Guest post by Illumanaticat: The psychology of abstract models of reality

Pumpkin Person

There is a distinction between what is naturally selected and what is mind selected. That which survives survives. It is a tautology and therefore true. That which exists exists.

rr redefines what fitness is. Fitness is fitting. The environment has vacumes where organisms can survive in. The best fit survives. If it does not fit it does not survive. Fitness does not mean superior. Cavefish are blind yet they fit into their environment. If it fits it fits otherwise it does not fit and dies before reproduction.

The problem with deductionists like rr is they redefine words so that their arguments are always correct. (like fitness and selection)

balls are square.
a basketballs is round, not square.
therefore a basketball is not a ball.

see what I mean?

Deductionists play word games using logic because that is their psychology. F*** evidence and common sense. In their minds validity is above…

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