. The concept that training is even suggested – suggests that diversity is a fucking shitstorm. It’s impossible. It doesn’t work. It’s total horseshit. It’s subversive. It’s malicious. It’s a scam. It’s the root of all rot in Western Civilization. And it is this hijacking of the West that has arose from Sun Poem type of operations.

Diversity brings us dishonest harmony in place of honest conflict. That is reality.


The Praise for Nelson Mandela and the Demonization of the Boers of South Africa

There is this so-called Apartheid of South Africa. The real history of South Africa begins with Portuguese ships touching upon the area today known as the nation-state of South Africa and the surrounding areas of the southern portion of Africa began in the 1400s.

It was in the 1650s that groups of Dutch families settled in the area at this time. There were other European settlers as well, Germans and French, though it was mainly Dutch farmers who began to arrive in South Africa began at the Cape of Good Hope. The Dutch farmers settled there from an early stage and were known as Afrikaaners or Boers.

In the Cape of Good Hope, this is where a trading post was opened to the world mechanism of trade via sea in the 1650s. Many ships that traversed between Europe and modern day India, China and other places would utilize this trading port as as this was an optimal, intermittent position in routes of trade used in the 1650s and beyond. Spearheaded by this economic activity, over the course of the following 150 years is how South Africa and territory settled by the Boers became a target for acquisition by the British Empire. (Note: the British Empire was under the control of Jewish money).

The Boers resisted attempts by the British Empire to take control of their home. The British failed to annex South Africa. (I am not going to spend more time on this history for it is not the crux of what I am aiming for, however, I highly recommend all of you to acquaint yourselves with the real history of the Boers.)

In 1984, which runs concurrent with the Cold War-infused nuclear fear of COMMUNISTS, a song came out. This song:

The Specials – Free Nelson Mandela. This song got HUGE in America as it did elsewhere in the world.

In the eighties and early nineties, the breakdown given to us in public school was that Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner. His political ideology was equality for the black population. Result, evil White men were imprisoning the black man. End of discussion.

I pondered this recently as over the last five years, I have become informed on the real history of South Africa. And the history of the Boers. So who is Nelson Mandela? This picture raised my eyebrow:

Umkhonto weSizwe (“Spear of the Nation”) or ‘MK’ as it was more commonly known, was launched on the 16th December 1961. On the same day in 1838, the Afrikaners had defeated the Zulus at the Battle of the Blood River and it was perhaps significant that the armed struggle was launched on this particular day, more than one hundred years later. The formation of MK followed a series of events that made it necessary for the national liberation movements in South Africa to move towards a more significant challenge to the white minority government. The African National Congress (ANC), together with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the members of the Congress Alliance, the South African Indian Congress, the Coloured People’s Congress and the Congress of the Democrats, had been engaged in peaceful acts of resistance which aimed at forcing the government to eventually recognise the rights of Black people in South Africa. However, the 1950s and the early 1960s, showed the intension by the South African government to further isolate the country’s black people through various laws and severe repressive measures. In addition, in the face of repressive measures by the state, came the need to change tactics in the manner in which the ANC, SACP and the Congress Alliance had been approaching the struggle for freedom and equality.

At the time of MK’s formation, Nelson Mandela was a prominent ANC leader, and highly aware of the general unrest and wave of radicalism sweeping the country after the Sharpeville incident which had occurred in March of that year. While Mandela’s status as member of the SACP has been long-disputed and ambiguously answered by Mandela himself, testimonies by senior-level SACP members confirm that Mandela did in effect join the SACP, thereby cementing the alliance between the SACP and a number of militant ANC groups anxious to break free from the ANC’s previous policy of non-violence. Mandela was recruited straight to the SACP Central Committee, although his name never featured on the membership list. This is potentially due to the fact that, in order to avoid detection, membership to the Central Committee was known to a few. 

Mandela had denied affiliation with the South African Communist Party but his African National Congress worked in solidarity with them against apartheid before his 1962 arrest. A statement read after his death by the South African Communist Party declared he was a member of the party as of 1962.

