You’d better watch out: The surveillance state is making a list, and you’re on it.


You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry, because I’ll tell you why: this Christmas, it’s the surveillance state that’s making a list and checking it twice, and it won’t matter whether you’ve been bad or good.

You’ll be on that list whether you like it or not.

Mass surveillance is the Deep State’s version of a “gift” that keeps on giving… back to the Deep State.

Consider just a small sample of the tools being used to track our movements, monitor our spending, and sniff out all the ways our thoughts, actions, and social circles could land us on the government’s naughty list, whether you’ve done anything wrong or not.

Tracking you from your phone and your movements: Mobile phones have become de facto snitches, providing a constant stream of digital location data on users’ movements and travels. For example, on 6 January the FBI…

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