Esoteric Knowledge: “The Great Work” = “The Construction of the Third Temple of Solomon” …Sacred Geometry, Blood Moon, Kabbalah, [United Nations = Union of Intelligible Associations(UIA)]

The meeting of the UIA over the duration of:

November 18-19, 2021

of which a celestial event:


….recurring for first time in:


… in Prague is…


of which the topic of discussion:

The source is right there:


“The Great Work” = Enabled by Climate Emergency


Risk of Eco-Accidents:

NATURE: Abrupt and widespread discontinuities exist in the fossil record of fauna and are considered evidence of widespread mass extinction of species. These low frequency events have been attributed to fluctuations in sea level, reversals of the geomagnetic fields (exposing the earth’s surface to lethal radiation), impacts of the earth by very large meteors (putting tons of dust into the atmosphere cutting off photosynthesis) and supernovae (causing catastrophic but temporary climate changes). There are also a range of potential man-made ecocatastrophes, such as triggering an earthquake with a an underground nuclear explosion. In addition, there are other more fantastic possibilities. The sun will expand into a red star engulfing Mercury and Venus and melting lead on the Earth. The moon can fall to earth, a comet, a swarm of meteorites or a black hole could collide with the earth. The earth will eventually loose its atmosphere. A life form might evolve destroying all of humankind.

This is the source material for the United Nations Agenda 2030 – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The carrying out of the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is the partnership formed between the United Nations and the World Economic Forum known as “The Great Reset”…

See where this Masonic aptitude takes us…

Interrelationship of Databases • presented in Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976)

Notice how the use of the Sacred Geometry is immersed within the framework for problem solving by the “Union of Intelligible Associations” – this is Masonic. Masonic code is derived from the Kabbalah.

It is imperative to understand “The Great Work” and that phrase’s meaning within the contextual philosophy employed by the globalists…it does not come out of no where ..

This polyhedron is used to illustrate the “interrelationships” of subject matter covered in the “Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential” – published in 1976.

++++The Great Work = The Construction of the Third Temple of Solomon++++

Explanatory notes:
Each rectangle corresponds to one information series in the Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (1976):

The letter in each rectangle is the same as that in the margin of the sequence of numbered entries of the corres­
ponding series. It may be used to locate the series since the margin marks are in alphabetical order.

The number in each rectangle is the total number of entries in the series in question. (Where there is a number
asterisked within brackets, this indicates the number of additional entries cross-referenced within the same series,
but which have not yet been allocated their own reference number).

The relationships indicated between series are not all present in this edition.

This diagram appears at the end of the Introduction to each section, facing the explanation of the contents and
organization of the entries in that section.