Exclusive: America’s Most Important Right-Wing Conference Of The Year Is An Israeli Influence Operation • National Justice

By: Eric Striker

Source: National Justice

From October 31st to November 2nd, the mother of all right-wing intellectual conferences is scheduled to be hosted in Orlando, Florida.

The event, titled the National Conservatism Conference, will include keynote speeches from three Republican 2024 presidential contenders (Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley), a prominent billionaire (Peter Thiel), anda 2022 Senatorial favorite (J.D. Vance), whose campaign is being bankrolled by said billionaire. They are joined by 86 of the most prominent paleo-conservative, Traditionalist Catholic, neo-reactionary and conservative writers, academics and pundits in the United States.

The conference is being hosted by an Israeli, Yoram Hazony, through his non-profit, The Edmund Burke Foundation.

According to the description of the event, the National Conservatism Conference seeks to chart a new path for the American right, with a special focus on the “best path forward for a democratic world confronted by a rising China abroad and a powerful new Marxism at home.”

The section expresses interest in creating an “intellectually serious alternative to the excesses of purist libertarianism” that is “in stark opposition to political theories grounded in race.”

Yet despite the large number of Jews and even Rabbis set to speak at the conference, the Edmund Burke Foundation and Yoram Hazony do not mention a pertinent fact: the conference is a Zionist influence operation being directed from Jerusalem.

According to The Edmund Burke Foundation’s Form 990 tax filings obtained by National Justice, the group shares the same Israeli staff as the Jerusalem-based Herzl Institute: Yoram Hazony, Ofir Harvry, and Rabbi Raphael “Rafi” Eis.

Burke Foundation employees not listed on the Herzl Institute’s website, such as David Brog, belong to other pro-Israel activist groups like the Maccabee Task Force, whose sole purpose appears to be to fight Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.

The Herzl Institute is, according to its own description, a propaganda initiative that specializes in training Christian scholars to advance Israeli and Jewish interests around the world.

The link between the National Conservatism Conference and the Herzl Institute is not advertised but neither is it hidden. While scrolling through the Florida conference’s website, a link to its 2016 inaugural event is openly hosted by the Herzl Institute, with the theme “Christian-Jewish Alliance: Reclaiming and Building Conservatism.” Many of the speakers from the 2016 conference will also be speaking at the 2021 meeting.

What adds intrigue to the nascent network of prominent right, even “far-right,” thinkers that will be present at the Florida event is that it appears to signal a Jewish abandonment of traditional conservative sources — Evangelical, libertarian, and so on — for a new neo-conservatism that is Catholic, somewhat illiberal, and fixated on combating China.

Some of the sponsors listed for National Conservatism 2021, such as The American Conservative — which in the past has published numerous articles critical of Israel — are surprising. Others represent the new reactionary tendency in American politics, such as Peter Thiel’s Claremont Institute, along with the Catholic stalwart First Things.

Many liberal outlets have commented on the rise of this new “reactionary right” as being centered in Hungary around the presidency of Viktor Orban, which deliberately ignores the Israeli nucleus that seems to bring all these disparate actors together. The Danube Institute, which is based in Hungary, is listed as a sponsor and represented at the conference through its president John O’Sullivan. Many Catholic and paleo-conservative figures present at the National Conservatism Conference such as Rod Dreher, Patrick Deneen, and others have recently been traveling to and from Hungary and meeting with prominent state figures there.

One stark omission at the coming event is Tucker Carlson, who is arguably the most important right-wing figure in America at the moment. Carlson was a keynote speaker at Hazony’s event last year and has also been traveling to Hungary, yet he will not be present at this event. The Fox News pundit’s high profile jousts with the Anti-Defamation League this year is undoubtedly playing a role in him not attending.

Yoram Hazony’s 2018 book, The Virtue of Nationalism, promoting what he believes are Anglo-Saxon liberal civic values as an alternative to both racial nationalism and leftism, quickly came and went without leaving much of an impact.

Yet the low level Israeli academic’s mysterious ability to introduce often ignored and fringe intellectuals in Catholic and neo-reactionary groups to European leaders, American presidential contenders, and deep pocketed billionaires is bound to undoubtedly influence their discourse on Jews and Israel as the conservative right and Republican party move on from Trumpism.

What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part II – American Renaissance

F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, October 15, 2021

Source: What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part II

Anne Wilson Smith, Charlottesville Untold: Inside the Unite the Right Rally, Shotwell Publishing, 2021, 396 pages, $24.95 paperback, $5.00 e-version from publisher.

Part I can be found here.

On the evening after police cancelled the rally, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe held a press conference and said:

I have a message to all the White supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today. Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth . . . . You came here today to hurt people, and you did hurt people . . . . But my message is clear. We are stronger than you. You will not succeed . . . . There is no place for you here. There is no place for you in America.

As Mrs. Smith writes, the Governor’s remarks were outrageous for at least five reasons:

  • His characterization of Unite the Right attendees as “White supremacists and Nazis” that was sure to inflame ire against all participants.
  • His assertion that the citizens whom he disfavors should not be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights to assemble and speak.
  • His order that protesters “go home” when in fact many attendees were from Virginia, and at any rate he has no right to close Virginia to residents of other states.
  • His unjustified accusation that attendees “wanted to hurt people.”
  • Worst of all was: “There is no place for you in America.” McAuliffe was proposing the cultural cleansing of political enemies, many of whom want only to protect their culture and history. If these people have no right to exist in America, what is to be done with them?

The word “bias” does not begin to capture the character of media reports: They portrayed the victims as aggressors and the aggressors as victims. The general tone can be gathered from headlines:

“Charlottesville Reels After a White Supremacist Rally Turns Deadly” – Politico

“Shocking Photos from the Violent White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville” – BuzzFeed News

“How A White Power Rally in Charlottesville Turned Deadly” – The Daily Beast

“Ted Cruz Condemns Charlottesville Terror: ‘The Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists are Repulsive and Evil’ “ – PJ Media

“Terror in Charlottesville: Woman killed as car rams into anti-racist protesters at White nationalist rally” – Salon

“Two Virginia State Troopers Killed in Helicopter Crash Tied to White Supremacist Rally” – Fox News

The crash was due to mechanical failure and happened five hours after the rally was stopped.

Everywhere, the impression was that Unite the Right attendees were violent fanatics. Many stories did not even mention that the rally was to defend the Lee statue; readers were left to assume that the only purpose was “white supremacy” or “Nazism.”

For his own safety, Kessler spent the evening after the rally at a family member’s home, watching the day’s events as reported by Fox news.

He called a reporter he knew who was with the Fox affiliate in Charlottesville, Doug McKelway, to ask for an opportunity to address the public. McKelway informed him that the station had deemed him “too toxic” to be allowed on air. Kessler . . . suggest[ed] they put him in a contentious setting, such as on an opinion show like Tucker Carlson, so it would not appear the station was sympathetic to him. “I don’t care if they want to yell at me. I can take it. I just want a chance to speak.” McKelway said he would pass along the suggestion. Kessler never heard back.

Pres. Trump speaks

Many of Pres. Trump’s detractors complained that he did not address the public quickly enough once news broke of the “deadly white supremacist rally.” Trump explained: “Before I make a statement, I like to know the facts.”

Other politicians in his party had no such scruples. Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted: “Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #Whitesupremacists . . . . The organizers of events which inspired & led to #charlottesvilleterroristattack are 100% to blame. . . . They are adherents of an evil ideology which argues certain people are inferior because of race, ethnicity or nation of origin.”

Senator Cory Gardner tweeted, “Mr. President — we must call evil by its name. These were White supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.”

Senator Orrin Hatch said: “We should call evil by its name.”

None of these public figures seemed to know or care that the rally had been organized to defend a monument.

That evening, the President said “We’re closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia. We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides.”

As we have seen, most of the displays of hatred and violence originated on the side of the counter-protestors. But relative to other public statements by prominent persons, Pres. Trump’s words were remarkably fair.

Two days later, the President gave an interview. He rambled a bit, but made at least four important points left out of most media accounts:

  • There were many supporters of the Robert E. Lee statue among the Unite the Right protesters.
  • Unite the Right had a permit to assemble, unlike the counter-protesters.
  • There were people on both sides responsible for violence, including an aggressive left-wing contingent.
  • Removal of Confederate statues is likely to lead to removing the Founding Fathers.

Pres. Trump was denounced by many whose comments on the events were far less truthful or fair. One such denunciation came from Joe Biden, who later claimed he was inspired to run for president by Trump’s supposedly inadequate reaction to the “white supremacist violence” of Charlottesville.

Jason Kessler was “ecstatic” when he first heard Trump’s remarks, noting that the President had spoken “simple truths that the American public had not been given.” He briefly imagined it might be possible to win the battle for public opinion. Later, he managed to get interviews on a few alternative news outlets with hosts such as Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes, but even there his reception was hostile. He recalls that “they wanted to slit my throat.”

The backlash

In the days following the suppression of the rally, as Mr. Kessler explains, “Heyer’s death was used to stoke a moral panic about the boogeyman of ‘White supremacy’ which has led to an unprecedented, un-American wave of political censorship against right-wing political dissidents and immigration patriots.” Even an ADL representative acknowledged: “I cannot think of another incident to which the backlash has been nearly so widespread.”

Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, GoFundMe, Uber and the gaming chat app Discord all removed countless accounts associated with the rally and its attendees, as well as some that were not.

Mr. Kessler explained the process behind the de-platforming trend: There are groups that:

manipulate our language, lie about the things that we’re saying, like, omitting things that have to do with the self-defense aspect. And then they go to all these different companies in Silicon Valley and they’re giving lectures as if they’re authorities, and as if their case has been proven. They’re doing one-sided prosecution with these tech companies.

Companies do not investigate such claims before acting on them.

Banning Unite the Right participants and many perceived allies was an important precedent for banning a sitting president from nearly all social media after the Capitol was breached on January 6, 2021. Mrs. Smith writes:

How might things have been different if Trump and other conservatives had stood up to the wave of censorship that took place after Unite the Right by passing legislation to protect the ability of dissidents to access online public forums? Unfortunately, most of them — weak-willed, short-sighted, and unwilling to be associated with the pariahs of Charlottesville — ignored or even applauded the purge.

Another aspect of the backlash to Unite the Right was the doxing campaign against participants. Hours of video of the events of August 11 and 12 were uploaded to the internet almost immediately, and Antifa and its sympathizers got to work identifying participants:

Within days, or in some cases, hours, Unite the Right attendees were doxed and their identities widely publicized. National news outlets amplified and celebrated the public shamings. “A Twitter account identified this Unite the Right participant. Now his family’s disowning him,” gloated Vox.com in an article dated two days after the rally. The article reports that “[t]he protester’s father says their family loudly repudiates his son’s ‘vile, hateful and racist rhetoric and actions.’ ”

Credit Image: © Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

One rallygoer estimated that “hundreds of people” lost jobs or became estranged from their families because they were at the rally. Mrs. Smith interviewed some of them for Charlottesville Untold. One man was reported to Child Protective Services by Antifa in an attempt to have his children taken from him. Andrew Dodson, an engineer who develops clean-energy technology, was driven to suicide by his ordeal; the man who doxed him was invited to appear on NBC News!

Criminal cases

A number of criminal trials resulted from Unite the Right, and the difference in treatment for participants and counter-protesters was stark. Corey Long is a black Charlottesville resident who doused some rally participants with what one described as “some kind of paint thinner” and attacked them with an improvised flame thrower made from a bottle of hairspray. A man on the receiving end testified he had feared becoming a “human torch.” Celebrated by media outlets such as the New Yorker and The Root, Long was sentenced to just 20 days in prison.

Richard Preston is a Ku Klux Klan member from Maryland. When he saw Long brandishing his flame thrower at passing demonstrators, he drew his handgun, pointed it at him, and screamed at him to stop. Loading a round into the chamber, he fired a single warning shot into the ground next to Long, hurting no one. He then holstered his gun and walked away. One person assaulted by Long called Preston a hero, suggesting his action saved lives that day. Mr. Preston was sentenced to four years in prison.

But perhaps the most egregious example of both media mischaracterization and politicized criminal justice involved a black man named DeAndre Harris and four white men charged with assaulting him. As the author writes:

A viral photo from Unite the Right depicted a group of White men holding weapons and standing over a Black man, Harris, as he lay on the ground. This photo, usually provided with no context whatsoever, was exploited by the media to help contribute to the public impression that Unite the Right attendees were violent racists on a rampage, looking to brutalize any non-Whites in sight.

Carefully omitted from such accounts were the events that led up to the photo.

It is common for Antifa militants to entice blacks to participate in violence by giving them simple weapons. DeAndre Harris had been given a “Maglite,” a long, heavy brand of flashlight, by an Antifa activist on the morning of the rally. Just before the viral photo was taken, Harris was following a group of departing attendees back to a parking garage in the company of Corey Long (who used the homemade flamethrower) and another black man. Sneaking up behind the attendees, Mr. Long tried to steal a Confederate flag while DeAndre Harris hit rallygoer Harold Crews over the head with his Maglite.

Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent describes what happened next:

As [the three black men] are forced back into the parking garage, a Black male in a blue shirt runs up from behind one of our members, clubs him and knocks him unconscious. He continues to beat him with another Black male. THIS provokes the parking garage fight . . . .

The fake news was only interested in DeAndre Harris because he was Black and could be portrayed as a ‘victim’ of ‘White supremacists.’ They ignored the White kid who was bludgeoned with the club in the parking garage by DeAndre Harris’s friends which provoked others to rush to his defense . . . . Dan Borden and Alex Michael Ramos came to the aid of a League of the South member who had been clubbed and knocked unconscious in the parking garage . . . . What do the Charlottesville Police do? They issued warrants for the arrest of Dan Borden and Alex Michael Ramos. . . . [T]hey charged people who were forced to defend others.

A witness to the fight writes: “[Harris] clubbed one of our people and took off running . . . . They didn’t pick him out because he was Black. They picked him out because he ambushed someone from behind.”

DeAndre Harris was subsequently able to raise over $166,000 on GoFundMe, supposedly to cover his medical expenses. Soon after, he mysteriously starred in a professionally produced rap video “driving a Mercedes Benz and sporting a $2,000 pair of Nike Air Jordan Retros.” For two months, police failed to arrest him. Finally, the man he had struck from behind, Harold Crews, took the initiative to press charges. Harris was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery by a judge who accepted his claim that he had intended to hit the flagpole, not Crews. The four men who retaliated against Harris received sentences of two, six, six, and eight years’ imprisonment.

