U.S.S.A: ‘Thiel’s Libertarian Challenge’, The Four Stages Of Societal Collapse


Source – vblgoldfix.substack.com

  • “…Consider what Thiel is saying as a European. There are two different worst-case scenarios (stage 3 Crises in the KGB playbook up top) floating around over there: Sharia immigration over-running Europe, and Russo/Chinese totalitarianism. But you also have the WEF benevolently saying “Hyper-environmentalism will save all of you if you just submit to it”….Given those three worst case scenarios, and only the last one remotely (but disingenuously) promising you will be able to have a place to live, is it any wonder the WEF will get its way when your other choices are intifada beheading, or a Maoist technocratic labor camp? Back in the US we are in a better place than Europe. But we are still on the same path. Good Luck”

The Four Stages of Societal Collapse and Thiel’s Libertarian Challenge

“This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all the[se]…

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