Where Have All Those Illegals Gone In America?


by Al Benson Jr.

Just where are the some five million illegal aliens allowed into the US by the Biden Regime? Truth is, no one knows for sure. Every legal action by the Biden Regime has been focused on maximizing the number of illegals allowed in. On Sunday evening, Mark Levin interviewed Stephen Miller, a former Trump official, who stated this.

Senate Republicans, as a body, were “supine” in the face of this illegal invasion. We were told Texas Republicans worked on a bill aimed at doing what trump did to keep the illegals out. So what happened?

More and more Democrat-controlled cities want the illegals to be able to vote. They are trying to erase the idea of citizenship being necessary to be able to vote. I’ve commented on this in the past and said that was their aim. Many living here and partaking of all social services, from…

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