Brad Griffin compiled a series of videos reconstructing the exact sequence of events surrounding the assault on Harris:

I contacted The Daily Progress [of Charlottesville] and NBC 29 about the video. I sent it to detectives at the Charlottesville Police Department. I told the Associated Press what really happened in Charlottesville. I played the video in person on my smartphone for a news crew from Atlanta that was interviewing me about the arrest of Alex Michael Ramos. We bombarded reporters with the video of DeAndre Harris attacking with the MagLite on Twitter. No one was interested in investigating or reporting the truth . . . . The media refused to report on it after gleefully showing the out-of-context video.

James Fields can hardly be said to have received a fair trial either. Just two days after the event, Pres. Trump treated his guilt as an established fact: “the driver of the car is a murderer.” A month later, the US Senate declared him a domestic terrorist. Potential jurors were inundated for over a year with coverage by a hostile media. More than one courtroom observer noted that his attorney failed to defend him aggressively. Despite considerable grounds for doubt regarding his intentions, he received a sentence of life plus 419 years.

Credit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

Civil suits — offense

There were even more civil suits than criminal cases. Jason Kessler was, of course, sued, along with other rally organizers and participants who allegedly conspired to deprive onlookers and bystanders of their civil rights (see below). Mr. Kessler remembers calling every law firm in Charlottesville and not finding a single one willing to defend him. When he tried to do legal research at the law library of his alma mater, the University of Virginia, he was banned from campus. Eventually a sympathetic lawyer contacted him. He has spent most of the last four years trying to defend himself and to hold the city of Charlottesville accountable.

A fierce advocate for the First Amendment, Kessler was determined to sue the City of Charlottesville for violating his civil rights and the rights of all Unite the Right participants. He sought support for his suit from other people associated with the event, but found most of them either wanted to distance themselves from the residuum of Charlottesville, or were struggling financially and unable to help with legal expenses. Out of everyone involved with Unite the Right, Matt Parrott of the Traditionalist Workers Party is the only other named plaintiff on the lawsuit.

On the second anniversary of Unite the Right, Messrs. Kessler and Parrot filed suit against the City of Charlottesville and three named officials, charging that stopping the rally was a denial of free speech. Six months later, Federal District Judge Norman K. Moon dismissed the suit, ruling that law enforcement has no obligation to protect people when other parties attempt to suppress their speech. Mr. Kessler called this “a pretty novel ruling. We were floored when we got it.” Within a few days, he appealed, and is waiting for a ruling.

The principle at stake is called the “heckler’s veto.” This happens when authorities stop protected speech on the grounds that it might provoke a violent reaction. Mr. Kessler and many civil libertarians believe the government should not be able to appeal to such possible violence as grounds for failing to protect free speech. “The [prohibition of the] heckler’s veto has in some ways been established for a long time, then in some ways the details of it need to be fleshed out,” says Mr. Kessler. He adds:

If the police aren’t obligated to protect people, the First Amendment is done. The people who defended themselves [at Unite the Right] were not the aggressors and they should not have been put in the situation by police that they had to defend themselves. That’s what this case is about. Something like Charlottesville should never, ever happen again. Those effing cops need to show up and separate the groups and protect the First Amendment. It’s that simple.

We’re already four years in and they’re trying to wear us down by wasting our time, wasting our money . . . . We’re just at the Fourth Circuit. It could be years more before we’re done with this. But if — IF — we win, it will establish a clear heckler’s veto precedent across the land.

Mr. Kessler and his legal team are optimistic. They think their case is strong and that even if they lose the current appeal, the Supreme Court could look into the matter because standards on this issue vary in different federal districts.

As part of his efforts, Mr. Kessler has also filed a number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to get records, some of which authorities claim have been lost or destroyed. He notes allegations by the Heaphy Report that former police chief Al Thomas and the Charlottesville PD command staff deleted text messages relevant to their investigation. He asks:

Why did they destroy this evidence? They also went in and doctored certain documents to make it seem like they had done certain preparations that they really hadn’t done. That is a class-one misdemeanor that should, if these people were convicted, bar them from future public service. Of course, the government is not going to police themselves. So who is going to hold them accountable? That’s where I come in. I’ve been filing FOIA requests for the past 3 or 4 years.

When Mr. Kessler requested text messages from city manager Maurice Jones, he was told that no such messages existed. This assertion was proven false by former mayor, Mike Signer. In his book about Unite the Right, Cry Havoc, Mr. Signer gave details of his exchange of emails and text messages with Maurice Jones. Mr. Kessler cited Mr. Signer’s book to demand release of the data. A week before a FOIA-related trial was to take place, Mr. Kessler received a letter with a link to 1,200 pages of email, along with an apology claiming that Mr. Jones had misunderstood what was included in the request.

The fight continues:

We want an injunction to keep them from ever destroying more evidence like this again and we want them to recognize that these text messages are public documents and they need to change their practices forever because of this situation. We’re [also] asking for the judge to order them to hire an electronic forensics firm to go over their hard drives, their phones, with a fine-tooth comb and reconstitute destroyed messages so we can find out what the hell it is that they were saying in the first place that they so badly didn’t want anybody to see.

The Virginia public records act says that the city manager communications are never supposed to be destroyed. They’re supposed to be kept permanently in agency. . . . And no one in the media is holding them accountable, and even a lot of people who went to the rally are just moving on, like this doesn’t matter anymore. It does matter. People were set up. . . .

And so that’s why we filed this newest lawsuit dealing with FOIA and the Public Records Act, and to address that letter where they admitted they destroyed evidence. We’re trying to set some pretty exciting precedent for open government in Virginia because it’s such a murky area where precedent hasn’t been set.

Civil suits – defense

The most important civil suit against rally organizers and participants is Sines v. Kessler. The suit alleges that 10 organizations and 14 named individuals:

conspired to plan, promote, and carry out violent events in Charlottesville. . . . Starting at least as early as the beginning of 2017 and continuing to today, they have joined together for the purpose of inciting violence and instilling fear within the community of Charlottesville and beyond.

James Fields is listed among the defendants; the plaintiffs claim that the death and injuries from the ramming were the result of a conspiracy between Fields and the rally organizers. Kessler notes:

[T]hey are saying the rally was just a pretext to violently attack counter protesters, specifically racial minorities. Yet they have no evidence of that. They say that we conspired with James Fields, and yet there is no evidence of that. They’ve gone through all of our text messages, all of our emails, all of our social media. . . . We have the head investigator with the CPD Steve Young testifying under oath that there is not only no conspiracy in the death of Heather Heyer, but that there was no communication with James Fields whatsoever.

Many defendants suspect the suit really amounts to “lawfare,” i.e., a “factually baseless attempt to use bad-faith litigation to cripple them reputationally and financially.” This interpretation finds some support in lead attorney Roberta Kaplan’s response when asked what she hoped to achieve with the suit:

We absolutely can and will bankrupt these groups. And then we will chase these people around for the rest of their lives. So if they try to buy a new home, we will put a lien on the home. If they get a new job, we will garnish their wages. The reason to do that is because we want to create a deterrence impact. So we send a message to other people that if you try to do something like this, the same thing will happen to you.

The lawsuit is being financed by Integrity First for America (IFA), an organization that boasts that the case “is the only current legal effort to take on the vast [!] leadership of the violent White nationalist movement.” Among their donors are LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, and actress Natalie Portman. Even though public records list no fewer than 33 lawyers working for the plaintiffs, the money will not run out any time soon.

Mr. Kessler says that “in nearly four years, IFA haven’t proved a single thing except that they can mug and beat down defendants who can’t afford attorneys and those who can’t afford researchers, expert witnesses, and evidence collection software to defend themselves on the same footing.” Yet media reports continue to portray the plaintiffs as plucky underdogs standing up to a powerful “white supremacist” movement.

As part of discovery, defendants have been required to turn over all email, messages, and social media posts about the rally, an onerous burden for some of the more active organizers. Matt Parrot, also a named defendant, calls this:

an ongoing fishing expedition where they’re desperately looking for some sort of evidence of criminal conspiracy to initiate violence in Charlottesville. They’ll find nothing. Essentially, they know they don’t have a case, but they have unlimited financial resources and they’re leveraging them with the hopes that we’ll eventually trip ourselves up on a technicality or run out of funds for our legal support.

In conclusion, the author remarks:

Even though an immense amount of data is available about the defendants’ communications and their activities the weekend of Unite the Right, none of the numerous defendants in the Sines civil suit have been criminally charged with anything remotely resembling a conspiracy to commit violence. If they are guilty as the Sines plaintiffs claim, why not?

The Heaphy Report

The City of Charlottesville paid $350,000 for an independent investigation of what happened at Unite the Right. It was carried out by the law firm Hunton & Williamson under the direction of Timothy Heaphy, and resulted in a 207-page report called Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events in Charlottesville, VA, known as the “Heaphy Report.” As the author of Charlottesville Untold notes, “In a healthy media environment, the results of this review would have been headline news all over the country.” However, because it did nothing to support the official story about a “violent white supremacist rally,” it got little attention.

The report is a damning indictment of many public officials, but especially the leadership of the Charlottesville Police Department (who bore primary legal responsibility) and the Virginia State Police. The author paraphrases the report: “Neither agency deployed available field forces or other units to protect public safety at the locations where violence took place. Command staff prepared to declare an unlawful assembly and disperse the crowd. The City of Charlottesville protected neither free expression nor public safety on August 12 . . . . This represents a failure of one of government’s core functions — the protection of fundamental rights.”

The Charlottesville police chief at the time was Al Thomas, the city’s first black chief. Two people told the Heaphy investigators they heard Mr. Thomas say, at the first signs of violence, “Let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” The report stated that “Chief Thomas’ slow-footed response to violence put the safety of all at risk,” and accused him of deleting text messages relevant to the investigation and trying to limit what subordinates told investigators. In the wake of the report, Chief Thomas resigned.

Matt Parrot notes that the Charlottesville police brass bear primary responsibility for failure, not ordinary officers:

The police all appeared angry, frustrated, and confused as I’ve never seen them before. While I was furious at them at the time, it’s clear that they were the victims of an egregious leadership failure which also imperiled them. They were not able to keep up with the entirely unnecessary chaos they had been ordered to unleash and then ordered to deal with.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe later published a book about Unite the Right. In it, he had a great deal to say about:

the historic sins of the state and the duty he felt to rectify them. He spoke about the “deep legacies” of racism, and described Richmond as “the capital of the Confederacy, spearheading the resistance to freeing slaves in the Civil War.”

He rebuked the words of Robert E. Lee’s great-granddaughter at the dedication of the Charlottesville statue of Lee in 1924, “remembering her ancestor as a man who she said represented the ‘moral greatness of the Old South.’ For her, the Civil War was not about slavery, it was about differing ‘interpretations of our Constitution’ and differing ‘ideals of democracy.’ She was wrong. It was about slavery and it was about treason, pure and simple.”

He wrote at length about his pet issue of restoring voting rights for felons, describing their disenfranchisement as “a legacy of Jim Crow, a variation of the poll tax,” adding, “I never whitewashed Virginia’s sordid history. In June 2015, I used my executive authority to remove the Confederate flag from Virginia license plates [which were available as a type of vanity plate].”

Readers may not be surprised to learn that the New-York-born McAuliffe was worried that when he first decided to run for governor, he “might have a hard time convincing Virginians I was truly one of them.”

Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer also wrote a book about Unite the Right filled with contempt for what he called “rebel flag-wearing defenders of ‘southern heritage.’ ” Mrs. Smith writes:

He hailed Nikki Haley’s efforts to remove the Confederate flag in South Carolina as a means to “repudiate [Dylann] Roof’s twisted, demonic project” and wondered, with regards to the Confederate statue issue, how he would feel “as a Jew, if I had to walk by a statue of Adolf Hitler.”

Such are the men who run the Old Dominion.

Mrs. Smith notes another aspect of Unite the Right that has not been adequately noted, namely:

the astounding amount of restraint showed by the attendees. Open carry was legal in Virginia, and there were hundreds of militia members and Unite the Right attendees bearing arms that day. Despite hours of being pummeled by hard projectiles and chemical weapons, those hundreds of armed Unite the Right attendees exercised remarkable self-control and restraint by NOT drawing their firearms.

The only shot fired by an attendee all day was Richard Preston’s warning shot intended to keep Corey Long from using his flamethrower.

Anne Wilson Smith’s Charlottesville Untold is the first comprehensive, objective study of what happened at the aborted rally on August 12, 2017. She has done a duty ignored by literally thousands of professional journalists who appear to have no interest in knowing the truth or informing the public.

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It is a familiar event in the Land of Cedars: critical shortages of medicine, bread, oil, petrol; endless scenes of weary citizens spending hours, sometimes days, lined up in queues hoping to buy the basic food, fuel, or life-saving medication for their families.

The economic crisis in Lebanon has revealed the extent of the entrenched corruption and systematic monopoly among the state’s political elite that has existed in the country for over 30 years. But who are these organized cartels of oil, medicine, hospitalization, and bread that have for so long created deep chaos in the lives of struggling citizens?

The Cradle decided to investigate, and name names.

Warlords divide the spoils

The 1975–1990 Lebanese civil war ended with its leaders agreeing to share spheres of influence and state resources. Warlords distributed monopolies to one another; the emerging oil cartel was one ugly facet of this elite takeover of the rights and wealth of the Lebanese nation.

Between 1992 and 1998, the oil cartels were able to monopolize the import of oil by establishing companies for their trusted associates. The first of these alliances was between then-President Elias Hrawi and the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, who imported oil and gas derivatives through the Basatna Company, and through Roland Elias Hrawi (President Hrawi’s son) and Naji Azar.

Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri reinforced this corrupt business method and supported the presence of the company cartels, most of which arose during the civil war. Hariri, who came to power as a result of a US–Saudi agreement – and Syrian approval – paved the way for these companies to expand and develop in exchange for a weaker state presence.

The ruling cartel was joined by the traditional political families under the cover of Lebanon’s leading political parties: the Future Movement (the Hariri family), the Free Patriotic Movement, the Lebanese Forces, the Progressive Socialist party (Walid Joumblatt) and the Marada Movement (Suleiman Franjieh). These parties had agents or ‘businessmen’ who managed the oil market and accumulated spoils and profits, which were then distributed to their corresponding political bosses, who remained in the shadows.

