Do We Have A Conservative Opposition In The Federal Parliament? 


On paper , yes.

In action , well, doesn’t look like it . Consider :

Has Pierre Poilievre and His Conservative Party introduced resolutions , bills however you wish to describe them :

Condemning the Covid Federal Lockdowns and mandates of thepast almost three years ?

Supported an independent , non government involved citizens’ inquiry examining the legal and scientific validity of the Government covid lockdowns and calling on the federal government to provide all information from thefederal government to the inquiry that is requested by the inquiry?

Condemned the Emergency Act as being a biased document favouring the Federal Government and protecting it from transparency and accountability?

Proposed amendments to the Emergency Act making it mandatory for the Parliament to appoint a Commissioner and determine the terms of reference of any future inquiry?

Proposed that the FederalGovernment remove itself from any involvement with the World Economic Forum?

Proposed that no…

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The migration model and the theory of wages


The new prime minister Chris Hipkins stated that he wanted to make it easier for workers to come to New Zealand especially helping those sectors experiencing significant labour shortages but didn’t want to loosen immigration settings too much.

In economic theory the impact of migration we can assume that the supply of labour will shift to the right. This increase in labour supply makes labour less scarce and therefore leads to a reduction in wages. The lower wage means the level of domestic (local workers) employed is reduced. The blue area represents what local workers receive in pay whilst the green area is the immigrant wages. This will cause a transfer of surplus from domestic employees to employers – wage loss to labour but a gain to the employer. There is also a net increase in surplus from that before immigration called ‘Immigration surplus’ – see graph. However does this…

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“It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives”

The World We Live In

Real “mea culpa”, ongoing and rapid revision of history, orfurther narrative management with regard ‘amnesty’over what “the others” did to those who thought for themselves over the last few years…

In no less a liberal rag than Newsweek,Kevin Bass (MS MD/PHD Student, Medical School) has penned a quite surprising (and ‘brave’) op-ed saying that“it’s time for the scientific community to admit we were wrong about COVID and it cost lives…”

As a medical student and researcher,I staunchly supported the efforts of the public health authorities when it came to COVID-19.

I believed that the authorities responded to the largest public health crisis of our lives with compassion, diligence, and scientific expertise. I was with them when they called for lock-downs, vaccines, and boosters.

I was wrong.Wein the scientific community were wrong. And it cost lives.

I can see now that the scientific community from the

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mainstream anti-vaxx, eg. Wall Street Journal

Financial Risk

The problem is lack of good death statistics anywhere in the world. Very hard to determine cause of death anyway,
so such tabulations of little value.

Lots of anecdotal data, young healthy people dropping dead for no good reason….etc

Slowly I notice more stories on the problems with vaxx and federal “authorities” $$$$$

I am glad I did not volunteer to be a guinea pig.

Africa was the least affected continent and the least vaxxed.
Like the pandemic never happened in Africa even with poor hungry people without good water, sanitation…

Sweden was the least affected country in Europe and the least vaxxed.

China the most draconian government response and one of the worst deaths, economic collapse for years now.

Wall Street Journal is about the most mainstream publication for higher IQ folk. Economy will not function if everybody vaxxed and sick.
Cannot fight wars without soldiers.
Cannot defend Israel…

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Planned Global Famine Is Unfolding – Get Ready

ஜ ۩ Whiskey Tango Texas ۩ ஜ

Global hunger is spreading rapidly because global food supplies have been getting tighter and tighter. If this trend continues, we could be facing a nightmare scenario before this calendar year is over.

Mainstream Media Admits We’re Facing “The Worst Food Crisis In Modern History”

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Musings on the militarization of Covid

The Most Revolutionary Act

El Gato Malo

a lot of very strange things seem to have happened in the west around covid and covid response.

not only did we take every piece of evidence-based epidemic guideline that had stood in place for 100 years and toss it out the window, but we then immediately adopted its diametric opposite as “proven policy” and recklessly imposed it in draconian fashion as though his was somehow “the science™.”

public panic was pursued as pandemic policy and response rammed down throats as trumped up moral imperative backed by increasingly overt threats and mandates.

dissidents were vilified and silenced. disagreement was disparaged and drowned under demagoguery.

the party line was as relentless and uncriticizable as it was lacking in foundation.

it felt like we were under attack.

it was not so much public health as war and as the fog clears we can increasingly see why: because this was…

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Florida poised to become 26th state that allows permitless carry of guns


Florida lawmakers are pushing legislation that would let citizens carry a concealed gun without having to get a government-issued permit.

