Initial observations of transcripts of charismatic people talking

Aeoli Pera

Inspired by observing Trump, making a transcript of my brother talking about his career progression (for a business class), and reading the transcript of one of the compsci professors who’s charismatic but an awful teacher.


  • They never actually finish a sentence, they just keep starting new ones with new tangents.
  • The semantic content could be summarized as all adjectives and meme/tech jargon buzzwords.
  • They always leave an impression with the buzzwords and stuff that makes you trust their judgment re: their opinions. E.g. “Cloud computing is ridiculous but useful but limited.”
  • The opposite of monotone.
  • It resists summary. That’s a big reason why they’re bad at teaching, if someone were to ask you what you learned afterward, you wouldn’t be able to say. There’s no logical progression in it. [Ed: in the sense of unpacking a thesis, top-down, or constructing an abstraction from components, bottom-up.]
  • The nuggets of real…

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