✅📝 10 Writing Guidelines to Adopt and 15 Grammar Goofs to Avoid 🧾❎

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SoundEagle’s Writing Guidelines

1 Choose simple words or expressions over complicated or convoluted ones. Be concise. Be parsimonious in the number of words used to narrate a given situation. Words are like diamonds: when set properly they sparkle beautifully; when overused they become tawdry and boring. Consider each word as a cost: fewer words, less cost.

Desirable or Preferable
Convoluted or Unnecessary
to rank/grade themto grade/sort them by their relative importance/significance
an abrupt, large/voluminous torrenta sudden outbreak of a very large torrent with voluminous flow
reduce mechanical overload and failureenable reduction in mechanical overload and failure
starting a new activitylaunching out into a new field of activity
exploring the new knowledgejourneying into the new sphere of knowledge
to persuade them more easily

to persuade them with greater ease

to increase their degree of ease of being persuaded

to increase the degree of ease of them…

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