Trans Savior Complex


It isn’t as if I haven’t been prepared for Anne Jakrajutatip, alpha male Asian trans female feminist owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, but the effect is still jarring.

New characters emerge all the time out of the global cultural miasma, rising from the murk to reveal themselves like the die in an old Magic 8 Ball (they were filled with some sort of fluid in which the die rose to the little viewer-window when you turned it over), until the globe is shaken up once more and they are submerged again.

In his speech at this year’s show Jakrajutatip declared a stunning and brave New Order: the contest would now be a “global women’s empowerment platform”. With a tongueless Bruce Lee accent he angrily declared the seventy-year nightmare of male ownership of the pageant over, waving a magisterial index finger with confident arrogance that would befit the Empress Dowager…

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