Some of these companies are also directly owned by Saudi citizens and Kuwaiti businesses. Today, 14 companies in Lebanon control both the import of oil derivatives and the distribution market. They also own half of the 3,100 gas stations in Lebanon and control the daily price of fuel.

These companies control 70 percent of local market production, while just two Lebanese state facilities take the remaining 30 percent.

Given this set up, the Ministry of Energy is highly compromised in exercising its role as an impartial watchdog over the quantities of oil that the companies claim to import. Quite incredibly, it is the companies that set and regulate oil prices – without the intervention of the state – while the state absorbs the annual national oil bill, estimated at nearly $6.5 billion.

The oil cartel in Lebanon, consolidated and protected under the country’s nefarious monopoly law, is an agreement between companies to share the market and organize competition to protect their shared interests. Consequently, when there is risk of losing profits gained over the decades of this corrupt system, they withhold supplies of oil derivatives from the Lebanese market, causing the crippling shortages witnessed on a regular basis in Lebanon.

Historically, the only recorded attempt to combat the monopoly structure came during the 1998-2007 tenure of former President Emile Lahoud, who opened up the records of the oil cartels.

As a result of this rare transparency, Shahi Barsoumian, the Minister of Energy between 1995 and 1998, was imprisoned on charges of selling oil deposits at low prices and wasting public funds through a consensual contract with another collaborator, Naji Azar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurogulf.

Other officials were also arrested, including the ministry’s former Director General Nicolas Nasr and Director of Zahrani Refinery Khalil Qambris. The cartel crackdown did not last long. After 2000, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri further legitimized the sector’s monopolistic character by offering long-term agreements that enabled the companies to continue leeching off the state.

The Cartel:

The Cradle sources revealed the names of oil companies that control the Lebanese market and the owners of some of these firms:

  • Uniterminals, established in 1992, is owned by Kuwaiti and Lebanese investors, and holds 15 percent of the market.
  • Coral Oil, founded in 1926, is owned by the Yameen family that supports the Free Patriotic Movement. Coral Oil holds 14 percent of the total market share.
  • MEDCO, founded in 1910, is owned by brothers Maroun and Raymond Al-Shammas, and holds 11 percent of the Lebanese market share.
  • Cogico, founded in 1986, is owned by Walid Jumblatt and the Basatna Company, is headed by Saudi citizen Mustafa Baltan, and holds 10 percent of the market share.
  • Total, founded in 1951, is owned by the French company of the same name and holds 12 percent of the market share.
  • Wardieh Holding, established in 1922, is owned by Saudi citizen Samuel Bakhsh and Lebanese shareholders. It holds 9 percent of the market share.
  • Liquigas, founded in 1965, is also owned by the Yameen family and holds 7 percent of the market share.
  • IPT Group, established in 1987, is owned by Michel and Toni Issa, who are close to former Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and holds 6 percent of the market share.
  • Apec, founded in 1985, is owned by Abdul Razzaq Al-Hajjah, who is affiliated with the Future Movement. It holds 5 percent of the market share.
  • Hypco, founded in 1965, is owned by the Al-Basatneh family in partnership with the (same) Saudi citizen Mustafa Baltan and holds 4 percent of the market share.
  • Gefco, founded in 1982, is owned by Qabalan Yammeen and holds 3 percent of the market share.
  • United Petroleum, founded in 1983, is owned by Joseph Taya, who is affiliated with the Lebanese Forces, and holds 3 percent of the market share.
  • HIF, founded in 2008, is owned by Ali Zughaib and Pierre Obeid.
  • ZR Energy, established in 2013, is owned by Teddy and Raymond Rahma, who are affiliated with Suleiman Franjieh’s Marada Movement. It is a new entrant to the original 13 cartel stakeholders.

As such, the owners of these companies are themselves the oil traders and constitute the most powerful cartel in Lebanon. No one, not even state agencies or the Ministry of Energy, is able to control or direct them.

A source from the Port of Beirut has revealed that Ministry of Energy officials cannot even exercise their authority over the quantities of oil that enter Lebanon through oil tankers. The source also notes that the ministry is unable to measure the quantities of unloaded oil, and that, in any case, their oil measurements are conducted through the obsolete method of using a dipstick to determine quantity.

Oil Directorate sources say that the cargo of oil tankers is off-loaded into a tank before the shipment is inspected at the customs checkpoint, which itself is not allowed to monitor the process. The sources also say that customs checkpoints are not properly distributed and that regulatory authorities simply rely on what companies tell them, and not on document and data verification procedures.

Approximately 340 oil tankers off-load their wares at the Port of Beirut every year. The enormous profit that these companies make as a result of the oil import monopoly, and the amounts of waste and smuggling operations, are immeasurable.

Director of Oil Facilities Ziad al-Zein confirmed to The Cradle that the state imports only 30 percent of local market needs, while seven major companies import the remaining 70 percent. He reveals that the Zahrani Refinery imports diesel only, or 15 percent of the local market, and that the diesel is distributed to all Lebanese territories.

According to other sources in the Oil Directorate, Lebanon’s import of oil derivatives amounted to about 9 million tons.

Although most of these companies use the state to store oil reserves – in low-priced tanks rented from the state, no less – Lebanon’s politicians have not yet found a way to increase the state’s markets share, which has all but collapsed during the country’s severe economic crisis. While supplies imported by the state are concentrated in oil facilities in Tripoli and Zahrani, the private-sector tanks, which hold approximately 500 million cubic meters, are distributed over seven ports in Dora, Antelias, Amchit, Zouk, Anfeh, Tripoli, and Jiyeh.

Can Iranian fuel break the monopoly?

It sounds like a trick question, but when a monopoly of a prized commodity is controlled by a well-entrenched, highly functional mafia whose members also happen to be the people running state affairs, who then has the power to protect the state from crimes committed against its critical resources? And what event might conceivably shake the foundations of this system and crack it open?

The recent move by Hezbollah to import Iranian oil through Syrian territory may be the first signs of a fracture in Lebanon’s notorious energy monopoly.

Hezbollah did not want to embarrass its ally, Lebanese President Michel Aoun of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), so it chose to bring in Iranian fuel through smuggling routes on the Lebanon-Syria border to avoid US sanction threats.

Lebanon is prohibited from importing Iranian oil, by threat of US sanctions.

Informed sources tell The Cradle that the importation of Iranian fuel through legal routes would require Hezbollah to apply for a license from the Ministry of Energy, but that it did not do so in order to avoid placing both its allies and the Lebanese state in a quandary.

The approval of the Minister of Energy, who is affiliated with the FPM, would have exposed him to US sanctions, and because he is a cabinet member of a sitting government, would have subjected the whole state to that same threat.

Conversely, the Minister’s refusal to grant the Hezbollah-imported Iranian oil a license would have embarrassed him among his constituents and potentially hindered the fuel’s passage into Lebanon.

But these are mere diversions. Lebanon’s political elite had other reasons to object to the Iranian fuel: namely, that it would break the cartel’s oil monopoly and its price-setting powers.

As Hezbollah noted at the outset, the price at which Iranian fuel will be distributed to major Lebanese institutions, hospitals, and regular citizens will be lower than the price set by the oil cartel companies.

This cost discrepancy will swing the door wide open to serious questions about the size of the profits reaped by private companies in the absence of a Lebanese state intervention.

As for why Lebanon’s fuel crisis still exists given the fact that fuel continues to enter the country unabated is clearly a political decision made at the highest levels.

The cartel has the ability to exacerbate the crisis by halting domestic supplies with sufficient quantity to create shortages and confusion. The issue of opening credit lines at Lebanon’s Central Bank is also subject to this consideration – linked to increasing or easing pressure on the street.

Ironically, US sanctions on Lebanon are the biggest fear of the oil companies controlling the country’s energy market. Some of the companies were forced to submit reports to the American embassy in Beirut, disclosing the real quantities of imported fuel and the areas of distribution. How much, then, does the US embassy know about the covert oil operations and the real state of Lebanon’s energy shortages? And how much leverage does it have over these companies? Enough to dictate the amount of fuel distributed to the Lebanese people?

There is no doubt that the US embassy has played a role in exacerbating the fuel crisis ­– especially in areas that contain a large base of support for Hezbollah. As any follower of Lebanese events will know, the fuel crisis has been most severe in the Bekaa Valley, south Lebanon, and the southern suburb of Beirut, areas in which Hezbollah enjoys most support.

Amazon dominates lobbying while growing telehealth group ✺ Open Secrets

Telehealth legislation is ramping up on the congressional floor, and Amazon is spending big on its telehealth investments and lobbying.

Telehealth became a necessity in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and spending on health services surged. Due to the historic amount of congressional legislation focused on health care services because of the pandemic, federal lobbying spending by health service groups reached a record $100.9 million in 2020. That was roughly five times what they spent 20 years ago — and the industry is on track to spend more in 2021.

Amazon, which is creating its own health care service, is the biggest corporate lobbying spender so far in 2021. The company has spent nearly $10.2 million on lobbying in the first six months of the year, and spent $18.7 million in 2020. Amazon has used some of its lobbying expenditure to spend on legislation focused on telehealth.

Amazon’s telehealth splurge comes during the second year of offering its own virtual health care service, Amazon Care. The app-based program connects customers with licensed clinicians, and allows them to message, audio call or video call each other. It also includes prescription delivery and in-home care.

As of now, Amazon Care’s in-person services are limited to a few areas in the U.S. — including Washington state, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore — but it is set to add 20 cities by the end of 2022. By the end of 2021, the service could reach Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Dallas, according to a report from Business Insider.

Amazon Care is currently funded by companies that pay it directly, including Amazon itself. The company has approached Aetna, an insurance provider owned by CVS Health, to work with the platform. CVS Health has spent $4.9 million on lobbying this year, and has lobbied telehealth bills. Other insurers such as Premera Blue Cross, an independent licensee of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, are also working with Amazon Care to make its services a covered benefit. Blue Cross/Blue Shield has spent $12 million on lobbying in 2021, according to an OpenSecrets analysis.

Amazon has lobbied in support of four specific telehealth bills this year. The most prominent is H.R. 1332 or the Telehealth Modernization Act of 2021, which codifies and expands telehealth services under Medicare. So far, 43 groups have lobbied the bill, and have spent a combined $61.4 million on it and other issues, according to an analysis done by OpenSecrets.

The Hospital Corporation of America, one of the largest health systems in the country, is also rallying behind the Telehealth Modernization Act. The company has already spent nearly $1.1 million this year lobbying various issues. In 2020, the company’s lobbying expenditure jumped to $2.4 million, and it has already spent $2.1 million in 2021.

During the first half of 2021, 165 organizations collectively spent $175.8 million lobbying proposed legislation and telehealth bills, according to an OpenSecrets analysis. At least 13 bills focusing on telehealth have been introduced in Congress this year, and numerous companies, including Amazon, have lobbied them. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is the top lobbying spender so far in 2021, has lobbied on telehealth legislation as well. The group has spent $29.6 million on lobbying in the first six months of 2021. 

The largest health care industry employer in the country, UnitedHealth Group, spent $1.8 million lobbying health services in the first half of 2021, and specifically lobbied two telehealth bills: S.150 and H.R. 2166. The bills would ensure Medicare Advantage and PACE beneficiaries can access audio-only telehealth services, and their providers can be reimbursed for them.

Some of the nation’s largest health care groups are also lobbying S.150 and H.R. 2166. In the first six months of 2021, Kaiser Permanente spent $2.3 million on lobbying, and Centene Corp spent $2.5 million.

Telehealth’s lobbying expansion coincided with an unprecedented increase in campaign spending by the health service groups. The industry donated over $160.7 million to campaigns during the 2020 election cycle — more than it spent on the 1990 to 2012 election cycles combined. A majority of that money ($109.1 million) came from Miriam Adelson, of the Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse Treatment & Research. The 2020 total more than doubled the $68.4 million the industry spent in 2016. The majority of their 2020 contributions — $29.1 million — went to Democratic candidates.

The Visigoths in Gaul • medieval.eu

Of all the barbarians entering the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity, the Visigoths were among the first to forge a successor-kingdom. Scholars disagree as to the early nature of this fledgeling polity, but the result is clear: the centre of the first barbarian kingdom in the 5th century came to be located at Toulouse.

Source: The Visigoths in Gaul

Europa: The Last Battle (2017 Documentary)

This documentary has fallen victim to Zio-Censorism all over the internet. The description from the producer:

Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of the most horrific war in human history. During the 75 years that have now passed, only a single narrative of the great conflict has been heard. This over simplistic narrative totally ignores the previous decades of critical history leading up to World War II, ignores vital information from the actual war years, and outright fabricates lie after lie after lie.

We are today living in the world of the victors of that war and without an objective, rational and balanced view of our history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. After World War Two, the victors of the war not only went on to write our history books, infiltrate our media and public education but even going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy. The truth is, that our world today can only be understood through a correct understanding of World War II, the architects of it and the conflicts between Globalism and Nationalism. Between the old-and-new world order. The Traditional and the “Progressive”.

Day in and day out, has the post-war propaganda been pounded into the minds of three subsequent generations. Every medium of mass indoctrination has been harnessed to the task of training the obedient masses as to what the proper and “acceptable” view of this event should be. Academia, news media, public education, book publishing, TV documentaries, Hollywood films and politicians of every stripe all sing the same song.

For very good reasons, most people don’t trust the mainstream media anymore. You have already heard the official history millions of times.

This documentary gives an overview of how Europe has been shaped in modern history. In it, you will find the secret history, where you will find the real causes of the events. Watch this series and uncover the real root causes of World War II. It will take you on an epic timeline that will transport you back in time and lead you on the journey through the Bolshevik Revolution, the communist attempts to take over Germany; hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic, widespread unemployment and misery, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, World War I & II – all the way to the modern world. It presents the true historical events that lead to this world catastrophe known as the second world war, as well as the aftermath.

Do be forewarned though, your worldview might never be the same. As always, the Truth Fears No Investigation.

This documentary consists of 9 (10) parts, read all about it on

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:39 – Part 1
01:14:55 – Part 2
02:23:51 – Part 3
03:03:32 – Part 4
04:50:04 – Part 5
05:43:15 – Part 6
06:43:02 – Part 7
07:51:19 – Part 8
09:56:22 – Part 9
11:52:15 – Sources & Credits

Exploring Different Aspects of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – by Eric

This examination of the ADL is broken up into different parts that I’ve assembled based on a “internet black hole” I went on this evening.

