We’ve Got The Power — And Then Gave It Away

Punny Memories

Another nostalgic item found in my store room – legacy from the days of my venture into electronics business some 29 years ago (as of 2022). It cost me S$700 then.

A DC Power Supply used in the product development lab, it provided twin outputs of 30A DC (max) at adjustable voltages, plus a pair of fixed 5VDC terminals. It served me and my fellow workers for about 5 years before we had to call it quits – as our business model did not have the power to meet new challenges posed by the changing economic order.

The beast was huge and heavy – something like 12kg. (These days there are more compact, lighter and cheaper models on the market).

Recently, I had to give it away to a second-hand goods dealer, as my current smaller abodehas limited storage space. Goodbye, old friend.

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