[Sharing] Ukraine was only the start : U.S. imperialism is bringing Eurasia towards a repeat of World War II – Rainer Shea

Nicolas Cinquini

[a Marxist point of view around war in Ukraine]

[my illustration : victory in Lisichansk, Lugansk People’s Republic, on July 2, 2022 (RIA Novosti), a member of the 6threpublicanCossacks regiment raises the replica of the victory flag in Berlin, 77 years earlier]

A reaction to Operation Z’s impacts that I’ve seen from Marxists in the imperial center is one of alarm, in which it’s appeared to them that Russia was reckless for deciding to intervene in Ukraine. They’ve seen Sweden and Finland’s joining NATO, the crackdown on anti-imperialist sentiments, the further neoliberalization that the EU has carried out amid the crisis, the war’s nurturing of white supremacist terrorism worldwide, and the ways the oil and arms industries have profited from the conflict, and concluded that it’s hurt the anti-imperialist and workers movements more than it’s helped them. The other half of the story, the half which vindicates Russia’s…

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