Fake News by Hegemon USA-Controlled NATO

The Stephen Lendman Blog

Since established in 1949 on the dubious pretext of preserving peace and security, the US-controlled military alliance has first and foremost been for offense, not defense, for aggression, not protecting against it.

Lurching from one preemptive war to another against nonthreatening invented enemies, NATO is an unparalleled threat to world peace, stability and humanity’s survival.

On Sunday, European Parliament member, Mick Wallace, slammed the alliance, tweeting:

“NATO was formed by (the empire of lies) to keep European (vassals) subservient to (its) imperialism.”

The vast majority of people everywhere “want peace, not war.”

“They want an end to US/NATO proxy war.”

Croatian President, Zoran Milanovic, earlier accused US-dominated NATO of waging proxy war on Russia in Ukraine.

The war-making alliance is also a lying machine.

What it called “setting the record straight” on all things Russia and Ukraine turned truth on its head and trampled on it for good measure.


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