The Final Years of the NWO

We shall see …

The American Citadel

The New World Order is almost dead. We are entering its death throes – the final years before the true King of the world returns and obliterates it forever. The final years of the NWO, however, will be the most horrific, ghastly, and demonic the world has ever endured. They will be years full of blood, misery, war, horrors, plagues, natural calamities, mobocracy, economic ruin, rapine, plunder, and global Satanic oppression. Buckle up. 

We may all rejoice that the end is near. The New World Order is nearly finished. However, it is also reaching its zenith of power and control over the earth. For thousands of years, the Adversary has worked upon rebellious souls to carry on his pre-earth warfare against God and HisChrist. He has now organized them into a global network that pulls the strings and orchestrates nearly every conflict and war in the world. The present conflicts, severe…

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