‘Shameful Form Of Indoctrination’: SPLC Promotes Teaching Kids About Black Lives Matter On MLK Day — In First Grade

PA Pundits International

By Tyler O’Neil ~

The Southern Poverty Law Center‘s education arm, Learning for Justice, promoted a former teacher’s article about using Martin Luther King Jr. Day to teach first graders about the Black Lives Matter movement and the “need for continued protest and action in the face of ongoing systemic injustice.”

Critics slammed the lesson as “child abuse” and a “shameful form of indoctrination.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s education arm is promoting an article encouraging teachers to teach first graders about Black Lives Matter on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Pictured: Protesters carrying homemade Black Lives Matter shields march July 25, 2020, in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo: Eze Amos/Getty Images)

Learning for Justice shared the January 2018 article, “From MLK to #BlackLivesMatter: A Throughline for Young Students,” on Twitter on Wednesday. In the article, Bret Turner (then a first grade teacher at Head-Royce School in Oakland…

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