  • Examination of the ADL income tax return, Form 990
  • Examination of affiliated ADL entities, found on Form 990
  • Examination of highest paid contractors, one in particular
  • Biographical information of key ADL Board members
  • Biographical information of key ADL management
  • The ADL’s largest contribution to society, their Hate Symbol Symbols of European Heritage database

The ADL 2018 Form 990 – Highlights

Form 990 is the tax return filed annually for entities exempt from income tax aka not for profit businesses. In order to maintain an entity’s tax-exempt status, it is required that they file this tax return annually, amongst other requirements. Below is the first page of the tax return, the name of the entity and it’s EIN (employer identification number) match that of information in the Guide Star database (the catechism of tax-exempt entity research for accountants and attorneys).

The next item of interest that came to me is the CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt’s annual income, especially since he only works 20 hours per week, as disclosed on the tax return.

The next item of interest, a required disclosure on Form 990, is Schedule R, disclosure of “Related Organizations and Unrelated Partnerships”. The tax ID number aka EIN is the unique identifier used by the IRS to pinpoint any entity. Our social security number is the equivalent of a business’ EIN. Here on this Schedule R we see two organizations that fall within IRS jurisdiction and one that is based is Israel, which does not have nexus in the United States, therefore it is outside the IRS wheelhouse.

But there are two in the US:

  • Anti-Defamation League Foundation
  • ADLF Common Fund

Now, the Anti-Defamation League Foundation files a Form 990-PF, the PF acronym for Private Foundation. The tax return itself did not raise any unexpected alarms, however, a private foundation in the State of New York is required to file an annual report with the Attorney General. The annual report includes both the Form 990-PF and a copy of audited financial statements (performed by an outside, independent CPA firm). The Notes to the financial statements disclose the guts beneath the numbers. So let’s have a look here (this is for the fiscal year end 2017):

We see the filing with the Attorney General for Charitable Organizations is made as a dual filing, between the ADL and the ADL Foundation. Standard stuff.

Next, as included with the Attorney General filing, aside from the income tax returns, are the audited financial statements. We see the audit was performed by KPMG, known as one of the “Big Four” public accounting firms.

As a qualifier, I worked in audit and attestation services for KPMG for five years, therefore I am thoroughly acquainted with the nature of this work as it is the work of Certified Public Accountants (earned my license in 2007).

Big Four firms audit Fortune 500 companies, large charitable organizations (like the American Red Cross) and other engagements that are large in scope.

Here is the standard Auditor Report that heads audited financial statements and the notes to the financial statements:

Within the notes there are two very significant disclosures …the first is the amount of money the ADL has within it’s Net Assets. There are three categorizations used for a tax-exempt entity in Net Assets (like a for-profit entity, has line items in it’s Equity section, Preferred Stock, Common Stock, Retained Earnings, etc):

  • Unrestricted Net Assets – this amount is available to the entity to spend at will. There have been no designations placed on the funds by the source of the grant/charitable contribution as to how the funds can be used.
  • Temporarily Restricted Net Assets – this amount is comprised of charitable contributions that have stipulations attached to them, per the source of the contribution. For example, a source makes a $1 million dollar donation, within the contribution letter, it states the money can only be dispersed for rent or perhaps for purchase of new technology).
  • Permanently Restricted Net Assets – this is known as the endowment. The principal cannot be touched, however the income generated (dividends, distributions, interest earned, rents, royalties and realized gains on the sale of marketable securities) can be funneled into supporting operating activities.

Here is the breakdown of Net Assets:

Take a look at the near $107 million dollars in assets in Investments…is the ADL in operation to stop anti-Semitism? Or are their activities from a financial standpoint at the very heart of where anti-Semitism grows? Let’s look closely…

The ADL has a near $69M endowment. Pretty handsome indeed. As I mentioned before, the notes to the financial statements disclose the guts beneath the numbers. Let’s view Note 7:

There are interesting subsections within the endowment, for instance, “International Affairs and Interfaith Programs”. Money to support propaganda on behalf of Muslims, illegal immigrants – imagine the possibilities!

The most striking disclosure within the notes to the financial statements comes here, Note 3, a breakdown of the Investments line item:

I’ve attempted to highlight “Absolute Return Funds” only however I am on a mobile device and my fingers are not skinny enough. What on earth are Absolute Return Funds? Moreover, $35 million dollars are placed with these magic funds. It is common place within the internal treasury mechanism of a company, foundation, or otherwise to keep it’s cash in various investment vehicles, outside of bank accounts alone, like Treasury Notes, stocks, mutual funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), etc.

I worked as an auditor for a solid decade and never did I see the usage of “Absolute Return Funds” ever. Both the connotation and denotation of “Absolute” is completely against the grain of prudent accounting.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE Absolute Return Funds?

And well – hedge funds – hedge funds are the vehicle of absolute return. There is nothing more Jewish than hedge funds. So it’s befitting of the ADL to sink their coffers into hedge funds. I suppose it would be foolish to think they would invest in a farm in Nebraska or a coal mine in West Virginia. Hedge funds and the ADL – who would have guessed?


For each of the five I did research on the internet, news articles and such and also looked up the corporate filings (Articles of Incorporation/Annual Reports/etc.) and found no gleaming conflicts of interest. However, Purpose Campaign, LLC – their website spells out why the ADL would utilize this company for advocacy:

Purpose is the go-to advocacy group for the globalist class. Bloomberg Philanthropies, ACLU, UNICEF, World Wildlife Foundation (which is a UN entity), Rockefeller Foundation, Google, Nike, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the WHO, Amnesty International… networking amongst the donor class is at the heart of the ADL fundraising methods.

Now, a profile of Purpose’s Founder and CEO:

Globalist roots: keynote speaker at Davos, the Chatham House, the United Nations and the RSA. He also served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation. Finally, he worked for McKinsey & Co, a major cog in the machine called The Great Reset.


This examination of public filings reveals some interesting details about the ADL. During my internet browsing black hole I finally took a look at the ADL website and wanted to see it’s Board of Directors and Key Management. Some of the biographical information blew my mind:

CEO: Jonathan Greenblatt – Before ADL, Greenblatt served in the White House as Special Assistant to President Obama and Director of the Office of Social Innovation.

  • Greenblatt served in the White House and most certainly networked with influencial individuals that held decision making authority.

Senior Vice President, Policy: Eileen HershenovDirectly prior to coming to the ADL, she served as General Council and head of public policy for the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia, the fifth-most visited internet site. Prior to that, she was General Council at Consumer Reports and before that, General Council at the Open Society Foundations.

  • Wikipedia is heavily biased in favor of the Left.
  • Open Society Foundations in George Soros’ outfit.

Senior Advisor to the CEO: George Selim – Prior to his appointment at ADL in 2017 as Senior Vice President of Programs, George served in the administrations of Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. He served as the Department of Homeland Security’s first Director of the Office for Community Partnerships. Concurrently, he was selected to lead a newly created Countering Violent Extremism Task Force to coordinate government efforts and partnerships to prevent violent extremism in the United States. Before assuming these roles, George served for four years at the White House on the National Security Council Staff where he focused on policy development and program implementation matters for both domestic and international security threats. Prior to his work at the White House, George served as a Senior Policy Adviser at the DHS Office for Civil Rights.

  • The DHS and National Security Council under the Biden administration have made it priority to target domestic White supremacist extremism.
  • The ADL works closely with major social media networks on the monitoring of hate speech, at a minimum.
  • The ADL, DHS, FBI and the Establishment at large relish the thought of a nationwide political dissident roundup.

Vice President, Law Enforcement & Analysis: Greg Ehrie – a 29-year veteran of government service. Having spent 22 years with the FBI, he most recently served as Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Field Office, managing all FBI investigations throughout the state of New Jersey. He has served in a variety of roles, including as the supervisor of the New York Office’s Domestic Terrorism squad, and later as the Section Chief of the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Operations Section, where he was responsible for all domestic terrorism investigations throughout the U.S. and oversaw the operations of the National Joint Terrorism Task Force.

  • The FBI has evolved into a subversive operation, entrapment of “right wing” dissidents, as seen recently with the leadership within the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and the stunt to kidnap the governor of Michigan.
  • The ADL provides training on antisemitism to the FBI.
  • The FBI has made it priority to shut down political dissidents.
  • This man working at the ADL after his high level position within the FBI is very alarming.

Vice President, Technology: Larry Chertoff -Earlier in his career, Larry worked on Wall Street where he led large teams developing innovative custom software at firms including Thomson Financial, Societe Generale, Shearson Lehman Brothers, and Smith Barney. Larry Chertoff is the brother of Michael Chertoff.

  • Michael Chertoff was the co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act
  • Michael Chertoff was United States Secretary of Homeland Security to serve under President George W. Bush
  • Michael Chertoff served on the Board of BAE Systems, a major arms contractor that benefits from the annual defense spending budget.

Vice President, Center for Technology and Society: Dave Sifry – Dave joined ADL in 2019 after a storied career as a technology entrepreneur and executive. He founded six companies including Linuxcare and Technorati, and served in executive roles at companies including Lyft and Reddit. In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Dave was selected as a Technology Pioneer at The World Economic Forum.

  • Technorati was huge in the aughts.
  • The World Economic Forum = the Great Reset

Conclusion on the Leadership base: globalist, one world order people completely inline with the Zionist agenda. No surprise there, yet the expanse of the penetration into so many facets of economic, legal, financial, technological and government matters is mind-blowing.

HATE SYMBOLS DATABASE Pure Character Assassination

This hate symbols database has a recurring theme as to what constitutes a “hate symbol”. The recurring theme is many of the symbols relegated to the hate database are ancient European symbols that have been used in anecdotal scenarios in modern times. “Neo-nazi” co-opting, “Aryan” prison gangs and “White supremacists” random use of ancient European substance – means that ancient European substance is equivalent to soap and lampshades according to the ADL. Below is a sample of symbols in their database and associated reasons for appointing the hate to the symbol. The ADL themselves explain the true origin/use of the symbols AND they state that most modern use is that of “non-extremists”.


Othala Rune
Life Rune
Tyr Rune

Runic alphabets are pre-Roman alphabets used widely across Europe, easily recognizable because of their angular characters. There are many different varieties of runic alphabets, of which the most well known is the so-called Elder Futhark (the name is derived from the sounds of the first six characters).

Runic alphabets are still used today in many mainstream and non-racist contexts. However, white supremacists have also appropriated the runic alphabet, in large part because Nazi Germany often used runes in its symbology. White supremacists use runes for transliterated Roman letters, creating an alternative alphabet (sometimes viewed as a code, since the vast majority of people do not know runic letters).

Because runes are still commonly used in a variety of non-racist forms, their appearance should always be carefully analyzed in context.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross, as typically depicted, is a traditional Christian symbol used for religious purposes as well as to symbolize concepts like Irish pride. As such, it is a very common symbol and primarily used by non-extremists.

Today, this verson of the Celtic Cross is used by neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, Ku Klux Klan members and virtually every other type of white supremacist.

Other Symbols

The Confederate Battle Flag – first of all, this version lacks blood stains, which calls the ADL’s credibility into question.

WP? – WordPress should look into this.

This is a perfect example of the obfuscation tactics the ADL uses in this database. This symbol means “not equal to” in mathematics.

This is called the “Anti-Antifa” symbol. Antifa, the paramilitary group for Google’s human resources policy, tranny rights and other kosher stuff. Antifa today is a group of upper middle class white kids from the suburbs that target the property of the working class. Opposing black bloc tactics means you are in favor of genocide, per the ADL.

My Disposition: the ADL is the enemy.

Waco – A New Revelation – Neo-Liberal State War Machine’s Assault on Christianity and Constitutional Freedoms

The portrayal of the Branch Dividians and David Koresh by the establishment media cast them as the belligerents in the Waco standoff. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of newscasts always paint a picture of David Koresh forcing his religious group into suicide. By inferno.

The reality is that the government, via the ATF, chose to make a harsh example of what happens when a group of people with an in-group religious preference acquire firearms that are outside the scope of approval by the coming of the Globohomogayplex, Neo-Liberal, State/Media apparatus.

What’s striking here is:

  • The true origins of the inferno (Delta)
  • The conflict of interest in negotiations (FBI)
  • Fucking CHUCK SCHUMER (this man has got to GO…it’s like 100 years later and he’s still in office)

There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine — Desultory Heroics

By F. William Engdahl Source: New Eastern Outlook A virtually unregulated investment firm today exercises more political and financial influence than the Federal Reserve and most governments on this planet. The firm, BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, invests a staggering $9 trillion in client funds worldwide, a sum more than double the annual […]

There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine — Desultory Heroics

Industrial Zionism – Video from Brendon O’Connell

Brendon O’Connell has his finger on the pulse of the connections between Zionism, the Greater Israel Project, U.S. political theatre, the UN’s Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, Big Data/Artificial Intelligence/Deep Machine Learning and it’s looming surveillance capabilities, censorship and more. He has a YouTube channel still and his Bitchute is straight FIRE Links to his stuff are beneath the two embeds below.

Myself and Sufyan discuss what is going on while the stupid Trump impeachment distraction grinds to an inevitable and stupid predictable halt.

Document on Industrial Zionism:

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FTN 382: Mega Satanic Pedophile Cabals fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Jig's Up 00:14:00 – Radical Accelerationism 00:45:00 – Greedy Jaaaash Pardon Schemes 01:03:00 – BREAK 01:07:09 – This is How We MEGA 01:35:00 – Weaponized Jewish Philanthropy 02:00:00 – Taubman's Mall Empire 02:30:00 – Wexner's Iraq War Agitprop 02:40:00 – Holohoax Gang Gang 03:00:00 – Waldheim Gay Op 03:20:00 – Outro

Jazznds and James pledge a program of complete and total amnesty along with an expedited pathway to wignatship for Trump era refugees, dig into white pills embedded in Michael Jensen’s sometimes incoherent prescriptions for combating extreeeeemists and fighting accelerating “radicalization”, and take a tour of the various Jewish clemency campaigns afoot in the waning days of Trump’s presidency. After the break, it’s a long-overdue mega nnndeep-nnndive into the Mega Group, a coterie of wealthy and influential Jews who, via an elaborate scheme of weaponized philanthropy, manage and direct an array of Jewish causes to suit their agenda while increasing and consolidating their power. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN.

