Pooring 386 KG of GPTChat cyber security and privacy concerns in a bottle. What happens?

Cyber Expert Prakash Prasad

Top 30+ security vulnerabilities of GPTChat: AI-Powered ML Chatbot, Privacy Concerns, and Cybersecurity Concerns

GPTChat (Generative Pre-trained Transformer [Chatbot ver. 3] aka. GPT3)is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that improves and learns from user input. It is programmed on around 175 billion neural network samples and will reach approximately 120 trillion in the upgraded version 4. It means that the Chatbot can comprehend human speech and respond to us as though we were conversing with another person. GPTChat is receptive to feedback and reinforces it programmed model to enhance its capabilities. It means, feedback is welcomed by GPTChat, which then strengthens its programming model to increase its functionality. It is based on OpenAI and uses Large Language Models, which are machine learning models based on supervised and unsupervised neural networks. Programmers can get information about their code on GPTChat. If you’re a marketer, it can…

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