The move would allow for permitless carry in most states.

Republican state House Speaker Paul Renner is captaining the effort with support from GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who last month urged lawmakers to get it done.

Under the Florida bill, qualified people could carry a concealed weapon without seeking a permit and paying related fees, although they must follow laws prohibiting weapons in places like schools, athletic events and jails.

“Floridians shouldn’t need a government permission slip to exercise their constitutional rights,” Mr. Renner said.

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IT Army of Ukraine gained access to a 1.5GB archive from Gazprom


IT Army of Ukraine claims to have breached the infrastructure of the Russian energy giant Gazprom and had access to a 1.5 GB archive. The collective IT Army of Ukraine announced it has gained access to a 1.5 GB archive belonging to the Russian energy giant Gazprom. The group of hacktivists announced the hack on […]

The post IT Army of Ukraine gained access to a 1.5GB archive from Gazprom appeared first on Security Affairs.

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Farm leaders are watching whether O’Connor keeps Agriculture as the climate lobby presses for methane action

Point of Order

Farming leaders  are watching  closely  whether  Damien O’Connor keeps the key portfolios of Agriculture and Trade when Prime Minister Chris Hipkins  restructures his Cabinet.

O’Connor  has been one of the  few ministers during Labour’s term in office who has  won broad support for what he has done as minister, but  he  is now in his 65th year   and  the  heavy  load  he  has  carried  as minister  would have exhausted  any  but  the  fittest.

Hipkins  could be  under  pressure  from climate change lobby groups to put  a  new minister into  the Agriculture  role  to enforce tougher policies on reducing methane emissions from livestock  which make up nearly 40% of NZ’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

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The War You Don’t See — Rs 8.23 Trillion Trade Deficit With China

Empire Diaries

India’s trade deficit with China hit a record Rs 8.23 trillion last year (Credit: Pixabay)

Nadim Siraj

January 24, 2023: There’s an old saying: penny wise, pound foolish. It applies to how things work in the cut-throat world of geopolitics.

Let’s understand this with a hypothetical example. Say, you got a neighbouring empire that you suspect is plotting to invade your kingdom. You panic and throw in all that you’ve got to bolt your border. Your first reaction is to line up a gargantuan fleet of troops to man your borders. You arm them to the teeth and task them to keep a hawk’s eye out — nobody should bat an eyelid.

But there’s a catch here. Your obsession with securing your border is of little help. That’s because you’ve unmindfully left your back door ajar. While you’re busy at the border with binoculars, scanning the horizon for…

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Undercover video about Pfizer vaccine process causes stir

Digital Empire

A viral undercover interview has focused attention on the process that Pfizer Inc uses to update its COVID-19 vaccines.

The video of the interview, conducted by Project Veritas, a journalistic outlet known for undercover tactics, was published on Jan 25 on social media channels such as Twitter, where it had been viewed more than 25.8 million times as of Sunday evening.

It shows a conversation between an unidentified Project Veritas reporter and a Pfizer employee identified as Jordon Trishton Walker, director of research and development-strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning. Walker said later that he believed he was on a date with the person who interviewed him.

“One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re going to do that, there’s a risk of like…

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Here’s What Happens To Society When The System Fails

Scattered Shots

Authored by Fabiann Ommar via The Organic Prepper blog,

When the system begins to fail, society can quickly crumble. Two such events have occurred recently…

Let’s reflect on the Brumadinho mining dam disaster and see about the recent cartel attack in Culiacán, Mexico, in order to discuss how these kinds of events can affect our daily lives, particularly during times of crisis.