The Poisonous Spread of “Democracy” in the age of the newly defangled NEW WORLD ORDER – and the rising from the ashes of a New World Order once again.

The NWO as seen in 1990 died in 2020. The idea of a New World Order we lost alot, and worse here in America complete loss of trust in any government/media/bullshit narrative:

• The sensational attack on Iraq (which had legitimate beef with Kuwait). This was done under the guise of liberating Kuwait – when in fact this was done to entrench US Military assets permanently in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Israel….at the behest of the wishes of the Zionist agenda for a Greater Israel Project.

• Waco – documented on the film “Waco – A New Revelation” , this is the most powerful expose of what really happened at the beginning of the standoff with a 4 hour gun battle raging between Waco compound Christians vs. ATF, DEA, FBI, State Police agents armed to the teeth for a blood bath. And how the fuckery intertwines with Texas State Government, the Clinton Administration…and how Delta Force (a shadow black ops force) officially ended the standoff providing military grade ammunition rounds, flame accelerants and tactical and logistical support. If you watch the documentary, there are dozens of former ATF, DEA, FBI, CIA, local Waco police, Texas State Police members (mostly former members) testify to the truth – Waco was a GAY-OP.

•Y2K… this was such a scam. Look at the power vacuum quickly usurped by this explosion in “security software” which actually created bloatware/spyware/adware/viruses/worms/trojan horses etc to make their bullshit software seem effective. Anyone that understands TCP/IP protocols and FTP/SSH/SSL and a bulk of these network telecommunications standards know that a PHYSICAL FIREWALL that manages layers of administrative access is the best way to reduce “h4XX0rz” ….

•The tech “dot com” stock bubble and Lead Zeppelin like crash. Financial analysts, advisors and planners as well as brokers etc had violated their FIDUCIARY DUTY to the PUBLIC TRUST by pushing fictious asset bubbles that were stocks trading at 247 times earnings – because they weren’t earning anything. Pets.com at one point was trading at like $400 share. All it was – was a domain. In the realms of private equity and venture capital this type of scenario is commonplace. That is, a business entity lacking actual business operations as well as any type of Immediate plan to launch an operation….pure SPECULATION AND MOMENTUM KILLED THE INVESTMENT MARKETS. Now 82 yo retired truckers in Nevada as well as 22 yo college students in Boston could electronically place stock trades – purely riding speculation and momentum. Very few people understood “day trading” The value of a capital investment – in financial/economic fundamental terms proper means “the net present value of future discounted cash flows.” These principals of the markets died with momentum and speculation based trading and hence the big tech dot com bubble crash in March 2000. With people having $500 in the bank yet they have leveraged 4x the amount of shares in Lucent Technologies, never realized any of the unrealized gains they had for they figured the boom times would last forever…and ended up in bankruptcy.

•Enron accounting fraud in collusion with their auditors Arthur Anderson CPA. Enron was bigger than Exxon Mobil – on paper. But their auditor (the auditor acts as a detective of the reasonableness and completeness of stated balance sheet account items as well as the yearly statement of operations aka income statement. It was quite obvious that AA, CPA was breaking their duty to the public trust and were entangled in the greatest financial conflict of interest of the new millennium as they were AIDING AND ABETTING the financial scheme which allowed Enron to bury losses through off balance sheet “variable interest entities”. These entities however would obtain millions even billions in funding. And Enron had tens of thousands of them. And they would take the monies that technically, in accounting terms, were loans or the fancy term “corporate debentures”. Therefore these monies should have been reported as LIABILITIES/DEBT. Instead the influx of the cash was recorded as REVENUE. Enron was the largest entity in market cap of all the energy companies circa 2000, battling with rivals Exxon Mobil and Gazprol. Enron even tricked their entire workforce to sink 100% of all of their retirement assets into Enron ESOP and Preferred Stock and Common Stock acquisitions. This was malicious in intent, made two years before the Enron collapse, which was a decade in the making. And those tens of thousands of ordinary working class people were left penniless in terms of retirement funds and had no where to turn. And the SEC, the regulatory body that is supposed to monitor such related party and offshore and off balance sheet events and transactions – dropped the fucking ball! Who got punished? A small handful of Enron executives , some of which took their own lives prior to facing the judgement of the court of law. This was the biggest erasure of net worth revolving around a SINGLE FUCKING BUSINESS. EVER. The impact on the prudence and viability and reliability and the skeptics new eye of the actual financial health and reality of publicly traded companies entered a new phase for fear. Let’s couple this with similar schemes at Tyco, WorldCom, there are many others.

• Then the planes hit the buildings. Men like Alex Jones who were laughed off as koooks and fear mongering desperados trying to make a buck saw this coming for years. Infact, there were multiple streams and live call in shows Alex Jones and Infowars (pre-Super Male Vitality horseshit days) from May 2001- August 2001 where Jones stated as clear as the night is day that “an attack is going to happen on the United States soil, a terrorist attack, to help usher in a police and welfare state as part of the NWO’s master plan for power over the people of the free world. Yeah, there were “radicalized Islamic Jihadists” that boarded those planes convinced they were on a holy mission. And for them, it very well was. However, the state’s official narrative that 19 men circled the globe and circumvented investigation and then successfully hijacked 4 large jumbo jets and crashed them into targets – this is only the Jihadists version. Perhaps aware, perhaps not, this was allowed to happen. The Israeli mossad agents dancing and lighting lighters and taking pictures admitted on a November nightly TV show in Israel that they were there to “document the event”. Ryan Dawson has done absolutely amazing work laying out in mind-blowing, explicit details and I highly suggest checking out his work for you to see the inner workings of the powers behind the 9/11 attack. Another thing, a man named Lyndon Larouche, a politician (Third Positionist) wanted to enter the Senate and begin to point out the major fuckery of our wages/prices disparity, over-aggressive appreciation in property values in record minimum time, he spoke about the Secret Police state, how no citizen is safe and how a Zionist cabal of international central banks was working to ultimately destroy the freedoms of the constitution. In January of 2001 – HE PREDICTED THE ATTACKS, THE NARRATIVE, THE RETALIATION AGAINST AFGANISTAN TALIBAN FOR HOUSING AL QAUDA – and finally how this would be the carrying out of Bill Kristol’s PNAC white paper – written in 1998. And Larouche got thrown into an investigation of filing inaccurate tax returns that landed him in federal felony territory. I myself have been a CPA since 2006 and I know the severity of the charges he faced – where to destroy his political career – for any ordinary tax payer may have made the same mistakes – it’s a 95% chance they would simply be mandated by the IRS to amend their returns. The fuckery of FREEDOM!

• AFGANISTAN war. Very ironic. For in 1979, THE US CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT, the Israeli Mossad, the British MI-6 and other glow in the dark CIA ninjas created the Mujahideen – Islamic Jihadists, mostly mercenaries that were not from Afganistan – they were armed to fight “Capitalism’s proxy war” against the USSR.

They were supplied with liquidity, weapons, training, logistics, food, medical supplies, tactical training. And one of the main assets of the Mujahideen was one Tim Osman. Aka Osama Bin-Laden. The book House of Bush, House of Saud does an excellent job of illustrating in detail the emergence of an alliance between the Bush family and it’s consortium of close ties, with both the Royal Saudi Family as well as the Bin-Laden dynasty – a very large electricity and commercial hardware powerhouse in the Middle East and surrounding areas (think General Electric, Honeywell sized – also think monopoly).

As the Afganistani native forces with heavy support from this Mujahideen apparatus never allowed the Soviets to take control of Afganistan and after a decades long campaign of guerilla warfare, the Mujahideen prevailed. Soon there after , with 2 years, the USSR fell.

The remnants of the Mujahideen were not that. No remnants. This was now a unique Pro-Islamic, Pro-protect vital resources, Anti-privatization, Anti-deregulation, Anti-Western value system, Anti-foreign intervention league of HOLY WARRIORS. And a generation went by (1989-1998) when the Mujahideen morphed and created new alliances, Sunni and Shiite alike, with Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Nusra…there are many thousands of small factions over history the Mujahideen – renamed “Al-Queda” upon the day of the planes hitting the buildings in NYC and DC. Al-Queda simply means “the base” in Arabic.

What transpired was these Holy Warriors had a new enemy of oppression, new enemies and ideals intertwined with DEMOCRACY. 1. The aggressive actions of the Zionist ethnostate against Palestinian people, land and rights. 2. Companies like the now defunct Enron, also Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP, etc absolutely ignoring the sovereignty of these Arabic nations and frankly coercing Arabic governments into taking loans from the International Monetary Fund that were destined to default. And default they did. And from Morocco to Libya to Tunisia to Lebanon to Afganistan – mega fossil fuel conglomerates were pillaging fossil fuels from the region. Amongst many more human atrocities never discussed under the banner of American Exceptionalism.

And US military assets became the police of the world for one key reason – to enforce the viability of the Petrodollar. Plainly stated, say the UN recognized 200 sovereign nations. Some 175 of them were REQUIRED to be in PHYSICAL POSSESSION of the DOLLAR to purchase Brent and Crude market oil.

The Afganistan war was tied into this. Also, the opportunity to seize control of 90% of the world’s poppy supply (used for oxycodone, heroin, etc). 20 years since 2001 we are still there…and for what? For the struggle of the precious resources – poppy – and pipelines.

• 2003, the Iraq war, marked the official downfall of America as the “do no wrong” world superpower. They wanted this war against Saddam Hussein and this had nothing to do with “SPREADING DEMOCRACY”.

  • Opiate crisis
  • 2000 election/supreme Court
  • Housing, food, transport costs rise
  • Tech, toys, distractions , porn free
  • Sexual revolution in the 20 yrs
  • Hope and change – Obama
  • Financial crisis 2007-08
  • APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, AMAZON – monopolies that stifle innovation, crush ordinary people, run on tax funded telegram taxes, public utility, public square, censorship
  • Trump – the candidate vs the president
  • COVID -19 – the end and the beginning.

Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism – Eric Striker

Source: https://national-justice.com/figures-left-and-right-come-out-support-unpopular-anti-iran-antagonism

A number of figures in the alt-media and extreme-left movement have surprised their audiences by rationalizing the Trump administration’s Israeli-directed push towards war with Iran. 

The consensus between high profile voices on the Zionist “far-right” and anarcho-neocon “far-left” in America and Britain reflect the party line in Israel, where even Amir Peretz of the ostensibly left-wing “opposition” Labor party hailed the Pentagon’s decision to assassinate Maj. General Qassem Soleimani by luring him to Iraq under the false pretense of peace negotiations. 

Spencer Sunshine, a self-proclaimed anarchist and prominent voice in the American “antifa” scene who has been accused of Zionist entryism in the past, took to twitter to reiterate Sean Hannity’s script on the killing: that the Iranians brought it upon themselves by “antagonizing” America and “meddling” in Iraq. It speaks to the state of the modern coopted left that somebody like Sunshine can express the Israeli government’s line and still survive the scrutiny of his peers. Sunshine is very suspicious of anti-war sentiment due to the fact that Jews like Sheldon Adelson and Jared Kushner are responsible for our over-the-top Iran policy. He has spent much of his career fighting what he calls “left-wing anti-Semitism” (principled anti-Zionism).

Caroline Orr, another fanatical Jewish supporter of “antifa,” chastised “fellow” leftists for ignoring Soleimani’s supposed “slaughter” of Syrians during the fight to save the country from ISIS. After some pushback, Orr is backpedaling, but her initial approval shows the Jewish nexus between the virulent anti-white forces on the left and the appetite for war against Iran on the so-called right. She also has made a name for herself for promoting fake news about “Russiagate” and attacking anti-war presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

While a branch of the left led by “tankies” (Workers World Party and Revolutionary Communist Party) behind the ANSWER coalition are adamantly against imperialism, many anarchists and “democratic socialists” support the CIA-led protest groups we have seen in recent months in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, which have largely subsided but were intended to purge pro-Iran political factions. These groups are meant to incite a civil war, so these left-wing voices basically support regime change as well, just not by a full US ground invasion.   

The ANSWER coalition’s anti-war protests that erupted across America were small, showing that the left is not passionate about opposing this conflict. Figures like AOC and high ranking advisors in the Bernie Sanders campaign all attended the Zionist Dov Hikind’s march against black “anti-Semitism” yesterday, but not any of the anti-war rallies. 

On the other side of the coin, Anne Marie Waters of the “For Britain” group has fully embraced an invasion of Iran. Waters, a remnant of the largely Jewish funded “counter-jihad” movement, does not bother to articulate what the West stands to gain from such a conflict. Her only argument is a neo-liberal desire to impose gay plutocracy on the unwilling Iranians so that Israel can safely continue its expansionist foreign policy. 

Mike Cernovich, who made a name for himself in 2016 in part for his non-interventionist views on Syria, has been  reduced to an Iraq-war era Toby Keith style jingo. He got so much pushback that he too was forced to “clarify” his opposition to war overnight.  

Alex Jones of InfoWars has released a new conspiracy theory claiming that the Jews who control Donald Trump’s government had to set off a chain-reaction that will lead to a regional conflagration in order to prevent World War III. According to Jones, the Obama administration is responsible for tensions with Iran by engaging with diplomacy with the country instead of attacking it. His audience isn’t buying it. Over half of the reactions on his Bitchute video on the topic are negative. 

Nick Fuentes of the Youtube show “America First” has also come under fire for recent statements on Telegram. While he prefaces his statements by saying he technically opposes a full war with Iran, he followed this by cheerleading threats by Zionists in Washington to bomb ancient Persian cultural sites, calls Iran a “degenerate Muslim shithole,” celebrates “America bullying ppl and throwing around missiles”, and comes to the defense of the “American-led” globalist military order, which Trump himself repeatedly criticized throughout his life and, as Tucker Carlson has said, won the presidency in large part by running against it.

The mealy-mouthed Charlie Kirk of TPUSA, a libertarian-Zionist think-tank Trump has recently adopted to engage in outreach for his 2020 campaign, tepidly approved of Washington’s hit on Soleimani, but has also come out in support of full military withdrawal from Iraq.  

Any military entanglement with Iran polls very poorly in America. 

The latest  opinion research finds that almost 70% of Americans believe heightened tensions with Iran are entirely the fault of the Trump administration. Even after Trump and Mike Pompeo accused Iran of attacking the oil fields of “ally” Saudi Arabia on September 14th, 75% of Americans responded that a war with Iran was completely unwarranted. 

