Climbing into AI

Most things don’t just happen.  AI is no exception.  Divorce for example, isn’t something that just happens overnight, there are years of small things that align to eventually cause a couple to call it quits.  Similarly, mastering a skill takes time. From rock climbing to writing, greatness doesn’t usually happen in the blink of an eye.  Like mastering a skill, or getting a divorce, AI didn’t just happen.  There have been years AND years of small things that have aligned to get us to the point we currently find ourselves.  From the early Turing tests on computing machinery, to Siri on our phones and Alexa in our houses, we’ve been slow walking our way to the here and now for quite some time.  “Here and Now” of course is just an intermediate step along the slow walk to some “There and Then” of the indeterminate future.

Make no mistake though, a lot of things are going to…

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