Ukraine Update

Greencrow as the crow flies

Emergency workers search the remains of a residential building in Dnepr, Ukraine.©Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Pssst – Russia winning War but don’t tell the West

Good morning readers. As I always say…when I don’t blog it’s never because there’s nothing to write about…most of the time it’s because there’s TOO MUCH to write about. I become overwhelmed and “stuck”. I’ve been spending [wasting?] more and more time on Twitter…keeping my fingers on the pulse of the evil that’s encroaching humanity…like a spider approaching a fly caught in the centre of its web.

Fellow blogger Penny from Penny for your thoughts has been keeping us all abreast of the latest developments of the Western NATO proxy war on Russia via Ukraine. I have posted several of her latest updates below but begin with today’s RT report on the latest missile attack on the Ukraine power grid that took place…

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