While a vocal minority of people are eager to see explosions and dead Arabs at any cost, the majority of Americans understand that a war with Iran will not be like Afghanistan or Iraq. Public support is also not anywhere near where it was for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Such a conflict will be felt at home, either through Iranian sleeper cells attacking US targets, large numbers of dead American soldiers in the Middle East, or exploding food and gas prices. The argument that killing Soleimani has made Americans safer was widely mocked after the State Department put out a subsequent statement  telling US citizens to get out of Iraq immediately. 

White workers have no stake in this Israeli-dictated war. The current failure of the left and right to hold a full-throated line against the coming catastrophe is why a third position is needed now more than ever

National Justice – The Battle for Gun Rights in Virginia

Source: National Justice – by Ahab

Recent events in Virginia are teaching rural and working class white America a lesson about what they can expect when they are electorally outnumbered and replaced in their own state. Gun control is the order of the day, and in spite of vocal protests in city council meetings and public forums around the state, Second Amendment rights will soon be as dead in Virginia as First Amendment rights already are in the city of Charlottesville.  

Some believe the issue of gun rights is simply a harmless fixation of right-wing boomers, preppers and libertarian cranks. They are wrong. This issue strikes right to the heart of the biggest political and economic transformation in the United States of the past 40 years: the growth of monopolistic corporate power over the lives of the little people. Or to put it more accurately: the domination of billionaire Jews over the lives of  impoverished, socially disintegrated and debt-enslaved white America.

During the late 19th and early 20th century, gigantic capitalists during the Gilded Age presided over another era of big business tyranny over the lives of ordinary Americans. Brutal as they were, those capitalists were mostly white men who still shared some cultural and racial heritage with the masses of working people. Business magnates such as Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller oppressed their workers, but they made their fortunes from commodities such as oil and steel, the stuff which built the growth and transformation of America into an industrialized power. They felt enough residual affiliation with the cultural glories of old Europe to establish magnificent libraries, concert halls and museums. A few enlightened industrialists, such as Henry Ford, even went so far as to make the improvement of the lives of workers a priority, and to warn the people against the growing financial power of the international Jew.

Ford’s warnings were prophetic. We are living in the second great Gilded Age in America, but the new Jewish oligarchs of the 21st century differ from their predecessors in several important ways. For one, they mostly built their fortunes through parasitic–rather than productive–sources of wealth, such as usury or real estate speculation. They share no racial or cultural affinity with the majority of Americans, and to the extent they patronize culture and the arts, they only support a consumer mass culture also controlled by rich Jews. Rather than enlighten and edify the masses, this popular culture of pornography, hip hop and Marvel movies is designed to titillate only the most base instincts, to erode the social fabric, distract the people and render them docile and compliant.

 But one thing the Jewish oligarchs of today share with the Robber Barons of old: a shared antipathy towards the people’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms. During the great labor wars of the early 20th century, it was the ability of organized labor to fight back with rifles against the armed thugs and corrupt law enforcement officials of the capitalists which kept them from being completely overwhelmed. From the Great Railroad Strikes, the Colorado Labor Wars to the Battles of Homestead, Matewan and Blair Mountain, striking workers were only able to resist the iron heel of the oligarchs because they were armed with rifles which could hit back against the deadly force of the mercenaries. This was right in line with the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment: to secure the lives and liberty of the people against tyranny, a point missed by so many gun control advocates who sheepishly bleat against “military-style assault weapons.”

The working men of early 20th-century America were made of stiffer stuff than today’s emasculated suburbanites. The corporate bugmen and suburban career women of our modern capitalism have been socially engineered for docility, social conformity and cowardice. So when these feeble, degenerate specimens combine their votes with the rapidly increasing third world immigrant horde–who neither respect nor understand any tradition of independent gun ownership–they form a voting bloc which can overwhelm even the proud traditions of a state such as Virginia. The abuses of the giant capitalists of that time were kept in check by the organized labor power of the working white people, which was supported by the Second Amendment. Today, organized labor has been broken by forcing women into the workforce, by diversity quotas, by the largest influx of immigrant labor in American history, and by a co-opted labor movement which pushes an anti-white, anti-family and anti-2nd Amendment liberal agenda.

In the same way Jewish billionaires, such as George Soros and Sheldon Adelson, pull the strings to subvert the genuine people’s movements of both the Left and the Right in America, so do Jewish billionaires like Michael Bloomberg advocate openly for the total disarmament of the American people. One only has to remember the fate of Occupy Wall Street under Bloomberg’s iron heel to see clearly what he envisions for the rest of the country. At that time, Bloomberg used the NYPD–which he bragged about being the “7th-largest army in the world”–as the private foot soldiers of  Wall Street to utterly sweep the rag-tag protestors of OWS from the public square. Occupy was similarly crushed in Chicago by Bloomberg’s fellow Hebrew mayor Rahm Emmanuel–himself the son of an Israeli terrorist, yet a major advocate of gun control for white Americans. If the example of OWS is not enough, simply look to Palestine to see how the Jews treat a population which has been disarmed and is at their mercy.

Occupy was perhaps the last weak manifestation of Leftist resistance to global capital in the United States, before the Left was totally subverted and redirected against “racists” and other oppressed white people. Even such a seemingly anachronistic organization as Redneck Revolt, which claims to be a pro-gun successor to the great labor movements of the early 20th century, spends 95% of their time terrorizing “racists” and “fascists” instead of challenging the corporate Jewish oligarchs who control our society. In other words, they threaten and harass the few working white people still willing to offer resistance to capitalist politically correct tyranny, protecting the corporate masters of neoliberalism. Like the rest of Antifa, this obviously astroturfed Jewish front group only serves to act as the modern Pinkertons and Baldwin Felts of the earlier era–terrorizing and intimidating the working people who are only trying to organize to defend their rights!

Analysts talking about gun control in Virginia make it an issue about the voters there being forced to choose between upholding the Second Amendment, or “attracting high-tech companies” with socially liberal values. They no longer even feel the need to pretend this isn’t about the power of global corporations to override the local traditions and rights of the people. Time will tell whether enough whites in states like Virginia wake up from the conservative delusion of capitalist individualism to realize they are being targeted both as a class and as a race, and that only the socialism of class and the nationalism of race will give them the strength to drive back the creeping tyranny of the oligarchs.

From National Justice – Op-Ed: Say No To The US-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

Original article: https://national-justice.com/op-ed-say-no-us-israel-mutual-defense-pact

Last September, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that they were working on a mutual defense pact. Such a treaty, if signed, would officially and permanently mandate an American military intervention if Israel were to ever start a conflict with its neighbors. 

The Trump administration is desperate to get this done, but Netanyahu is having trouble selling the idea to his rival Benny Gantz. The Likud party has so far been unable to form a government and Netanyahu is battling corruption charges. As a side note, two major GOP donors, Sheldon Adelson and Larry Ellison, are defense witnesses in Bibi’s case.

The major reason why some sectors of the Israeli state want Netanyahu gone is that they believe his government’s belligerence is responsible for Iran’s stunning rise. Netanyahu has chosen Israel-above-all unilateralism using Zion’s cats-paws in Washington to try and bully Tehran, but have walked all over Chinese and Russian interests in the process. 

Two years into the Trump/Israel “maximum pressure” campaign, Iran is not only more powerful than before, it is participating in joint war games with China and Russia. This has angered competing Jewish factions inside Israel, who preferred the Obama method of passively subverting Iran through its countries pro-US/pro-Europe “moderate” liberal reformists. Hassan Rouhani, who they saw as the Persian “Gorbachev,” has now been fully discredited in the eyes of his people thanks to Trump and Netanyahu. 

While all segments of Israeli society are having a public debate on the pros and cons of a military pact for their country, here in the US nobody has consulted with the 1.3 million active-duty American servicemen who will die in a world war to expand Israel’s borders.  

JINSA’s Plan 

Lindsay Graham has told Jews at private events that he is working on this bill and is confident it will be ratified in the Senate. So far, the only people within US borders participating in this conversation are the Republican Jewish Coalition and JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security of America). The latter fifth column is writing the terms of the treaty. 

Last July, JINSA released details of the pact they want Graham to push through, titled “For a Narrow US-Israel Defense Pact,” which can be obtained online (I will not link to downloads on JINSA’s website for security reasons).

The policy paper demands that Israel be granted special access to intelligence collected by the “Five Eyes Alliance” (Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US), officially turning the entire Anglo-Saxon world into a global Jewish spy network (which is already unofficially true).

Furthermore, it calls on the war clause be triggered if any country “threatens” to use chemical of nuclear weapons against the Jewish state or physically undermines Israel’s economic activities. This is very open-ended. 

The most ludicrous part of the Graham/JINSA’s treaty is section 3.4, where Israel is under no obligation to notify or seek approval from the United States when it decides to engage in a military attack against another party. 

In other words, if Israel decides to start a war with Iran (or China, or Russia, or all of them), it doesn’t have to discuss this with its “ally” first. Israel reserves its right to act unilaterally and America must go along for the ride whether we want to or not. 

America gets absolutely nothing from joining such an agreement, except the possibility of a catastrophic world war that can be started by unstable psychopaths like Benjamin Netanyahu without warning, whenever they please. 

The US has not signed a mutual defense treaty since 1962.  

It’s time the 98% start demanding Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham include us in this debate, and prepare to protest as soon as this bill hits the Senate floor. 

Israel Subversion of Microsoft to Influence 2020 Elections

Streamed live on Jul 22, 2019
The Harsh Reality is a YouTuber focusing on issues related to Israel and ethnic supremacy.

02:23 What is happening with Microsoft?
04:44 The Fukushima reactor
06:26 Concerned Citizen Action
09:20 What can be done about selling U.S. secrets?
13:13 Zionist Derailment of Grassroots Movements
20:45 Teaching your children Civic involvement
24:04 Responsibility
24:44 Israel’s Prominence and its effect on discourse
28:58 Selling us our own technology
32:26 Israel in the Tech Sphere
34:43 Immigration Numbers
37:18 Underestimating our Influence
40:07 Closing Remarks

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Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)- The Propaganda Multiplier –

Whether Russia, Syria or Donald Trump, understanding the geopolitical coverage of Western media requires understanding the key role of the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) .

The following study presents for the first time how the CFR created a largely self-contained, transatlantic information cycle in which nearly all relevant sources and benchmarks are controlled by members of the Council and its partner organizations.

In this way, a historically unique information matrix emerged that is clearly superior to the classic government propaganda of authoritarian states, but is increasingly losing its effectiveness due to the success of independent media.

The Council on Foreign Relations

The origin of the Council on Foreign Relations lies in the so-called “trauma of 1920” : After the First World War, the United States could have assumed global leadership for the first time – but the Senate decided against joining the League of Nations and the war-weary population chose Warren Harding as its president who promised a “return to normalcy” and first wanted to take care of the affairs and problems of America and the Americans.

In order to avoid such a setback in the future and “awaken America for its world-wide duties,” internationally-oriented bankers, entrepreneurs, and politicians founded the cross-party CFR in the financial and trading metropolis of New York the following year. Through the collaboration of leading academics and publicists, including Archibald Coolidge ( The United States as a World Power, 1908) andWalter Lippmann ( Public Opinion, 1922), ideas for an active foreign policy should be developed and popularized in public.

The Council’s breakthrough came during the Second World War, when War and Peace Studies CFR experts formulated US war strategy and post-war principles – including UN, World Bank, and World Monetary Fund statutes . In doing so, they followed CFR founding director Isaiah Bowman’s instructions that the US would have to “guarantee global security” in the future, while avoiding “conventional forms of imperialism”, which would impose an “international character” on US power ( Shoup & Minter , 1977: 169ff.).

In this way – just 170 years after the declaration of independence – a global American Empire emerged , whose key positions have since been filled almost entirely by the now almost 5000 representatives of the CFR (see the following figure and list by administration ). For this reason, the news magazine Der Spiegel once called the council the “most influential private institution in America and the Western world” and a “politburo for capitalism” .

With the Second World War, the American sphere of influence extended for the first time to (Western) Europe and East Asia (especially Japan). In order to build local elites in these regions and include them in their own planning, the Council had to complement its network: For Europe CFR member Charles D. Jackson , Eisenhower’s assistant for psychological warfare, launched the so-calledBilderberg group in 1954 , while for East Asia CFR President David Rockefeller and CFR Director Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1972 additionally founded the Trilateral Commission .

Both organizations aim to discuss the key geostrategic challenges and to develop a cross-country and bipartisan consensus. The former French Prime Minister (and Bilderberg participant) François Fillon should not have been wrong in that he stated in 2013 : “It is the Bilderbergers who rule us.”

The CFR Matrix

The successful implementation of a geopolitical strategy – in times of peace and especially in times of war – would be unthinkable without effectively influencing public opinion.Authoritarian states rely on direct government propaganda, which often loses credibility quickly.

The Council was smarter: with nearly 5,000 members, it has built up a seemingly diverse and independent information system that controls nearly all relevant sources and points of reference of members of the CFR and its partner organizations. In this way, a historically unique “propaganda matrix” emerged, the elements and functioning of which are outlined below.

Embedded Media

Whether newspapers, magazines, radio or the Internet: TheCouncil on Foreign Relations was always anxious to integrate owners, editors-in-chief and top journalists of the leading media into its structures.

In fact, in the US , nearly all known media were created by CFR representatives or acquired decades ago (see screenshot below). This was possible because it took considerable financial resources and access to policy-makers to run an influential medium – and the Council and its members have more than almost any other grouping.Even modern Internet companies, such as Google and Facebook, are involved at the highest level in the Council’s network – and sometimes also in its international operations .

The traditional media in (West) Germany were founded after the war in an Allied licensing process and filled with carefully selected publishers and editors-in-chief – structures that have survived through kinship and other relationships to this day. In addition to the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, the integration and socialization of the leading German media people takes place in particular via the so-called Atlantic Bridge , created in 1952 by CFR and World Bank President and High Commissioner for Germany, John J. McCloy , together with CFR Member and banker Eric Warburg – the grandson of CFR Director and Federal ReserveInitiator Paul Warburg – was founded.

Even officially neutral Switzerland has been integrated into the transatlantic economic and security architecture since the Second World War and profited greatly from it.Therefore, a too critical media coverage deviating from transatlantic standards – which could quickly be considered “enemy propaganda” and could lead to undesirable political or economic complications – is not in the country’s interest.

