American’s cannot comprehend FACTS!


American’s are brainwashed out of their gord and they will deny they are brainwashed.  This is a FACT!  If you ignore the FACT that the government has lied about everything, you simply ignore FACTS.  At this point with the Trance American’s are in the government and the media must keep LYING to keep people in this Trance.

Government literally means to control the mind. The clot shot is the ultimate awakening to this!

The truth requires reasoning skills and critical thinking to comprehend FACTS, or the human mind is very susceptible to programming thru continuous repetition like the holohoax nonsense. TV “programming” is the truth as TV watchers are quite braindead and the TV keeps me this way.

There is more truth in little memes like this than anything you see on TV!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS where if you state a…

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