The bottom line is that Nelson Mandela was a communist. I have read countless essays and articles and the consensus if that he was the leader of the ANC – the ANC had merged with the SACP.

So communists are no longer the bad guys. However, the WHITE MAN is now the bad guy. Rocky Balboa is the real racist.

And the Soviet Union fell. America’s egalitarianism has morphed into “white people are inherently racist” and cannot be saved for their sin of whiteness in the Church of the Woke. Nelson Mandela is dead. South Africa is a nation on the brink. So isn’t America. However, the racism industry is bigger than ever. All manufacturing of goods has been exported overseas decades ago. In the place of those jobs, we have diversity training, Black Lives Matter as a mega-mega-super-ultra cesspool of a nonprofit allowing for fuckery – endless fuckery.

And the Sun Poem…remains….

Nationalized Project to Rehabilitate the Power Grid in America is Vital for Infrastructure and Real Labor Economy

There are phases to the ultimate implementation of a project of this scale that would call for the employment of millions, possibly more.


Design: the design of a massive overhaul of our existing system is a major undertaking. There is much to consider. Within the design phase, the integration of improved components and other materials will be of high priority. The design phase will call for countless jobs. Men and women will both be involved, as both men and women are academically and professionally qualified for this undertaking.

Testing: before a nation-wide overhaul, there will be the need for testing the mechanisms that will be involved in this overhaul. This phase calls for jobs to be created.

Implementation: once the testing is successful, here comes the unprecedented largest infrastructure overhaul project, for the entire nation, the largest project our country has seen in decades. There will be the need for millions of jobs to be created here, as the technical aspects of such a project are wide in scope.

Maintenance: once the new, nationalized power system is officially up and running, the maintenance of the system will be a permanent fixture. This means that there will be qualified technicians (electricians, for instance) that will monitor the grid 24/7/365. Countless jobs…in urban, suburban and urban areas throughout America.

Enhancement: as improved technologies emerge, those that would directly enhance the operational aspects of the grid, these will need to be integrated into the existing infrastructure. Again, this doesn’t happen by snapping one’s fingers. Jobs will be created, as there will be the need for men and women to physically integrate (install) these new components.

This is the type of project that America needs to revitalize our needed infrastructure, as well as the REAL economy. Not the Wall Street financialization of fictitious asset bubbles.

The REAL ECONOMY. The employment of countless Americans will improve their financial well-being. And therefore – those Americans will have improved spending power and can seek local, family owned businesses to purchase the goods that they need for everyday living.

The Interplay of Ideology, Biology, Guilt and Shame • Age of Treason (January 19, 2014)


In whatever happened to european tribes? hbd* chick posits that Christianity discouraged inbreeding, which in turn triggered the dissolution of European tribalism and consequent shift in emphasis to the nuclear family.

We can see in this the give and take between ideology and biology – the roots of identity are genetic, but memes, over generations, do shape the underlying gene pool. To the extent outbreeding produces a relative shift in identity rather than simply destroying it, this also provides a partial, biological explanation for why Whites tend toward both broader (nationalist, racialist) and narrower (individualist) forms of identity. An even more proximate and substantial cause lies in decades of anti-White propaganda, and it encourages more extreme shifts, whether outward into humanism or inward into solipsism.

hbd* chick has been writing thought-provoking articles about the nature and origins of Europeans for some time. This article on European tribalism is from 2011, part of her inbreeding in europe series. More recently she has written about what she calls the outbreeding project, a subset of her general theory of the west – all based on the realization that clannishness goes hand in hand with consanguinity.

Two of her more recent posts, more on the origins of guilt in northwestern european populations and the transition from shame to guilt in anglo-saxon england (and “core” europe), are a critique of Peter Frost’s The origins of Northwest European guilt culture and Part II.

Frost begins Part I by noting the crucial difference between shame and guilt:

Shame is the primary means of behavioral control in most societies. If you are seen breaking a social rule, you will feel shame, and this feeling will be reinforced by what people say and do (gossiping, malicious looks, spitting, ostracism, etc.). Shame is much less effective if you break a rule without being seen or if you merely think about breaking a rule.

