JOE BIDEN SOJOURNED AT the border last week along with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, yet another loser bureaucrat from the failed regime of Barack Hussein Obama who isinfamousfor “selling visas the wayDon Vito Corleonesoldwartime gas rationing stamps.” toquotePedro de Alvarado of VDARE. On the soil of El Paso, “Traitor Joe” Biden declared theborder crisiswas solved and that he had “done more than any prior president” tosecurethe border. Of course, a plethora of the illegal immigrant squatter camps had beenremovedfromEl Pasobefore Traitor Joe’s arrival, thus creating the illusion that El Paso is not acesspoolof mentally retarded Third-World trash that washed up on ourborder. This act of deceit is akin to the faux border village ofKijong-dongwhich was poorly constructed by the North Korean government at the DMZ to create…

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