2022 Year in Review

Myth of the 20th Century

Stagflation. Fuel Prices. Shortages. Political Turmoil. War in Europe. Roe V. Wade. Crypto Collapse. Counter-counter culture. Most years have one or two seminal, defining events that set the societal zeitgeist, but in 2022 so many events vied for attention that most people had to take time not only to revaluate what it means for the future, but also simply how to filter out the signal from the noise. Tonight we dive into the year, starting with the Ukrainian conflict, and ending with what might be emerging as an escalating one in Mexico, but in between cover the economic and cultural shakeups that continue to leave shockwaves into 2023.

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Very special guest Borzoi



Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 248 – 2022 Year in Review

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– Ralph Brewster and Howard Hughes speak during the investigation of 40 million, CriticalPast…

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