The fight is against the system. Struggles over political ideology take a backseat on this blog, for now.

One time I was an anarchist. When the fight was against the system. Morphed to Nationalism, for the fight was against the system.

The fight against the system is the only issue.

The intertwined aims of neoliberal internationalism, Zionism, communitarianism and “democracy” make for this vicious hellfire – the asymmetrical battle for control over needed, natural and precious resources – with many heads of the ruthless hydra setting the world on fire.

The Supranational Globalist Machine aka the system, expands via war, usury, financial speculation, surveillance, embargo, monopoly, suppression, sabotage, lawfare, espionage, theft, destruction, chicanery, posturing, political theatre, blackmail, chaos, censorship, death, sickness and decay.

The system exists carrying out these initiatives via corporate conglomerates, think tanks, NGOs, charitable foundations, academic institutions, secret societies….

It is dressed up with terms like Globalization.

Globalization was launched as scorched earth policy upon the sovereignty of nations and the identities of those citizens. The true objective of globalization is the extraction and consolidation of the wealth, power and resources to the supranational globalist machine; the elite; the political class; the big people.

Globalization has stifled innovation. This fusion of industry, finance, academia, law enforcement, technology, biosciences, healthcare, energy, materials and distribution mechanisms of global financial vampire capital.

The system is cheered for by the pacifists.

This machine that has swallowed up the political capital of the world, as those in positions to enact policy have been compromised. The press only parrots the message of the deep state. We are in a post-truth, despotic system run by oligarchs, corporatists and technocrats steamrolling over culture, faith, nation, race, heritage, history, transcendence and reality itself.

Globalization was set forth with ruthless, malicious intent to siphon the benefits of consolidation into the coffers of very few, at a cost to a great many.

This is the beast system. One World Order. Subtle totalitarianism. World War Three. The enemy is YOU.