Frozen Wind Turbines & Solar Panels Leave Thousands of Americans Freezing In The Dark


Far from threatening human existence, coal and gas have, once again, literally saved thousands of American lives. A bout of what is now known as ‘extreme weather’ demonstrates how extremely stupid it is to rely upon sunshine and breezes for power.

During December’s Big Freeze, millions of America’s solar panels were carpeted in snow and ice; thousands of its wind turbines were frozen solid  – any that weren’t were shut down to prevent their destruction by gale-force winds.

The same thing happened back in February 2021 – and will keep happening, for as long as lunatics are left in charge of America’s energy policy.

Across Texas and the American Midwest power prices rocketed and power rationing (aka ‘demand management’ – if you call a series of rolling blackouts ‘management’) – saw to it that thousands of households were left freezing in the dark. No doubt modern energy Scrooges would have…

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