One plus one equals three.

Competents in charge

Do not be a denier!

It is time to simply end all debate with those who continue to deny Tririthmic mathematics and science. The science is settled. Those who continue to make the assertion that one and one is two are working with misinformation operatives for big tech companies.

A few peopleof low intelligence continue to be deluded by this disinformation. They are to be pitied and helped to understand, but nobody should be allowed to deny Tririthmic mathematics. We are not yet able to have such people arrested for this criminality against the planet, but they must be cancelled.

Since we do not yet have Tririthmic denialism in the legal code, the best we can do whenever deniers try to speak in any public forum is, in social media, to have them deplatformed, and in live forums, to get them arrested on other grounds.

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