Devine Inertia

The Serpent's Loft

I will have more than likely finished Odin’s Wife (a great read) by the time I publish this. I highly recommend the book, as for me it has helped me tie so many loose ends in my mind.

I have been giving some thought to the Cult of Nerþus. Notable features and connections surrounding Nerþus have much to do with the curiosity (to us) of her precession. Nerþus was conveyed in a wagon from place to place, among the sons of men. She was not limited to her precession, and was felt to intercede regularly sight unseen amongst men. During her time iron was concealed and no weapons borne. She came about upon a wagon drawn by heifers, attended by a priest who could sense her presence. Blessing and seeing. She remains covered, as does the wagon. It is only when she has had her fill of mortals that the…

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