Add Oil! – The Tragedy of Zero-Covid

Video City

You see, they say, we told you so. Socialist utopia has failed once again – the fantasies of Xi Jinping, insane autocratic chairman for life, that he could stop hundreds of thousands of his own people from dying for no good reason, have been defeated, and now it is so that China will have to return, coughing and spluttering, to the real world, where we have pragmatically and sensibly defeated the coronavirus by forgetting about it. The Chinese masses have risen up, Xi has eaten humble pie, and democracy has proven its superiority over authoritarianism by its capacity to absorb mass death and healthcare collapse and policy failure without even losing the mandate of heaven.

No, I’m not bitter. I am a little.

Zero-Covid, as we call it, was unsustainable by November 2022. That’s not really in dispute. The Chinese government could have done better at various points. Yeah…

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