Christian Intellectual Circles


Aaron Renn raises this interesting question on Twitter:

Responses range from Tim Keller to Douglas Wilson to CR Wiley to John Piper.

What’s fascinating about this is that I came to dedicate my life to Christ because of Christian intellectuals, and none of them were listed anywhere. In particular, William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland were instrumental in the formation of my worldview and faith.

Then I realized something.

The list of “intellectuals” listed are all Reformed ministers and journalists. There are no non-Reformed guys. There are no philosophers. Renn’s audience is primarily Reformed, though not exclusively, which leads to the easy – though tentative – conclusion that Reformed folks typically don’t really read outside their circle. I’ve noticed this in the past in other contexts, so I have more data…

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One thought on “Christian Intellectual Circles

  1. My choice of “Christian Intellectual” is the Rev./Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright. To me he epitomizes the passion, empathy with and for “the other,” and humanity of Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace. Of very similar age and dalliances with the US military, Rev. Wright simply resonates with me in a most visceral, brotherly and spiritual way. Although he was stroke-stricken some years ago, I trust/pray that he is still whole in mentation and spirit while continuing always to be a simple, faithful (and humble!…see below) disciple of Jesus.

    If I could have one wish fulfilled in my now aged, living in “quiet desperation,” widowed, and dissident-activist circumstances, I would have lunch with Rev. Wright and, along the course of it, recite in unison with him Matthew 11:-28-30. I believe that we would have difficulty in voicing those ultimately comforting, spiritual/holy words of Jesus without shedding mutual tears of joy and “Jesus Christ-Christian” Christian love.

    Godspeed, Rev. Wright!


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