In his work, Selco explains what occurs to individuals and society as a whole when the system completely fails. He’s unmatched and possibly one of the greatest sources to look at because of how effectively his blunt and honest style is to convey the drama and urgency of theunthinkable.

I haven’t experienced a civil war, but I can speak about other SHTFs, such asThirdworldization, or crime that occurs when a crisis arises.

The recent events in Mexico serve as the ideal illustration.


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Chicago is horrifying

Nigga this CHIRAQ – this is just a scrimmage…they playing tennis…niggas be wild’n cuz dey done so stay getting that clout …

Man down
Man down
Man down

Tales from the Conspiratum

This has to be one of the most intense videos I ever saw because it’s real and this is becoming commonplace. Life in the USA today.

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Proper definition of common terms:

Ooh this is good display of Finkelthink…Sixth dimension finkel scheme


Gun Control: Gun control means you have practiced shooting your gun so you have complete control of it so if someone tries to steal it from you you are able to shoot the bastard in the head!

So who are the subversive LIARS who are trying to take the guns? NOT a cohencidence!

Pro choice: This is the compassionate thing to do to all murderers of innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic by giving them the choice of what wall to stand against to be shot.  Obviously all selfish slothful KKK slavery lefties have a mother who made the WRONG choice!

Not your body selfish slothful murderer!

Liberal: An open minded individual who has exited the false left vs. right paradigm and understands both parties are the uniparty serving the satanic bankster sewage.

Wake up!

Conservative: Someone who conserves nothing and erroneously still believes their vote matters.


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World Energy Wake Up Call

Science Matters

Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spearheaded by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality.How Much Energy Will the World Need?

Video Transcript

We’re headed toward an exciting all-renewable energy future. Wind and solar will power the world of tomorrow.

And tomorrow isn’t far off!……..

…It’s time to wake up.

You’re having a dream.

Here’s the reality.

Oil, natural gas, and coal provide 84% of all the world’s energy. That’s down just two percentage points from twenty years ago.

And oil still powers nearly 97% of all global transportation.

Contrary to headlines claiming that we’re rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels, it’s just not happening. Two decades and five trillion dollars of governments “investing” in green energy and we’ve…

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Why Western CBDCs will fail.

Video Rebel's Blog

The US Dollar, I believe, will collapse before the US presidential elections in November 2024. I also believe Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will fail for all Western countries.

The next big geopolitical move will be the unwinding of the absolute disaster of the NATO project in the Ukraine. There were 40,000 NATO soldiers in the Ukraine. Many have died and many more will die after the Big Russian Push, from Belarus, from Russia and from the Donbass. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense admitted that 23,000 of their soldiers died in the past 2 months at Bakhmut-Soledar. Those surviving NATO soldiers will be captured and repatriated. When they get home, they will tell a different story than the lies the Corporate media told their friends and relatives.

The collapse of the Ukraine is important because as Ron Paul told us “The US went off the gold standard and went on…

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Australia the next Venezuela

Law of Markets

I wish I were up to writing all that needs to be said, but I’ve just read how Labor is going to deliver us “the new capitalism”.

Here is how the old capitalism worked. Individuals would put their own capital at risk and if it worked out they would earn a living, and sometimes become rich. Meanwhile, the community would become more prosperous over time.

Now the word used by our Treasurer is “co-investment’. The government will lead the way. It will be in “partnership”. They are such buffoons but we will all pay for their stupidity. These socialists have never understood a thing about how an economy works.

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The legal implications and challenges of DeepFakes

eniola's world

Picture this. The year is 2023 and you have just been sent a video by a family member, alongside the message; ‘It’s you! Omg! What are you doing?’

You proceed to click the video. And you’re dissilusioned by the image in front of you. Because, it’s not a lie – the video is technically you. But it’s not you. It’s not your actions. It’s your face, and body, within an uncompromising position. To the naked eye, anyone would believe it’s you. And that is the problem with DeepFakes. They pose many potential risks, with the power to ruin lives overnight.