Guilt is more important in European societies, particularly those of Northwest European origin. It operates even when you act alone or merely think about breaking a rule. Behavior can thus be regulated in all possible situations with a minimum of surveillance.

Put more plainly, shame is the means by which more particularist/collectivist non-Whites maintain group cohesion, whereas guilt is the means by which more universalist/individualist Whites are encouraged to selflessly maintain a civil society in which everyone but Whites can thrive. Shame is something groups inflict upon themselves, for their own benefit, whereas guilt-tripping is a weapon of group warfare, used by non-Whites to discourage White group cohesion in any form between family and race.

Ironically, Frost cites Ruth Benedict on how shame compares to guilt:

Ruth Benedict first made the distinction between “shame cultures” and “guilt cultures”. Pervasive feelings of guilt are part of a behavioral package that enabled Northwest Europeans to adapt to complex social environments where kinship is less important and where rules of correct behavior must be obeyed with a minimum of surveillance.

Benedict helped establish cultural anthropology, which has since largely displaced physical anthropology, substituting jewish pilpul and narrative for the objective science developed by Northwest Europeans. If nothing else Benedict’s cultural theorizing helps explain her own mindset, moved by her “guilt culture” to work with members of a “shame culture” – jews like her mentor Franz Boas, her colleague Gene Weltfish and a swarm of other social science activists who were more or less openly obsessed with advancing the interests of their own tribe.

In order to prevail these cultural anthropologists literally made up stories and falsified data. They shamelessly leveraged tribalist networking, using their power and authority to advance pseudo-science while denouncing, shunning, defunding and otherwise tearing down their opponents. What’s more, they never expressed the slightest twinge of shame or guilt about it. They were far too busy feeling morally righteous about themselves and their cause.

The “behavioral package” of jews is adapted to parasitism. They do not empathize with their hosts. They will use shame, guilt, or any other mechanism they can in order to marginalize their enemies and hijack or hoodwink others into serving their interests. In contrast to Whites, who actually do feel guilt and shame each other mercilessly over “racism”, jews feel guilt and shame each other for not being obsessed enough about what’s best for the jews.

Frost argues that Northwestern European “guilt culture” predates Christianity. hbd* chick argues the origins are more recent, a consequence of the avoidance of cousin marriage. I’m intrigued by the subject and recognize some truth in both arguments. What leaves me vaguely annoyed is the calm Northwestern European detachment with which they discuss the subject. The “guilt culture” is only one facet of White pathology, the more general attribute of which is the absurd pretense that everybody is, or with enough effort on our part can become, “us”. The affliction isn’t unique to either Northwestern Europeans or Christians. It also, frankly, doesn’t seem to be either shame or guilt which keeps Whites who are so intelligent and knowledgeable about history and science and conscious of Northwestern European distinctiveness from taking more notice of the jew elephant in the room.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the main mechanism lies even deeper in the psyche, below guilt and shame. In pain. In the fear of pain. In the fear of even mentioning those things we suspect might cause us pain. Here too I can see the interplay of evil thoughts and breeding. The dysgenic consequence of two centuries of fratricidal revolution and war selecting out Europe’s most fearless and noble. The sterile fruit of parasite-fomented, parasite-serving materialism and “enlightenment”.

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Part III of IV—A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates • 1690 – 1774 A.D. The Dawn of Capitalism | Armstrong Economics

by Martin A. Armstrong

©Copyright PEI

1690 – 1774 AD
The eighteenth century was a period of strong economic and political growth for Britain. Constitutional parliamentary government, which had replaced the monarchy, appeared to foster great national expansion. The currency of Britain remained very stabled during the eighteenth century. There were no debasements and gold was made officially legal tender in 1717. By 1774, payments in silver were limited to 25 pounds, which effectively created a gold standard by defacto.

