Clown Factor: Trying to Explain Our Idiotic and Self-Destructive Wind & Solar Obsession


Remember the class clown? The idiot who couldn’t help himself, always in trouble and too witless to know why. Well, he’s now firmly in charge of energy policy, which in its design and implementation resembles the chaos of a mismanaged three-ringed circus.

As the adage goes, don’t put down to conspiracy what can be chalked up to incompetence.

Although, with all of the evidence available, the fact that the likes of Australia’s Hapless Energy Minister, Chris Bowen (presumably a former class clown?) are completely oblivious to the subsidised wind and solar-fuelled energy disasters playing out in Germany, Britain and elsewhere makes it hard not to consider planned and deliberate action, rather than good old-fashioned bungling.

While Peter Smith works his way through the idiot factor in the piece below – in an attempt to explain our thoroughly inexplicable energy policy – he appears to plump for something like a grand…

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