I first came across the concept of a DeepFake when I attended an art fair dedicated to artificial intelligence-induced artwork. A DeepFake is exactly how it reads; the combination of both deep learning and a falsified image of a chosen target to produce a positive, or negative (often negative) result…

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Emissions divide now greater within countries than between them – study

The Extinction Chronicles

Report finds ‘relatively small group’ of rich people contribute disproportionately to emissions

Private jets on the tarmac of Nice international airport in France.
Private jets on the tarmac of Nice international airport in France.Photograph: Eric Gaillard/Reuters

Fiona Harvey Environment editorTue 31 Jan 2023 02.00 EST

The difference between the carbon emissions of the rich and the poor within a country is now greater than the differences in emissions between countries, data shows.

The finding is further evidence of thegrowing divide between the “polluting elite” of rich peoplearound the world, and the relatively low responsibility for emissions among the rest of the population.

It also shows there is plenty of room for the poorest in the world to increase their greenhouse gas emissions if needed to reach prosperity, if rich people globally – including some in developing countries – reduce theirs, the analysis has found.

Most global climate policy has focused on the difference between developed and developing countries…

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A State Suicide Pact

International Liberty

There are some very important long-run demographic and cultural trends in the United States.

The aging of the population – and the concomitant problem of poorly designed entitlement programs – probably belongs at the top of the list.

But another big trend is internal migration, which occurs when Americans move from one state to another.

There are many reasons why people (and businesses) relocate, but tax policy seems to be an important factor.

Simply stated, some state governments grab a lot of money and don’t provide much value in return.

So it makes sense that some people will move to states with lower tax burdens and better-quality governments.

That’s bad news for high-tax states.

But some of them have responded wisely by lowering tax rates (North Carolina, for instance, used to have one of America’s 10-worst tax systems and now is ranked in the top 10).

Others, however…

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Hey Viking Life – this is a W

Transparency International has released the latest Corruption Perceptions Index which shows that most countries are failing to stop corruption. It ranks 180 countries and territories. It notes that 26 countries have fallen to their lowest scores yet and that 155 countries have made no significant progress against corruption or have declined since 2012. Denmark remains top (Panama, unfortunately, is in 101st position).

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The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Protein from the meat of slaughtered animals bred for the cycle of life to continue is better than globohomo transhumanist $80 jar of powder


In Amarillo Texas, there is a steak house known for its 72 oz steak dinner(that’s 6 pounds), and if one can eat it in less than an hour, it’s free. It also includes a baked tater and of course, beans.

This tiny lady ate three dinners in 20 minutes.

Leave your table manners ta home.

I have not ever been there, but I have been to a joint in Dallas that would not allow neckties, and after a brief ceremony, would parade around before cutting off a man’s necktie. This would then be stapled to the walls with a business card, to join thousands already there. It seems that this place also had a very long slide which allowed one to slide down for something free…I don’t recall.

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Occupation, expropriation and the construction of affordable public housing.


In cities all over the world, an increasing number of workers cannot afford to buy housing, nor can they rent it, nor is there any social housing, while speculation is going strong.

Berlin is an example like any other. Eighty-five percent of Berliners live in rented housing. The difference is that in 2021 a referendum was held to expropriate the entire housing stock of landlord companies with at least 3,000 rental units in the city. The referendum was called by the social-democracy-dominated City Council of the capital because it never believed that the result could be in favor of expropriation.

The referendum was in favor of expropriation. Just over 59 percent of the population voted in favor of expropriating a housing stock of some 200,000 homes. The City Council had to invent a stratagem to circumvent the referendum result: to form a “committee of experts” to examine the real feasibility…

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When and How We Should Teach Our Children About Armed Defense



I write about armed defense every week. We’ve covered many stories where young men and women defended themselves or their family. We’ve talked around the issue of teenagers and guns, but let’s look at it directly. When should we teach our children about firearms? The obvious answer is to teach your children when it is the safest thing to do. There are risks on both sides. Fortunately, we make similar decisions about our children’s education all the time. This article isn’t the last work on any of the issues, but I hope it is a good starting place.

