Nostalgia in Pop Culture: The Marketing for Millennials


Economics Declassified

By Nevelee Shekhar | Edited by Ruth D’Souza

If you’ve ever watched a television show or an advertisement and felt sentimental, you have felt nostalgia. If you’ve ever gone back to your childhood days after the smell of your mom’s cooking, you have felt nostalgia. Nostalgia is the wistful feeling you get which takes you back to a period in the past and makes you reminisce about that time. When brands keep track of the pulse of modern and popular culture, they use themes or products of the past in their current marketing strategy to create a unique and emotional experience for the consumers.

Why cater to Nostalgia?

Businesses use the idea of nostalgia to sway consumers into buying their products or services, for example, the comeback of the vinyl or bringing back the classic Nintendo. ‘Nostalgia Marketing’ is the strategy various businesses use to tap into familiar concepts to…

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