In geopolitical and imperial affairs, therefore, the well-established Swiss media largely report in conformity with CFR and NATO . This conformity is favored by the increasing concentration of media, which has led to morethan 90% of the Swiss market being controlled by only five media companies. The structural integration of these publishers takes place primarily through the Bilderberg Group and through increasingly close cooperation with German Atlantic Bridge media.

In the following graphics, the media networks just described in the USA, Germany and Switzerland are presented graphically for the first time using the official membership and participant lists (see Appendix). As can be seen, they essentially comprise all so-called “mainstream media”. This at the same time pejorative and presumptuous designation can be understood as a rewrite of CFR-compliant publications.

The above media – as well as some other, smaller publications – form the inner ring of the information matrix.They suggest to the population an apparent variety of information, but in reality convey a largely homogenous and CFR-compliant view of world events. To do this, the media have access to an extensive set of tools, using over two dozen different methods, ranging from a biased language to the selective selection of topics and the systematic suppression of context, to the occasional misstatement.

In order to ensure the long-term coherence of this media matrix, however, an external ring is additionally required, which supplies the media with suitable information, views and interpretation patterns. This outer ring is made up of transatlantic governments, military, intelligence agencies, NGOs, think tanks and experts, as well as news and PR agencies, all of which are involved in the CFR’s extensive network, as shown in the following sections.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

While propaganda in authoritarian states usually comes directly from the government (and is therefore easy to see through), in the CFR matrix the so – called non -governmental organizations (NGOs) play a special role, as they suggest the people a government distance and thus greater independence and credibility ,

In fact, who are directors of Amnesty International (AI) ,Human Rights Watch (HRW) and many other ostensibly humanitarian organizations but for decades in the Councilinvolved , while many others are financed by CFR-billionaires like George Soros and controlled. The latter operates it by no means independent foreign policy, butsupports only the international operations of the councils within its means.

While these NGOs sometimes do meaningful but sometimes inconsequential work during the year (eg writing reports on the international human rights situation), their geopolitical function is always used toprepare a regime change or to legitimize a military intervention on a humanitarian basis.

For example, in 1991 Amnesty International ” publiclyverified” the “incubator lie” invented by an American public relations firm , thereby significantly contributing to the launch of the Gulf War. Also in the Balkans, in Afghanistan ( “NATO: keep the progress going!” ) And Libya, AI and HRW called for “humanitarian” military interventions based on questionable to false claims .

In the Syrian war, after the toxic gas attack in the summer of 2013 , Human Rights Watch had an expert report readyto prove the perpetrators of the Syrian government and thus establish a NATO intervention. In a later analysis of MIT researchers, the report turned out to be fabricated , but for CFR media, this should not be a reason for skepticism in the future.

In East African Eritrea, which defied US hegemonic claims since independence in 1993 , Amnesty International andHuman Rights Watch were caught red-handed in a regime change operation in 2011, when some of their employees secretly infiltrated the country as nuns to build a covert network that would trigger nationwide protests later on command. A letter intercepted by the Amnesty Director for Special Programs in Africa states, “Our goal is for Issayas Afewerky’s regime to waver and be overthrown by the end of the year.”

In addition to permanent NGOs such as Amnesty and HRW ,CFR-led institutions such as USAID and NED are also setting up and financing temporary organizations for individual conflicts as needed, taking on local tasks and integrating seamlessly into the matrix. In Syria , for example, theSyrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Aleppo Media Center or the notorious White Helmets , which provided western agencies and the media with dramatic and not always beyond all doubtful images and information , emerged .

Of course, there are also many honest and independent NGOs who are seriously committed to peace and human rights. However, these are usually equipped with much less funds, and hardly ever speak in CFR media – especially not in geostrategic decisive moments.

Think Tanks and Experts

Another important function in the CFR matrix is ​​the so-called think tanks and experts. These provide the media and the public with seemingly sound and objective assessments and analyzes. In fact, almost all experts speaking in CFR-compliant media are in turn integrated into the Council’s transatlantic network – and most of the time, this is not communicated to the audience.

In the US, this includes the Brookings Institution , theRAND Corporation , the NATO-affiliated Atlantic Council , the Aspen Institute, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), all run by CFR cadres. The founder of the “investigative journalist collective”Bellingcat – which provided CFR media with relevant analyzes in the Ukraine crisis and the Syrian war – soon appeared as Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council .

In addition, there are dozens of political, business, and history professors, as well as the presidents of most American elite universities, who, as CFR members, ensure compliant research and teaching and are available to the media as experts (see first illustration).

In Germany, think tanks in demand in CFR media include in particular the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)- co-founded in 1955 by the CFR and presided over by the former Atlantic Bridge chief Arendt Oetker – and a BND secret service on the advice of CFR Director Kissinger founded Foundation Science and Politics (SWP) . The SWP is mainly funded by the German Federal Government and headed by Volker Perthes, who is also a member of the Atlantic Bridge, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the DGAP, making him one of the leading transatlanticists in Germany.

However, the SWP is not just a think tank, but also a planning office: in 2012, it organized a series of workshopsin Berlin together with the US Institute of Peace headed by former US security adviser and CFR member Stephen Hadley Syrian opposition and rebels to plan the time after the planned government overthrow ( project »Day After« ).

In Switzerland, with the exception of the ETH Center for Security Studies, there are hardly any significant geopolitical institutions left. The Swiss television and newspapers such as NZZ also access for their interviews and guest posts so happy to SWP experts and other German transatlanticist back – with their relevant connections are not usually disclosed.

Independent experts – who are often in the limelight of their transatlantic counterparts – have a hard time in CFR media: most of them are simply ignored, while particularly critical minds even have to expect defamation campaigns, as recently the German Islamic scholar and Syria expertMichael Lueders or the Swiss historian and expert in covert warfare Daniele Ganser experienced.


The US and NATO military is also an integral part of the CFR matrix and plays a crucial role, especially in times of crisis and war.

The CFR maintains for decades its own training programfor officers, so now estimated that around 75% of all higher US military have been trained by the CFR – including almost all Chiefs of Staff, NATO commander and field commanders since the Second World War (see the first figure and listing per administration ). In this way, the Council has built up an ideologically trained, imperial force, which is otherwise known only to totalitarian regimes.

Ulrich Tilgner, the long-standing Middle East correspondent for ZDF and Swiss television, described the interaction between the media and the military in retrospect of the 2003 Iraq war as follows:

“With the help of the media, the military determine the public perception and use it for their planning.They manage to arouse expectations and spread scenarios and deceptions. In this new kind of war, the PR strategists of the US administration fulfill a similar function as the bomber pilots. The special departments for public relations in the Pentagon and in the intelligence services have become combatants in the information war. ()
In doing so, the US military deliberately uses the lack of transparency of media coverage for its deceptive maneuvers. Their scattered information, which is picked up and distributed by newspapers and broadcasters, makes it impossible to trace readers, listeners or viewers back to the source. Thus, they fail to recognize the original intention of the military. … Journalists are thus used as a means to mislead the war opponent. Information becomes part of warfare: the information war. “(Tilgner, Der staged war ,2003/2007, p. 132ff)

Tilgner’s assessment was confirmed by Tom Curley, the former head of the American news agency Associated Press. Curley said in a 2009 speech that the Pentagon aloneemploys 27,000 public relations specialists who produce propaganda and disinformation with an annual budget of nearly $ 5 billion. In addition, high US generals had threatened that they would “ruin” the AP and him if the reporters were too critical about the US military report.Nonetheless – or because of this – CFR media generally accept the statements of the US and NATO military quite uncritically.

The symbiosis between military and media thus goes far beyond the notorious “embedded journalists”.Independent investigative journalists, on the other hand, have a hard time: they are classified by NATO members according to Wikileaks documents as one of the biggest security risks – and treated accordingly .


Since World War II, nearly all CIA directors have been members of the council. The predecessor organization of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) , was founded and managed by CFR members Allen Dulles and William J. Donovan. In that sense, the CIA is more likely to be seen as a covert arm of the Council, rather than a classic intelligence service subordinate to the US president

Thus, the well-known operation Mockingbird appears in a slightly different light. In the mid-1970s, it became public that the CIA had confederates in almost all US media and supplied them with information or disinformation.However, the leaders of these media were already long since involved in the Council and sat with the directors of the CIA at the same table – from a subversive infiltration of otherwise independent media can not really be spoken in this respect. Ended finally to have this program CIA and CFR Director George HW Bush – at least it was back then in the newspapers.

Former CIA officer and whistleblower John Stockwell saidof his work in the Angolan war, “The basic goal was to make it look like an adversarial aggression. In this sense, we wrote appropriate stories and put them in the media.One third of my team in this mission was public relations experts whose job was to invent news and put it in the press. The editors in most Western newspapers are not too skeptical of messages that conform to general views and prejudices. Some of our stories ran for weeks. But it was all invented. “

The fact that some German-speaking top journalists also work closely with intelligence services is exemplified by the case of Otto Schulmeister. Schulmeister was for many years editor-in-chief of the press , one of the most traditional daily newspapers in Austria. He maintained close contacts with the CIA and was constantly supplied with “material” by the secret service. The CIA head office was pleased with the good cooperation, as can be seen in his recently declassified dossier : “Material handed out. An editorial appeared according to our instructions. “

The special feature of intelligence services such as the CIA, however, is that they not only work in the extraction and processing of information, but also perform covert operations. For example, during the Cold War British and American intelligence agencies along with NATO organized dozens of bombings in Western Europe, which were then blamed on Communist and Arab groups ( Operation Gladio). CFR-compliant media always spread the official narrative and did not ask critical questions – a mechanism that can still be observed today.

In this way, the Council’s network, from covert operation to media coverage, can direct a whole chain of events, creating an artificial reality that allows the public to be virtually randomly directed. Or, as Former CIA Director and Council Representative William Casey once put it : “Our disinformation program will not be complete until everything the public believes is wrong.”


For decades, until the surprise election of Donald Trump (see: Trump, the Media, and Geopolitics ), the Council occupied nearly all of the key US government positions, providing several hundred senior officials and advisers toeach administration – whether democratic or republican .Former US Senator Barry Goldwater said this once: “If we change the president, it means that voters want a change in national policy. () So far, there has always been a big change in personnel, but no change in politics, because one CFR member replaced the other. “

The officially neutral Switzerland can not escape the geopolitical constraints: the Confederation would, for example, does not participate in the US-initiated sanctions against Russia, Syria or Iran, there would be just sanctions against Switzerland (as part of the Hotz- Linder Agreementhave already been threatened) – with disastrous consequences for the Swiss economy and society.Respectively, state-sponsored media report on such topics

Within the matrix, governments perform various tasks. On the one hand, of course, they have always been among the main players in the immediate propagation of propaganda.In contrast to authoritarian states, democracies benefit from the fact that their propaganda-burdened governments are replaced every few years by fresh successors with a new vote of confidence – with most geopolitical power relations and mechanisms being changed by the change of government (see chart).

Even more fundamental, however, is the state influence on education, through which the world and history of a population is sustainably shaped. Historiography, in particular, is an essential instrument for defining “good” and “evil” and shaping the self-image of countries. And although everyone knows that “the victor writes the story,” few are aware that it really is.

For their part, CFR media – as well as the online encyclopedia Wikipedia – ensure that imperial historiography is kept in the public eye, while critical historians (»revisionists«) often fare even worse than their colleague in journalism. For it is the dictum of George Orwell: “Who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. “

HollywoodEntertainment Industry

In addition to the traditional media, the film industry in Hollywood is an integral part of the CFR matrix, especially since the bosses of all famous film studios – from Disney toUniversal to 20th Century Fox – are involved in the Council.Therefore, it is not surprising that Hollywood fromAmerican Sniper to Zero Dark Thirty brings one propaganda band after another in the cinemas and thus – in addition to the school lessons – the world and history image of broad sections of the population in a more or less subtle way.

The film studios are not independent from the rest of the CFR matrix: according to recently published documents , the Pentagon and CIA have edited the scripts of at least 800 feature films and more than 1000 TV productions into individual dialogues and characters in order to provide the audience with the desired messages and convey stereotypes. This effort is especially rewarding if the respective film production receives an Oscar at the end of the year – as was the case recently with the “documentary film” about the ominous white helmets in Syria.

But not only film studios, but also some of the most famous Hollywood stars are members of the CFR and are committed to its international projects. When Angelina Jolie flies to Libya to show solidarity with the NATO revolutionaries and praise her for their efforts , or whenGeorge Clooney (due to the starving children) advocates splitting the (oil-rich and China-friendly) Sudan under US supervision begins , then report CFR media in detail about it – and do not mention this only one thing: that these actors are also members of the Council.

News Agencies

A special role in the information matrix taking news agencies one. The former managing director of the Austrian news agency APA described her function with these words: »News agencies are rarely in the public interest. Yet they are one of the most influential and at the same time one of the least known media genres. They are key institutions of substantial importance to any media system. They are the invisible nerve center that connects all parts of this system. «(Segbers 2007, p.10)

Indeed, at international events, nearly all the texts and images using CFR media come from just three global news agencies: the American Associated Press (AP), the British-Canadian Thomson Reuters , and the French Agence France-Presse (AFP). Even international correspondents usually have to rely on these agencies for their work, as the longtime Dutch war correspondent Joris Luyendijkimpressively described in his book “On Images and Lies in Times of War” .

On the one hand, the dominance of the three global agencies means that the same information is usually found in CFR media from Vienna to Washington – and the same information is missing. On the other hand, the central distribution of information facilitates the work of those actors who want to feed propaganda and disinformation into the global media at crucial moments.

Reuters War Correspondent Fred Bridgland described this in a remarkable report from Channel 4 UK as follows: “We based our reports on official communications. It was not until years later that I learned that the US embassy had a disinformation expert from the CIA and invented those communications that had no relation to reality at all. () But honestly, no matter what the agencies publish, it will be recorded by the editors anyway. “

While Reuters and AP are directly involved in the Council, the AFP belongs to the French state, which in turn is integrated into the transatlantic structures through the Bilderberg Group and NATO. Ultimately, the global agencies act as a kind of “propaganda multiplier” , with which CFR operators and their partners can spread the messages they want around the world (see in- depth study). In doing so, they benefit from the fact that the agencies normally work in a truly serious manner and therefore enjoy an excellent reputation.