As a responsible parent, we have to teach our children what to do if they see an unsecured firearm. We have to choose when and how to tell our children that we have firearms in our home. We have to establish the rules about when our children are allowed to touch our…

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“Down On The Corner, Out In The Street”

Notes From The Cactus Patch

At 73 years of age, I still have all my hair. Not only is it all in place, but it’s also solid white, luxurious, and flowing. I use a secret shampoo from ” Dr. Squatch,” a medicinal shaman that lives in a remote mountain cabin above Colorado Springs. I have men, women, and barbers stop me on the street and comment on my massive amount of follicles. My wife says I have ” TV Preacher Hiar,” which brings me to this idea.

Since my rock band disbanded in 2019, I have missed playing music. A few nights ago, at a birthday party for our former drummer, Jordan, who turned 75, I approached the idea of making music again with him and our former bass player and singer, Danny, who is 77. Our good friend and guitar player, John, passed away a few years ago, but I’m confident he would be…

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The Backcountry

Some great history here…well done, and thank you for sharing this knowledge with us

Searching History

But first, some geography

We will be talking about Virginia — sometimes referred to as the Old Dominion because Virginia was the first English colony and the dominion of English kings and queens. We will also be speaking about the Carolinas and the western regions of New York and Pennsylvania because those areas share many geographical features found in Virginia. There are five principal regions of Virginia:

Tidewater spans the eastern seaboard of the United States from New Jersey to Georgia, extending westward from the ocean to a point where the flatness of the landscape ends. In Virginia, this peculiar terrain rises 300 feet above sea level.

Piedmont is a French word meaning foot of the mountains. The American Piedmont extends from Pennsylvania to Alabama. The Virginia piedmont is separated from its coastal plain by a fall line where rivers, small waterfalls, and rapids cascade off resistant rocks as…

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Building a Community

Druid Life

There is more to a community than a bunch of people doing a thing. Workplaces are not usually also communities. These days, where you happen to live might well not give you any sense of community either. I think the key thing that gives us a feeling of community is the experience of being involved in each other’s lives. It doesn’t mean we have to live under scrutiny or in intense proximity or do all of our things with just the one group of people. However, when we do an array of things with the same people, and when there’s a feeling of connectedness, that can be really powerful.

I think I’m starting to see that happen around The Folk of Gloucester. There are people who are involved for love of history and the building. The desire to do something good for Gloucester as a place, and for the people…

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Central Banks Turn to Gold as Losses Mount

InterMedia Press

In 2022, central banks will have purchased the largest amount of gold in recent history. According to the World Gold Council, central bank purchases of gold have reached a level not seen since 1967. The world’s central banks bought 673 metric tons in one month, and in the third quarter, the figure reached 400 metric tons. This is interesting because the flow from central banks since 2020 had been eminently net sales.

Why are global central banks adding gold to their reserves? There may be different factors.

Most central banks’ largest percentage of reserves are US dollars, which usually come in the form of US Treasury bonds. It would make sense for some of the central banks, especially China, to decide to depend less on the dollar.

China’s high foreign exchange reserves are a key source of stability for the People’s Bank of China. But the high amount of US…

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Forget Net Zero: Oil and gas investment needed for another 30 years, BP warns

Forever…3 trillion years


By Paul Homewood

From the Telegraph:


Investment in oil and gas production will be needed for the next three decades if the world is to avoid more shortages and price swings, BP has warned.
The oil giant said in its annual energy outlook published on Monday that fossil fuels are still likely to account for about 20pc of primary energy in 2050 even under a significant tightening of climate policies.
Spencer Dale, chief economist at BP, said investment in new wells would therefore be needed until 2050 to ensure supply of fossil fuels matches demand.
“Natural declines in existing production sources mean there needs to be continuing upstream investment in oil and natural gas over the next 30 years,” he wrote in the report.
The assessment is likely to spark backlash from climate groups and campaigners who argue that investment should be immediately stopped in order to meet net zero…

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Can the Military-Industrial Complex Be Tamed?

Bracing Views

W.J. Astore

Cutting the Pentagon Budget in Half Would Finally Force the Generals to Think


My name is Bill Astore and I’m a card-carrying member of the military-industrial complex (MIC).

