A few q’s about animals and more


open thread, and

  1. What’s the fastest you’ve driven?
  2. A city dog is taken to a forest trail for the first time in its life and is delirious with the unfamiliar smells. It picks up the scent of a deer. Does the dog “visualize” anything resembling a real deer?
  3. What color shirt is your best/worst look?
  4. What’s your poison?
  5. Come up with a creative insult.
  6. Are you good with tools?
  7. What is the plot of an old sitcom reunion of your choice?
  8. What can you say about seduction that hadn’t been covered much by the Game blogs?
  9. Do animals have an afterlife?
  10. What is your advice to a zoomer?
  11. Wildcard

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