RACIST subversive LYING communist agitator day!



MLK was a despicable piece of dogshit and was obviously used by the parasitical yids.  All his emotional speeches that were completely devoid of FACT were written by a parasitical ashkeNAZI yid.

MLK was just another slave! Just like any Black who vote for thier demise by being a KKK slavery lefty piece of TRASH!

Did MLK mention EVER that the egotistically RETARDED sub human yids did slavery in America?  Of course not because the scumbag was just a tool.  He was used by the yids and when he started to get too big a head and actually start naming the faulty inbreds, they killed him.  Same with Malcolm X as soon as he figured out who the real enemy was they killed him also.

The egotistically RETARDED Racist supremacist ashkeNAZI yids have fragile egos when faulty inbreds hear the truth!

As we know implicitly, all putrid vulgar mentally deranged…

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