Sure, I hung up my military uniform for the last time in 2005.Since 2007, I’ve been writing articles forTomDispatchfocused largely on critiquing that same MIC and America’s permanent war economy.I’ve written against this country’swastefulandunwisewars inIraqandAfghanistan, itscostly and disastrousweapons systems, and itsundemocratic embraceof warriors andmilitarism.Nevertheless, I remain a lieutenant colonel, if a retired one. I still have my military ID card, if only to get on bases, and I still tend to say “we” when I talk about my fellow soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen (and our “guardians,” too, now that we have a Space Force).

So, when I…

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Enigma’s third episode: Socialism in Cuba and Washington’s schemes


January 30, 2023

Source: Al Mayadeen

ByAl Mayadeen English

The third episode of Enigma talks about post-revolution Cuba and highlights the measures taken by Havana in Cuba and the US role in inciting against the revolutionary government.


The third episode ofAl Mayadeen‘s Enigma documentary series, aimed at shedding the light on the Cuban revolution and the impact it had on the world, highlighted the most prominent figures in the Cuban revolution and the circumstances that led to it altogether.

The third episode touched on what it was like in post-revolutionary Cuba and the measures taken by the revolutionary government in light of incitement by the United States against the government in Havana.

On January 8, 1959, through the road known as Malecón, Havana, officially the Avenida de Maceo, the freedom convoy led by leader Fidel Castro marched onto Havana. They had thwarted Fulgencio Batista’s US-backed dictatorship and…

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Franklin Fisher on the Disequilibrium Foundations of Economics and the Stability of General Equilibrium Redux

Uneasy Money

Last November I posted a revised section of a paper I’m now working on an earlier version of which is posted on SSRN. I have now further revised the paper and that section in particular, so I’m posting the current version of that section in hopes of receiving further comments, criticisms, and suggestions before I submit the paper to a journal. So I will be very grateful to all those who respond, and will try not to be too cranky in my replies.

I         Fisher’s model and the No Favorable Surprise Assumption

Unsuccessful attempts to prove, under standard neoclassical assumptions, the stability of general equilibrium led Franklin Fisher (1983 [Disequilibrium Foundations of Equilibrium Economics) to suggest an alternative approach to proving stability. based on three assumptions: (1) trading occurs at disequilibrium prices (in contrast to the standard assumption that no trading takes place until a new equilibrium is…

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Meditation: That who you are

Oracular Intelligence

Every thought is a tombstone, a memento, of what was once was, and no longer shall ever be.

When you cling to thoughts, you are holding onto what doesn’t and cannot exist. What doesn’t exist can never truly hold you. If you listen closely, you can hear fear whispering between the thoughts, clinging especially to the ones that weigh heaviest on your mind, and everyone’s mind.

Be alert to the thoughts that take you away from your heart, your deep silence, your inner joy. Watch them pass by as clouds pass by, above the trees and above the reach of those who can fly. The clouds are not what they seem and have no substance. That is why they stay in the sky – they appear solid and strong to those who are still dreaming.

Most people are so used to feeling misery, they believe that misery is who they…

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360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans

John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

We live in a surveillance state founded on a partnership between government and the technology industry.”— Law Professor Avidan Y. Cover

In this age of ubiquitous surveillance, there are no private lives: everything is public.

Surveillance cameras mounted on utility poles, traffic lights, businesses, and homes. License plate readers. Ring doorbells. GPS devices. Dash cameras. Drones. Store security cameras. Geofencing and geotracking. FitBits. Alexa. Internet-connected devices.

There are roughlyonebillionsurveillance cameras worldwideand that number continues to grow, thanks to their wholehearted adoption by governments (especially law enforcement and military agencies), businesses, and individual consumers.

With every new surveillance device we welcome into our lives, the government gains yet another toehold into our private worlds.

Indeed, empowered by advances in surveillance technology and emboldened by rapidly expanding public-private partnerships between law enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and the private sector, police have become particularlyadept at sidestepping…

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