‘Tons’ of food gets tossed daily by NYC hotel because migrants won’t eat it

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Nearly a ton of taxpayer-provided food gets tossed in the trash every day at a massive Manhattan hotel being used to house migrants — because they’d rather secretly cook their own meals on dangerous hot plates, a whistleblowing worker has revealed.

Disturbing photos show garbage bags full of sandwiches and bagels awaiting disposal at the four-star Row NYC hotel near Times Square, where the city pays a daily rate as high as $500 per room, hotel employee Felipe Rodriguez told The Post.

“It’s a crime to be throwing out so much food,” he said.

Other images show a hotel room littered with empty beer cans and bottles following a wild World Cup viewing party in November, Rodriguez said.

That gathering — in a room whose occupant “gave the key to a cousin” while she “was in the Bronx, hanging out” — erupted into a fight over the match that left one man with…

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4 thoughts on “‘Tons’ of food gets tossed daily by NYC hotel because migrants won’t eat it

    1. Sorry about replying to myself: How Many Children are Homeless in the USA? One in every 30 American children goes to sleep without a home of his or her own each year. Approximately 2.5 million children are homeless annually in the United States.

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      1. This is the entire problem with this country’s government – we have elected these politicians into leadership roles. We ascribe a higher sense of agency to these people in these positions of decision making authority to pass legislation that will benefit the wellbeing of the people. The people here.


        -UKRAINE M-I-C racketeering sink hole /forever war
        -Israel – $4 billion annually FOREVER and if it ceases it is worse than supposed Auschwitz.
        – Patriot Act surveillance state apparatus – big big business monitoring the activity of the ordinary people that want to simply feed their families and enjoy their family life
        -Dangle issues Abortion/Taxes/Gays/Medicare/Gun Control in front of the ordinary people and make them feel as if these issues matter.
        -Demonize the existence of ordinary people that are White, for this is somehow virtuous and noble and good?
        -Bombard ordinary people with degenerate and debaucherous forms of “entertainment”
        -[fill in the blank]

        There are no political solutions.

        There are primitive solutions… somehow, as a collective, people must channel this visceral disdain for the fuckery into pure, raw, unapologetic justice.

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