The Propaganda Multiplier

Only thanks to the three global agencies did the dubious reports of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights or the questionable Ukraine analyzes of Bellingcat reach hundreds of international media and thus a worldwide audience of billions.

Also the pictures of the burnt-out UN relief convoy at Aleppo in September 2016 and the “poison gas attack” on Khan Sheikhoun in April 2017 – both events are still unclear – went around the world and caused massive diplomatic and even military reactions. The photos came in both cases from the two same agency photographer embedded in US-backed militias .

By contrast, the work of independent reporters barely makes it to the news in geopolitical explosive events. The Norwegian Jan Oberg was one of the few photographers in the reconquered city of Aleppo in December 2016, but hecould not place his pictures in any medium – they “did not fit into the Western narrative” . And the long-time Middle East correspondent and Syria expert Karin Leukefeld was informed that they could no longer use their reports because they do not adhere to the “relevant agency reports” .

Heads of news agencies sometimes have quite different responsibilities due to their overview of the media landscape. During the Cold War , the director of the Swiss Dispatching Agency SDA was personally responsible for informing Swiss journalists suspected of “left-wingness” for the purposes of detention and observation by the Federal Police.

Public Relations Agencies

What governments, military and intelligence agencies can not or do not want to do on their own is taken over by external PR agencies. For example, the well-known”incubator lie” (see above) was staged by the US agencyHill & Knowlton , who made the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter a nurse and prepared her false testimony before the US Congress.

The key figure at the time was John E. Porter , who chaired the congressional committee and co-operated with the PR agency at the same time. In the face of such collusion ,even the CFR-affine New York Times called forconsequences – and they did indeed exist: Porter waselected to the council shortly thereafter .

The Gulf War had just ended and revealed the Nayirah because the US agency was Rudder Finn already in the Balkan wars active and prepared the journalistic ground for the following NATO intervention (see Becker / Beham,Operation Balkans: Advertising for war and death , 2008).The then director of Rudder Finn explained in a laterinterview , why his company, for example, spread the hoax of Serbian “death camps” in Bosnia:

“Our job is not to check information. We are not equipped for that. Our job is to accelerate the circulation of information that is favorable to us and to achieve carefully selected goals. We have not confirmed the existence of death camps in Bosnia, we just announced that [the US magazine] Newsday has claimed this. () We are professionals. We had an order and we did it. We are not paid to be moral. “

When the foreign chief of a Swiss weekly wanted to explain this and other war lies to a German-speaking audience in the mid-1990s, well-known media houses from Germany and Switzerland immediately intervened with his publisher and made sure that he was not allowed to write about Bosnia for the time being and even discussed his dismissalwas .

Also in the Syria war PR professionals were in demand. A highlight was undoubtedly the “seven-year Twitter girl Bana Alabed” , which assured the population in the NATO countries in the best English that the reconquest Aleppos by the Syrian army and Russia is not a liberation, but a new “Holocaust”. CFR media reported about the child for weeks.

Eventually it became known that “Bana” is under contractwith the British PR agency The Blair Partnership , which also features Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who previously provided some of her books to the media. There were no gifts, however, for a German blogger, who accusedthe magazine Stern because uncritical spread of the Bana story “Fake News” : He was sued immediately .

Another specialty of PR agencies is astroturfing , where an artificial public movement is launched to achieve a political goal. Online petitions of allegedly humanitarian organizations such as Avaaz or Campact , which then suddenly demand a “no-fly zone” over Libya instead of support for the rainforest, are particularly popular .

Conflicts of Interest with True Journalism

A key aspect of the CFR matrix is ​​that it includes ordinary journalists. Many journalists are therefore likely to believe in their own narrative, while others like PR professionals work and deliver their contributions simply with the desired spin . Still others may see in conformity even a career opportunity for themselves.

But pre-selected sources, peer pressure, and reliance on superiors and clients make it difficult, even impossible, for sincere and intelligent journalists to break through the information matrix from within and bring divergent views when imperial affairs are touched.

According to internal memos , employees of the ARD arerequired to “defend Western positions” in the event of geopolitical conflicts , to comply with confidentiallanguage regulations and to use only compliant sources .The former editor-in-chief of ZDF also made public that contributions to US wars are politically influenced . Middle East correspondent Ulrich Tilgner lamented editorial interventions for “Alliance considerations,” and the former head of the ZDF studio in Bonn confirmed “top-down instructions” and “voluntary synchronization” the journalist.

Dissenters are sanctioned accordingly: In Switzerland, about the longtime SRF correspondent Helmut Scheben as “Putin-Troll” and “became part of the Russian propaganda machine” insulted when he dared to question the Syrian reporting of Western media critical. Even a NZZ author, who let it be noted that he still has unanswered questions about the events of September 11, 2001, was immediatelypublicly rebuked by his boss .

American journalists do not fare better. Gary Webb , who revealed in the 1990s that the CIA imported cocaine from Colombia and used the proceeds to finance militias in Nicaragua, was defamed by the US media until his reputation was ruined and he committed suicide a few years later. Phil Donahue , who was the only US top journalist to criticize the planned Iraq war in 2003, wasdismissed by MSNBC, despite excellent odds .

Amber Lyon , who filmed a documentary on US ally Bahrain on behalf of CNN and criticized the human rights situation, was denied the broadcast by her own broadcaster , whereupon she left the station on her own .And Sean Hannity , who on Fox News the unsolved murderwanted to address to DNC staff Seth Rich, found himself with the jump of several sponsors and the possible dismissal of his mission faced – and with angry commentsfrom leading council employees.

Now, one might assume that in such obvious cases of abuse, the American Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) , which campaigns for the rights of journalists, would intervene. But that’s not the case – as the directors and almost the entire board of the CPJ are themselves members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

After all, such journalists could receive an award for their work, for example the prestigious Pulitzer Prize . Here, too, one waits in vain, because the president of the Pulitzer Committee (currently a Washington Post editor) and various board members also come from the Council. In general, the awarding of prizes and awards is an effective means of defining what “good” journalism is and “reputed” journalist.

The German investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Dirk Pohlmann described the situation with the following words after one of his geopolitically explosivefilm projects was stopped by ZDF at the highest level:

“That was just an issue where you get to the limits of what you can report about. These limits exist, even in our so-called “Free West.” You can tell that when you enter them: Then suddenly the headlights go on, the dogs start to bark and you hear people approaching.And then you know, ok, now I’m in the territory that was previously claimed to be nonexistent: the mined territory of the borders of freedom of information. “

Does this mean that critical journalism is not wanted in CFR-compliant media? On the contrary, serious journalism is the basis for the credibility of the traditional media, on the basis of which targeted and effective geopolitical (and other) propaganda can be launched. Because the unsuspecting reader and viewer has little chance to recognize the clever manipulation between two honest contributions or even to guess.

Of all propaganda principles, this may be the most important one in the long run: only trustworthy media can misuse this trust.

The U.S Occupation in Iraq by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

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The Flying Olives


Dr. Dahlia Wasfi is an American-Iraqi physician and peace activist, who actively speaks out against the impact of war – both on the environment and the civilian population’s quality of life.


The largest and most expensive embassy in the world today is the United States embassy in Baghdad. At 104 acres – nearly as large as Vatican City – it had cost a staggering amount of US$750 million to construct.

Six of the 1000 employees who work inside of the embassy’s Green Zone can speak Arabic – the language of the country where the American government is now at war with and occupying; a symbol of the utter contempt America has for the Iraqi people they are occupying.


When we think of the world’s worst atrocities of when global mourning demands #NeverAgain, the Ashkenazi Jews who had fled their homeland of Austria during…

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The Lobby USA – #ElectronicIntifada #Aljazeera #Israel #Zionism

The content in the blog post is from Electronic Intifada:


The #ElectronicIntifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.

Episode 1 – Covert War

Episode 2 – Managing Elites

Episode 3 – Witch Hunt

Episode 4 – Marketing Occupation

We are releasing the leaked film simultaneously with France’s Orient XXI and Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar, which have respectively subtitled the episodes in French and Arabic. Thefilm was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017.

But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film.

Although Al Jazeera’s director-general claimed last month that there were outstanding legal issues with the film, his assertions have been flatly contradicted by his own journalists.

In March, The Electronic Intifada was the first to reporton any of the film’s specific content. We followed this in August by publishing the first extract of the film, and shortly after Max Blumenthal at the Grayzone Projectreleased others.

Since then, The Electronic Intifada has released three other extracts, and several other journalists have watched the entire film and written about it – including Alain Gresh and Antony Loewenstein.

Now The Electronic Intifada can reveal for the first time that it has obtained all four parts of the film.

To get unprecedented access to the Israel lobby’s inner workings, undercover reporter “Tony” posed as a pro-Israel volunteer in Washington.

The resulting film exposes the efforts of Israel and its lobbyists to spy on, smear and intimidate US citizens who support Palestinian human rights, especially BDS – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

It shows that Israel’s semi-covert black-ops government agency, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, is operating this effort in collusion with an extensive network of US-based organizations.

These include the Israel on Campus CoalitionThe Israel Project and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Censored by Qatar

The film was suppressed after the government of #Qatar came under intense pressure not to release it – ironically from the very same lobby whose influence and antics the film exposes.

Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera’s head of investigations, revealed in an article for The Forward in March that Al Jazeera had sent more than 70 letters to individuals and organizations who appear in or are discussed in the film, providing them with an opportunity to respond.

Only three did so. Instead, pro-Israel groups have endeavored to suppress the film that exposes the lobby’s activities.

In April, Al Jazeera’s management was forced to deny a claim by the hard-right Zionist Organization of America that the film had been canceled altogether.

In June, The Electronic Intifada learned that a high level source in Doha had said the film’s indefinite delay was due to “national security” concerns of the Qatari government.

Covert action

As revealed in a clip published by The Electronic Intifada earlier this week, the film shows Julia Reifkind – then an Israeli embassy employee – describing her typical work day as “mainly gathering intel, reporting back to Israel … to report back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.”

She discusses the Israeli government “giving our support” to front groups “in that behind-the-scenes way.”

Reifkind also admits to using fake Facebook profiles to infiltrate the circles of Palestine solidarity activists on campus.

The film also reveals that US-based groups coordinate their efforts directly with the Israeli government, particularly its Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Run by a former military intelligence officer, the ministry is in charge of Israel’s global campaign of covert sabotage targeting the BDS movement.

The film shows footage of the very same ex-military intelligence officer, Sima Vaknin-Gil, claiming to have mapped Palestinian rights activism “globally. Not just the United States, not just campuses, but campuses and intersectionality and labor unions and churches.”

She promises to use this data for “offense activity” against Palestine activists.

Jacob Baime, executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, claims in the undercover footage that his organization uses “corporate level, enterprise-grade social media intelligence software” to gather lists of Palestine-related student events on campus, “generally within about 30 seconds or less” of them being posted online.

Baime also admits on hidden camera that his group “coordinates” with the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Baime states that his researchers “issue early warning alerts to our partners” – including Israeli ministries.

Baime’s colleague Ian Hersh admits in the film to adding Israel’s “Ministry of Strategic Affairs to our operations and intelligence brief.”


“Psychological warfare”

Baime describes how his group has used anonymous websites to target activists.

“With the anti-Israel people, what’s most effective, what we’ve found at least in the last year, is you do the opposition research, put up some anonymous website, and then put up targeted Facebook ads,” Baime explains in part three of the film.

“Canary Mission is a good example,” he states. “It’s psychological warfare.”

The film names, for the first time, convicted tax evaderAdam Milstein as the multimillionaire funder and mastermind of Canary Mission – an anonymous smear site targeting student activists.

The Electronic Intifada revealed this in a clip in August.

Eric Gallagher, then fundraising director for The Israel Project, is seen in the undercover footage admitting that “Adam Milstein, he’s the guy who funds” Canary Mission.

Milstein also funds The Israel Project, Gallagher states.

Gallagher says that when he was working for AIPAC, Washington’s most powerful Israel lobby group, “I was literally emailing back and forth with [Adam Milstein] while he was in jail.”

Despite not replying to Al Jazeera’s request for comment, Milstein denied that he and his family foundation “are funders of Canary Mission” on the same day The Electronic Intifada published the clip.

Since then, Josh Nathan-Kazis of The Forward has identified several other groups in the US who fund Canary Mission.


Suppressed film

In March, The Electronic Intifada published the first details of what is in the film.

We reported that it showed Sima Vaknin-Gil claiming to have leading neoconservative think tank the Foundation for Defense of Democracies working for her ministry.

The undercover footage shows Vaknin-Gil claiming that “We have FDD. We have others working on” projects including “data gathering, information analysis, working on activist organizations, money trail. This is something that only a country, with its resources, can do the best.”

As noted in part one of the documentary, the existence of the film and the identity of the undercover reporter became known after footage he had shot for it was used in Al Jazeera’s The Lobby – about Israel’s covert influence campaign in the UK – aired in early 2017.

Since then, Israel lobbyists have heavily pressured Qatar to prevent the US film from airing.


“Foreign agent”

Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera’s head of investigations, first confirmed in October 2017 that the network had run an undercover reporter in the US Israel lobby at the same time as in the UK.

Swisher promised the film would be released “very soon,” but it never came out.Multiple Israel lobby sources told Israel’s Haaretznewspaper in February that they had received assurances from Qatari leaders late last year that the documentary would not be aired.Qatar denied this, but the paper stood by its story.

Swisher’s op-ed in The Forward was his first public comment on the matter since he had announced the documentary.

In it, he refutes Israel lobby allegations about the film and expresses frustration that Al Jazeera had not aired it, apparently due to outside pressure.

Several pro-Israel lawmakers in Washington have piled on more pressure by pushing the Department of Justice to force Al Jazeera to register as a “foreign agent” under a counterespionage law dating from the 1930s.


The Israel lobby goes to Doha

While the film was delayed, a wave of prominent pro-Israel figures visited Qatar at the invitation of its ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

They have included some of the most right-wing and extreme figures among Israel’s defenders in the US, such as Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Morton Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization of America.

Swisher wrote in The Forward that he ran into Dershowitz at a Doha restaurant during one of these visits, and invited the professor to a private viewing of the film.

“I have no problem with any of the secret filming,” Swisher says Dershowitz told him afterwards. “And I can even see this being broadcast on PBS” – the USpublic broadcaster.

Yet it appears that Israel lobby efforts to quash the film were successful – until now.