Tangled Webs & Minions

Truth is difficult but essential...

This article by Sylvia Shawcross in the Off-Guardian tales a subject we should all be thinking about.

If the Globalist plans are unravelling, due to ‘we the people’ pushing back on their totalitarian dreams, what do we do about the layers of people who knowingly assisted in these plans, or were just compliant, knowingly or not?

Do we forgive and forget? I don’t think the ‘forget’ part is ever a viable choice.

But to what level do we forgive?

How do we decide who to forgive and who to hold accountable?

Do we need Nuremberg type trials?

Do we need the sort of formal truth and reconciliation efforts that some countries have used, to some good effects?

We should think about this now, not wait until we all feel angry and vengeful. This is a right and proper debate to have once the tide has turned in our favour.


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