Maidan Lies: How Ukrainian Nationalists Used False-Flag Killings to Further NATO Goals


A very intriguing academic paper (“The far right, the Euromaidan, and the Maidan massacre in Ukraine,” Journal of Labor and Society 23(1):5-29, by the University of Ottawa’s Ivan Katchanovsky) thankfully published in March 2020, well before the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, examines the role of the Ukrainian far right in the Euromaidan in Ukraine, primarily in the Maidan massacre and other key cases of violence.

As the abstract states, “the involvement of far‐right organizations in these crucial events in the Ukrainian and world politics has been politicized and polarized in Ukraine, the West, and Russia” and “the findings reveal that radical nationalist and neo‐Nazi organizations had significant but minority representation among the Maidan leadership and protesters. However, the analysis shows that the far‐right organizations and football ultras played a key role in political violence such as attempting to seize the presidential administration and the parliament.”

In particular…

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