Nonetheless, the British government was indeed the biggest primary borrower. The national debt grew always due to war efforts. A usury limitation on interest was finally established at 6% but was later reduced to 5% in 1714. Private debt was set according to government rates and maturities. Because of this limitation of interest, private borrowings could be funded only when government demand for borrowings declined. This often created small credit crunches particularly during periods of war. The English national debt rose from 1 million pounds in 1689 to 900 million by 1800. Interest rates tended to decline on government debt from an 8% high down to 3% by the mid-1730’s. However, as government debt escalated, rates began to rise. The steepest advances came after the government floated the famous 3% consols of 1751. From 1754 onward, rates tended to rise. By the end of the eighteenth century, consols fell by 50% in price and the government was forced to pay rates as high as 6.5%.

Eighteenth century Britain was also a period of inflation and speculation. As capital concentrated once again and prosperity blossomed, speculation took the form of many strange circumstances. Insurance companies prospered during this period and the policies that they issued were the target of speculators. Life insurance was bought when one wished to gamble on another’s life. Insurance on ships was another commonplace speculation.

More organized speculation was also present. A large and liquid market had sprung up in the trade of company shares. Government often floated debt through the means of attaching lotteries. Of course, the famous South Sea Bubble took place in 1720. This was actually promoted by a government scheme to convince holders of government debt to convert it into the shares of an official trading company known as the South Sea Company. In theory, this government-sponsored company would hold the government debt as an asset. The problem was that the share prices rose from 128 pounds to 1000 pounds per share that year. Holders of debt were enticed to swap their debt for shares as they stood by and watched share prices soar. When the bubble burst, share prices collapsed back to the 135 level. The outrage was so indignant that the Chancellor of the Exchequer was imprisoned and Parliament passed the “Bubble Act” which greatly restricted the formation of any new companies.

A similar speculation, but less known, was the Mississippi Bubble. This was of French origin also involving a government sponsored trading company intended to promote trade between New Orleans and France. The venture failed to attract reputable emigrants and New Orleans remained no more than a dismal collection of wooden shacks. The entire affair turned out to be yet another stock speculation that sent many French investors into financial ruin.

Although history would like to classify these two incidents as unusual, the truth is that investors were eager for speculation of any kind. Commodities were also the target of speculation as were many shares of private companies. Both the Mississippi and South Sea stocks received the greatest attention because they were the leading speculative issues of the time. But it is important to keep in mind that speculation was not restricted to these issues and was widespread showing up even in the Americas. In fact, speculation was also widespread in Japan, which had no financial connection with that of Western Europe or America. The shogun Yoshimune banned all expensive clothing, furniture, cakes, candies, and other extravagances in an austerity decree in hopes of controlling inflation.

The words “Stock Exchange” first appeared in 1773 over the door of New Jonathan’s Coffee House when a fee was levied on admittance. Stock trading was traditionally done on the “curb” outside. Often, traders would congregate in coffeehouses. Jonathan’s was a central meeting place and served as the cradle for the London Stock Exchange which eventually moved into its own building in 1802.

Industrialization was flourishing in Britain while in France the guilds fought hard to retain their monopolies and refused to accept any new ideas. This closed mind approach in France eventually set the stage for its economic decline and British dominance. France had lost most of its colonial empire but gained somewhat as a military power in Europe. The Italians had never recovered from the defaults of France and Spain and Germany was still a group of small states restricting trade and imposing tariffs against one another.

French defaults to some extent still occurred during the eighteenth century. The previous debt issues that paid 7% to 8.5% were simply reduced by force in 1710. By this it is meant that the government simply stated that it would no longer pay the higher rates of interest. Government debt tended to yield higher rates of interest in general by 1-2% over that of good quality private issues. Therefore, in 1720 when the Mississippi Bubble arose, a similar scheme to exchange government debt for stock was fairly well received particularly since the same scheme was in effect in Britain.

The Dutch lost most of their trade as nations expanded ports. Their alliance with Britain increasingly made them the smaller partner in the pact and eventually, the Dutch gravitated more toward a center of finance than trade.

