Our Brain’s Models Are Our Reality

#NeuroNinja News

“If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. If you want big changes, work on your paradigm.”

Stephen Covey

This blog post is about the power of becoming a #NeuroNinja, seeing yourself, your world and your incredible brain and the mind it generates with new eyes. Our brains build models of the world, if those models are based on reality, we are much more likely to be successful, but there are no guarantees we won’t end up with a brain that has built a model that doesn’t serve or support our growth. Our models connect to each other and build a worldview, a paradigm.

A paradigm is a group of beliefs about how the world works. Our worldview forms as we’re growing up, some beliefs about the world we pick consciously, but most come from our parents, carers, teachers, friends, and the culture we’re raised in…

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