Unringing the Bell

The Real Truckmaster


Unringing the Bell

First we were told the atmosphere was in danger of imploding by the solar outburst from the deep inner sanctions of the sun. Next came climate change is going to cause the end of the world as we know it, unless we get on board and fully buy into the full spectrum of banning cow farts, eating non-caged eggs, plant based meats and synthetic foods, while going totally E because it’s good for the planet as we drive alone in electric vehicles while wearing masks to prevent the spread of the dangerous Chinese Virus.

Doesn’t all the “going green” hype seem a bit odd? There are various political barkers, hawkers and sellers of wares not fit for human consumption or use and that’s why I’ve stayed away from the media promotions which intend to sway us into believing that back in the good old days of…

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