In the United States, the colonists had brought with them the English laws regarding usury that for the most part set the legal maximum rate at 6%. But this limitation on interest rates was not uniform throughout all the colonies. Massachusetts had established the maximum rate at 8% in 1661. Virginia set the legal usury rate at 5% while Pennsylvania established its rates ranging from 6% to 10%.

The invention of paper money within the western world is largely credited to the American Colonies. Although Marco Polo during the 1300’s brought back news of how the Emperors of China circulated mulberry bark paper as money, the news had little more effect upon Western minds than to serve as a humorous joke. But one of the early paper money issues in Europe came in 1661 and was issued by Stockholm’s Banco to avoid a constant movement of payments in Swedish copper plate money which was heavy and bulky to say the least.

In the Americas, paper money began as an emergency measure in 1685 in Canada when the French military payroll failed to arrive. In order to pay the troops, the intendent, Jacques Demuelles took normal playing cards and cut them into quarter sections. He then inscribed denominations, signed the scraps of paper and declared them to be legal tender as well as redeemable when the “ship came in” – which gave rise to that memorable phase. After a while, this seemed to be a fool’s game and sooner than expected, additional playing card issues emerged as money in 1686, 1690, 1691 and 1692. Payment of course was deferred from one year to the next and the scheme was suppressed for a while in 1701. However, card money continued until eventually a collapse of the monetary system in Canada took place in 1757.

The first official governmental issue of paper money began in the Province of Massachusetts Bay before the Bank of England attempted it in 1694 followed by the Bank of Scotland in 1696. But by far, America would become the greatest experiment for paper money economics.

England had adopted the policy of extracting gold and silver coin from the American Colonies and most transactions during the 17th and 18th centuries were accomplished with paper money or drafts for goods from British merchants.

The real start of this paper money experiment came in 1690 when Massachusetts Bay paid for a military expedition to Canada during King William’s War with paper money referred to as Bills of Credit. To encourage circulation, the Bills of Credit would gain you a 5% discount when used to pay your taxes. From this point on, most other Colonies followed the lead and issued paper money in payment largely for military expenses. This form of paper money was called specifically “Bills of Credit” since the Crown did not extend the right to any Colony to issue “money.” Money was a term reserved to mean a unit of circulating medium of exchange whereas the “Bills of Credit” were borrowed for a public expenditure following in the European tradition.

Of course, inflation had long since been a problem within the Colonies even before paper money came into general circulation. An example of this inflation can be seen by studying the official valuations of the coins in circulation at the time. Specifically, in 1645 Virginia had placed an official value on the Spanish dollar from 6 shillings, then down to 5sh and later back to 6sh when just in 1642 it had been circulating at the rate of 4sh. Inflation and the constant revaluation of silver Spanish dollars resulted in complaints from British merchants that culminated in the Act of Parliament in 1707 which effectively set a limit of 6sh as a maximum value that Spanish dollar could be used for in trade.

At first, paper money was generally being issued for war expenditures that came about as the result of King George’s War (1741-1748) and the French and Indian War (1754-1763). At times, the Crown itself virtually ordered the New England Colonies to cover the expenses of these wars by issuing paper money thereby avoiding the need to use gold and silver.

But during 1733, paper money began to be issued for such things as the building of courthouses, jails, lighthouses, harbors, forts and many other forms of public expenditures. In 1769, Pennsylvania issued paper money for the relief of the poor in Philadelphia.

The early part of colonial economic history began to take a much more volatile path with the invention of quasi-banks. The “loan office” was a scheme for economic manipulation as well as corruption. Commissioners supervising the loan offices were designated by the Colonial Assembly. Paper money was then issued and lent to private individuals who in turn placed their land or silver belongings up for collateral. The first loan office was set up in 1712 by South Carolina and by 1737, all other Colonies had followed with the exception of Georgia. Many loans were repayable with the notes, however, the interest was in some cases payable only in coin (hard currency). In 1741 Parliament required the immediate redemption of all such private paper money since the economy had become quite flooded with various forms of paper currency.

