Why Does Humanity Still Tolerate the Tragedy of Wars in the 21st Century? 

Hellbound and Down

Since the end of theSecond World War(1939-1945), there have been many civil wars and several important regionalmilitary conflictsbetween two or more countries, but none has evolved into a general world war involving all the most heavily armed countries. The most serious regional wars were theKorean War(1950-1953), theVietnam War(1955-1975), theIraq War(2003-2011), theSyria War(2011- ), and theUkraine War(2022- ).

Indeed, with no sign yet of peace inUkraine, nine years after the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government, in February 2014, and nearly one year after the Russianmilitary invasion, last February 24—and with a real danger that such a prolonged proxy conflict between great powers could escalate into a nuclear world war—it may be appropriate to search for reasons why, in this 21st Century, the world is still threatened with murderous and destructive wars.


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