Recent 2022 cyberattacks presage a rocky 2023


A spate of zero-day exploits against Twitter, Rackspace and others late last year showed the limits of a cybersecurity workforce under duress, a step behind and understaffed with some 3.4 million vacant seats.

This week rang in 2023 with a chorus of news on ransomware, DDoS, mass exfiltration, phishing attacks, revelations of attacks past, and threats of attacks to come.

For whom did the bell toll? Lately, it tolls for Twitter, the Los Angeles Housing Authority, The Guardian, Rackspace, financial institutions in Africa and several others — all thanks to threat actors like Royal, Play and Bluebottle.

SEE: Cloud email services bolster encryption against hackers (TechRepublic)

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How was Twitter’s security breached?

The exfiltration of a reputed 230 million Twitter users’ private-date records was due to a zero-day application programming interface flaw by an attacker who may or may not be known as Ryushi.

The attack also shows that…

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