This period in history was filled with frequent financial panics. Of course the earliest recorded economic panic took place in 1683 but strangely enough, it was worldwide. In Japan the Prime Minister Hotta Masstoshi was assassinated and the shogun Sunayoshi was left with no able counselors. Inspired by Buddhism, Sunayoshi issued an edict that prohibited the killing of any living creature. He extended special protection and privileges to dogs and in the process sent the Japanese economy into ruin.

In 1683 Charles II compelled the City of London to surrender its charter and injected his own various aldermen and officers by royal appointment. Municipal charters throughout England were revoked in an effort to give the Tories control over municipal governments and their officers. Some defeated Whigs conspired to assassinate the king in what became known as the “Rye House” plot. The conspirators, and some falsely accused political adversaries, were put to death but the affair aided in creating a severe economic panic at the time.

Again speculation was bursting forth in many areas around the world. The first commodity futures trading actually had its humble beginnings not in Europe or America but in Japan as merchants banned together to trade rice receipts in 1690. Numerous financial panics followed the period in 1711, 1720, 1731 and in 1745. Utilizing the exchange rate for paper currency from the Massachusetts Colony, we can achieve some sense of how inflation was taking place in America which was contributing to wild speculations and the eventual economic panics.

Looking at the exchange rate for only Massachusetts, we find that accumulative inflation during this period had reached 752%. Paper money had been issued at an uncontrollable rate that had caused inflation to move in leaps and bounds.

In 1740, England had become so concerned with the depreciation of the American Colonial paper money, that each Colony was required to prepare a completely detailed report on the status of their currency. In 1749, England had actually sent sufficient English silver and copper coins to redeem the paper currency at the rate of 7.5 to 1 shilling sterling. This action aided in bringing about a temporary end to runaway inflation that had inflicted the Colonies in America. It was formalized by an act of Parliament that became effective September 29th, 1751 with the following provisions.

  1. No extensions, reissue or deferment in the redemption dates or amounts of existing paper money issues within the New England Colonies.
  2. No change in the legal tender status of existing issues.
  3. No relaxed enforcement or extensions of mortgage loans that were used to secure paper money issues.
  4. No new legal tender issues of any kind.
  5. No new issues of paper money for emergency expenses unless redeemable from taxes at face value plus legal interest to be paid within 5 years.
  6. No new issues of paper money for normal expenses unless it would be redeemable from taxes within 2 years.

The stringent controls on paper currency provided by the Act of Parliament in 1751 began to be ignored by the Colonial Assemblies. Each colony was ruled technically by a governor who had to sign the laws passed by the Assemblies. Growing resentment towards England and the Crown was building up over the 1751 Act which virtually transferred control of the currency to the Crown. Despite the fact that the Crown was just stepping into a situation that had become intolerable, this transfer of control to the Crown was not appreciated to put it mildly. The Colonial Assemblies had grown dependent upon their habit of printing money whenever they chose. Therefore, the Assemblies began to ignore the Act of 1751. When a Colonial Governor would refuse to sign their decrees to issue more money, the Assemblies were not without means of forcing him to comply. In New York, the Governor’s salary, which was paid by the Assembly, was simply not paid for over 1 year until he finally signed their bill allowing the Colony to issue more paper money. Other Colonies used the same tactics to win over their Colonial Governor’s approval for paper money issues.


Source: 1690 – 1774 A.D. The Dawn of Capitalism

How Biden’s Vaccine Rollout Is Contributing To National Chaos and Rise in Anti-Vaxxers

Not long ago in late April of this year, the newly-minted Comforter-in-Chief, President Joe Biden proudly elevated the stakes in the race to get most of the country fully vaccinated, just in time for the highly-anticipated July 4th celebrations to joyfully welcome the post-COVID era.

Source: How Biden’s Vaccine Rollout Is Contributing To National Chaos and Rise in Anti-Vaxxers

America is in Big Trouble